Jaynee transferred to our club from the Rotary Club of Seabrook.  Happily married for two years, she has five daughters, one stepdaughter, and going-on ten grandchildren. She also has nine siblings, numerous aunts, uncles, and cousins. She has lived in Texas for over 30 years but grew up on a farm in the Willamette Valley, Oregon.

Her career has been in Information Technology for over 40 years in various areas such as small business, aerospace, oil and gas, and, currently banking.  She has received national awards for cockpit design for the Cobra and Huey helicopters, and shares patents for inventions in pilot-vehicle interface (aerospace), and well stimulation (oil and gas). She currently serves as the director of IT Application Development and Quality Assurance for Woodforest National Bank. 

Jaynee is a published author of a book entitled “The Pink House”, a memoir of her time as a single mother while attending graduate school at UT Arlington.  She is currently working on a second book, an anthology of stories about strong, resilient women called “W.O.W! – Wonderful Ordinary Women

Jaynee is passionate about making the world better for everyone but focused on women and women’s unique issues and challenges. She is a strong supporter of Thistle Farms, Pioneers in Skirts, and the Cowgirl Museum. 

When not working, writing, or speaking, she enjoys the outdoors, and can be found kayaking, hiking, camping, running relay races / sprint triathlons, and participating in activity-based fundraisers such as the MS150 and Bike-Around-the-Bay.