As of July 1 our La Porte Rotary HOME Team set a record for their three year history by saving local residents $6,820 through eight projects in 2020!  The previous record was in 2019 with $6,760 saved by local residents in home repair costs.
Even with social distancing and  pandemic, the HOME Team has been taking care of local residents to help improve their quality of life in and around their homes. Projects have included roof repairs, building wheelchair ramps, plumbing work, door repairs/replacement, and much more.  Our HOME Team performs these basic home maintenance and repairs for local elderly residents that can't afford to hire professionals to do the work.
"I'm very proud of how the Home Team volunteers continue to serve the community," said HOME Team lead Rick Helton of Amegy Bank. "So far in 2020 we've invested 94 volunteer hours on our projects."
Several of our Rotarians and served on these projects along with our Friends of Rotary and other volunteers.
For more information about our HOME Team, please email us at