Local food pantry director Christy Martinez shared a local need with the LaPorte Rotary Club, and in one day the Club and its members stepped up to fill that need and make an immediate impact on our local community.

This week Bread of Life Food Pantry Director Christy Martinez shared with the LaPorte Rotary Club the desperate need our community has for food.  “Last month our inventory was pretty much depleted.  This month an average distribution for us serves 90-100 people, but with the current COVID-19 situation we expect those needs to increase as the number of families needing assistance increases including the months to come.” She added that the Bread of Life Pantry’s goal is to be a “beacon of hope” to ease food insecurity in our community and especially during these uncertain times for so many families.
The LP Rotary Club immediately took action, both collectively as a Club and individually as members – and raised almost $4,400 in a matter of 3 days. In addition, the Club helped identify resources to help source the groceries as well, partnering with local restaurant Main 101 to find suppliers.
Director Martinez shared that “The generosity and support given by the LaPorte Rotary Club to the Bread of Life Food Pantry assists in ensuring our LaPorte community knows they are not alone.”
Director Martinez added this too: “Thank you seems so small when an act of devotion makes such a huge impact, but thank you Rotary Members.  If anyone is needing food assistance they can register at www.firstlaporte.org/bread-of-life-food-pantry or in person at our pantry doors.”