Pamela Brousard is a teacher with many talents...Started a school in Afghanistan for girls...CyFair ISD Teacher of the Year...Rotary Foundation Peace Scholar...Teacher at CyFair ISD "New Arrival" campus at Cy Falls High School...HEB Teacher of the Year...State of Texas "Teacher of the Year"...and an absolutely remarkable human being!
Since she teachers non-English speaking immigrants, she is fully aware of the need to catch them up to their fellow students academically, emotionally, and preparing them for the future.
Charlie and Tommie Buscemi both attended her Global Scholar Leadership Conference and saw firsthand how Pamela is preparing these new arrival students about PSAT, SAT, how they can go to college plus so much more.  There were students from 25 countries that want to be productive citizens and make a difference in our world.  Even though English isn't their first language, and they have many other obstacles, the majority of these students had a 4.0 GPA.  Pamela's work is helping them to that by making them responsible, giving, and honest individuals trying to achieve the American dream...and she is very successful and so are her students.