Ethics. Integrity. Service. Leadership. Fellowship. Global Understanding. 
Kingwood Rotarians are community leaders, and friends uniting for the common good.
We're an Active Rotary Club - Below Are Some of Our Awards and Accomplishments
Kingwood Rotary Club was honored as the "2017 Rotary District 5890 Small Size Rotary Club of the Year", and
"#1 Club for Membership Growth Percentage" at the 2017 District 5890 Conference!
• 2017 Rotary District 5890 "Small Rotary Club of the Year" Award •
• 2017 Rotary District 5890 "#1 Club in Membership Percentage Growth" Award •
• 2017 Rotary District 5890 "4th Ranking in Overall Membership Growth" Award •
•  2016 Rotary District 5890 "Rotary Club President of the Year-Small Club" Award •
•  2015 Rotary District 5890 "Rotarian of the Year" Award •
• 2014 Rotary District 5890 "EarlyAct FirstKnight Small Size Rotary Club Sponsor of the Year" •
• 2013 Rotary District 5890 "Small Rotary Club of the Year" Award •
• 2013 Rotary District 5890 Club Secretary of the Year & 100% Attendance Award" •
• 2012 District 5890 Governor Citation •
• 2011 "District 5890 Rotary Couple of the Year" Award •
• 2010 Rotary District 5890 "Small Rotary Club of the Year" Award •
• 2010 District 5890 "Rotarian of the Year" Award •
• 2010 Interact District 5890 "Rotary Sponsor of the Year" Award•
• 2009 "District 5890 "Rotary Gift of Life" Award •
• 2008 District 5890 "Rotary Club President of the Year-Small Club" Award •
• 2007 District Governor Citation •
• 2006 Interact Club "Sponsor of the Year" Award •
Kingwood Rotary News & Stories
Welcome, Friends & Neighbors!
Kingwood Rotarians are PEOPLE OF ACTION, and I'm so proud to be member!  I thank you for taking the time to visit our website to learn more about our club, and Rotary International!  Each day, our members pour their passion, integrity, and intelligence into completing projects that have a lasting impact.  We persevere until we delivery real, lasting solutions.  
I've been asked why I'm a Rotarian.  Well, I joined Rotary to make difference in the world...and I've stayed because I AMJoining Rotary has changed my life!
"Together, we see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting changeacross the globe, in our communities, and in ourselves."

Order your "Flags Across Kingwood" flag today!      CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE

Limited to these Zip Codes:  77339, 77345, 77346, 77365 (Oakhurst Village) and 77396 (Atascocita/Walden)
For a $50 annual subscription, Kingwood Rotarians will place a flag in your yard, place of business, or entrance to your community village  on the following patriotic holidays:                                           

•  July 4th  •  September 11th (Patriot's Day)  •  November 11, 2019 (Veteran's Day)    Memorial Day (May 2020) 

The flag(s) will be placed in the yard 1-2 days before each holiday, and removed 1-2 days after each holiday.

To subscribe, mail your check for $50/flag to:  Kingwood Rotary, PO Box 5606, Kingwood, TX 77325

On May 24th, the community is invited to attend our last award ceremony where Kingwood Rotarians will honor 30 students and one staff member at Bear Branch Elementary School at our 6th EarlyAct FirstKnight (EAFK)  Knighting Ceremony of this school year.  The 2018-2019 school year was our 8th year of sponsoring this award winning, curriculum-based character education program.  EAFK is themed around history’s champions of chivalry; role models of various eras and cultures who lived by personal codes of high ethical standards and performed extraordinary deeds of service to humanity. 

In the last 7 school years, Kingwood Rotary has honored 1,350 Bear Branch students for having outstanding morals and ethics.  At a cost of over $6,000 per school year, Kingwood Rotary is investing our funds and taking an active role to teach students the importance of being honest, responsible, honorable and confident students.

Visit to learn more about this project.

Kingwood Rotary's local service project, EarlyAct FirstKnight (EAFK)Character Development Curriculum, on May 24th honored 30 students and one staff member at Bear Branch Elementary School at our 6th EAFK Knighting Ceremony of this school year.  The 2018-2019 school year is our 8th year of sponsoring this award winning, curriculum-based character education program.  EAFK is themed around history’s champions of chivalry; role models of various eras and cultures who lived by personal codes of high ethical standards and performed extraordinary deeds of service to humanity. 

In the last 7 school years, Kingwood Rotary has honored 1,350 Bear Branch students for having outstanding morals and ethics such as Honesty, Responsibility, Tolerance, etc.  At a cost of over $6,000 per school year, Kingwood Rotary is investing our funds and taking an active role to teach students the importance of being honest, responsible, honorable and confident students.

Visit to learn more about this project.

The Kingwood Veteran's of Foreign Wars (VFW) is a key partner of Kingwood Rotary's "Flags Across Kingwood" fundraiser, and we're very honored to work with them.  You'll see these heroes delivering the USA flags to home, village, and business subscribers four times each year, so they are a valued partner.
Cecil McConnell with the Kingwood VFW recently spoke at our club meeting sharing the multitude of ways his organization helps youth in our community, and beyond, with funds they receive from our club.  The are involved with over 100 projects, and they are making a difference!
Sandi Nizzi, our 2018-2019 Kingwood Rotary Club president, proudly presented Cecil with a check for the Kingwood VFW in the amount of $3,700 to help them continue serving our community.  We thank Cecil, and all of his fellow VFW members for their service to our country, and their great service to our community!
Pamela Brousard is a teacher with many talents...Started a school in Afghanistan for girls...CyFair ISD Teacher of the Year...Rotary Foundation Peace Scholar...Teacher at CyFair ISD "New Arrival" campus at Cy Falls High School...HEB Teacher of the Year...State of Texas "Teacher of the Year"...and an absolutely remarkable human being!
Since she teachers non-English speaking immigrants, she is fully aware of the need to catch them up to their fellow students academically, emotionally, and preparing them for the future.
Charlie and Tommie Buscemi both attended her Global Scholar Leadership Conference and saw firsthand how Pamela is preparing these new arrival students about PSAT, SAT, how they can go to college plus so much more.  There were students from 25 countries that want to be productive citizens and make a difference in our world.  Even though English isn't their first language, and they have many other obstacles, the majority of these students had a 4.0 GPA.  Pamela's work is helping them to that by making them responsible, giving, and honest individuals trying to achieve the American dream...and she is very successful and so are her students. 
"Rotary Connects The World" is the 2019-2020 theme of Rotary International, and Kingwood Rotary is very excited.  Rotary District 5890 (Houston-area) held the 2019 Club Leadership Training recently, and seven Kingwood Rotarians attended.
Public Image, Membership, and The Rotary Foundation were the focus.  Sessions were also held to help president-elects, and president-nominees, focus on planning projects, lead effectively, and create more ways for new, energetic members to join.

Kingwood Rotary Club might be a small Rotary club, but our commitment to changing and saving lives isn't small.

Special thanks to Past District Governor Bill Palko for presenting our club with very prestigious awards from The Rotary Foundation to our club, and our club president, Charlie Buscemi.  Rotarians don't usually brag, but when your club accomplishes goals that help change the world, it's important to share the news!

There are 35,000+ Rotary clubs worldwide, and Kingwood Rotary was:

ONE of only 1,575 clubs (top 5% worldwide) to achieve "TOP THREE HIGHEST PER CAPITA ANNUAL GIVING" honors in our Rotary District.

ONE of only 3,425 clubs (top 10% worldwide) worldwide to attain status as an "EVERY ROTARIAN, EVERY YEAR club".

ONE of only 4,000 clubs worldwide to become a 100% "FOUNDATION GIVING CLUB".

Received a Certificate of Appreciation for our financial support of the "END POLIO NOW: COUNTDOWN TO HISTORY CAMPAIGN".

ONE of SIXTEEN (out of 62 clubs in the Houston area) Rotary District 5890 clubs that qualified for the "2017-2018 ROTARY CITATION FROM THE PRESIDENT OF ROTARY INTERNATIONAL"

Instead of our weekly dinner at The Union Kitchen....Our Kingwood Rotary "escape room" team had a great time at our first mystery adventure at "Escape Artist Texas" here in Kingwood on November 8th.  
We were SO CLOSE (literally 2-minutes) from successfully escaping!!!!!
All of used our wisdom, knowledge (and probably lots of luck) to almost solving mystery in the "Locker Room". We worked together as a team, but even more importantly - we had tons of fun!  Next time...we'll be successful!
It was wonderful to receive notice that the Rotary Foundation has approved the Global Grant application from the Rotary Club of Space Center and the Rotary Club of San Jose de Cucuta.  Kingwood Rotary is proud to be a partner on this grant which will provide the much needed medical care that is needed. 
This USD127,000 Global Grant will provide Comprehensive Mother and Newborn Care Program at the Erasmus Meoz Hospital in Cúcuta, Colombia.
With the civil unrest in Venezula, is it estimated that over 800,000 refugees have fled and crossed the border into Colombia.  Near Cúcuta, Colombia, there is a refugee camp, and the Erasmus Meoz Hospital provides medical care for the pregnant moms and their babies, plus women and children in the area.
The photo above is a recent photo of U.N. Ambassador Nickie Haley visiting a refugee camp in Cúcuta, Colombia that is housing refugees from Venezuela.
Some Rotary projects are small, but impactful, and some are large, but partnerships between Rotary clubs makes a huge impact.  This is a great story about how a giant artificial reef in the shape of the Rotary wheel is restoring marine live and protecting the livelihood of several fishing villages in the Philippines.
The wheel has helped restore the local fishing industry, which was devastated by large-scale commercial fishing vessels that used dynamite, cyanide, and fine mesh nets from the late 1990s through the early 2000s.

In 2005, the fishermen turned to the Rotary Club of Atimonan, Quezon Province, Philippines, for help. They decided to build an artificial reef. The club partnered with the Rotary Club of Madera, California, USA, on a Rotary Foundation grant to help fund the project, which would cost more than $1 million.  Click here to read more about this great Rotary project.

For the 15th year, Kingwood Rotarians will once again help The Salvation Army by "Ringing The Bell" to collect funds to help families in need.  We'll be at the Atascocita Wal-Mart on Saturday, December 8th from 11 AM until 4 PM. 
This is always a fun service project for our members, and we look forward to another successful year!  So stop by and drop some money (checks payable to The Salvation Army, with "Aldine-Westfield" written on the memo line) into the kettle.
$23,800....That's the total amount we've raised in our kettle for The Salvation Army since we first started Ringing the Bell when our club was chartered in 2004.
Kingwood Rotarians proudly collected items for "Care Packages" to our troops serving overseas in harm's way in partnership with the Blue Star Mothers of America in Kingwood.  On November 27th, members of our club delivered all of the items and helped fill over 250 boxes with lots of goodies to help show our troops that we love and support them.
Sandi Nizzi, President of the Kingwood Rotary Club, presented a $600 check to help pay the shipping costs for sending the Care Packages overseas. 
We also delivered several hundred hand-crafted Christmas and holiday cards created by students at local elementary schools with a personal note from each child.  Special thanks to Jenna Buscemi with the Rotary Club of Houston Energy Corridor for helping organize her students at Cypress Trails Charter School to create these very special cards for the troops. 
Kingwood Rotary also had a basket of Christmas and holiday cards at The Union Kitchen so patrons could write a special note to our troops.  Each Care Package contained a special note from back home to let the troops know we are thinking about this this season, and throughout the year.
If you are dining at The Union Kitchen between November 15th - 25th, please take the time to complete a holiday card for a troop serving our country in harm's way.
For several years, Kingwood Rotary Club places a basket filled with holiday cards at the Hostess Table at The Union Kitchen.  Guests are encouraged to take a card and add words of encouragement.  On November 26th, we'll pickup the basket full of cards.  Then on November 26th, we take all of the cards to the Blue Star Moms "Care Packages for our Troops" packing party which will immediately be mailed to our troops overseas for delivery by Christmas.
You can either:
1.  Stop by and complete a card...or
2.  If you have cards at home that you would like to drop off in our basket at The Union Kitchen, that would be perfect.

Kingwood Rotarians are very proud to once again be helping the Blue Star Mothers of America Houston Chapter, which is located here in Kingwood and is a chapter of the Blue Star Mothers of America.
Each year, the Blue Star Moms pack and ship individual care packages to troops serving our country in harms way.  This is a great way to show our troops that we're thinking about them!
Want to help? Collect items at your work, school, or neighborhood.  Here's the info:
Click here for a link with items that we are collecting. (items can be easily purchased at WalMart, Kroger, Walgreens, Target, etc)
Donate items by:  November 25th
Have questions or items that need to be picked up?  Please call Charlie Buscemi with the Kingwood Rotary Club at (713)598-7129 or Email: 
Care packages packed on November 27th and shipped to our troops immediately afterwards.
Kingwood Rotary and the Gulf Coast Regional Blood Drive would like to say "Thank You" to everyone for helping us at our Annual Halloween Blood Drive! 
We had 18 pints of blood we had 8 people that tried to donate but were unable to do so. 
Together, we saved the lives of 54 people!
We want to invite the community to come help SAVE LIVES during Kingwood Rotary Club's Annual "Halloween" Community Blood Drive for the Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center.
Where:  Walgreens at 2240 Northpark Drive (on the corner of Northpark Drive and Woodland Hills Drive)
Time:  Noon to 4 PM
****To reserve a time that is convenient for you to give blood...Please CLICK HERE.
Contact Kingwood Rotarians: 
  • Donna Ballard, Blood Drive Chair,  
  • Charlie Buscemi, Cell:  713-598-7129, Email:

EarlyAct FirstKnight (EAFK) Character Education Curriculum is a daily ethics development program which is sponsored by the Kingwood Rotary Club for 100% of the 600+  Kindergarten-5th grade students at Bear Branch Elementary School here in Kingwood.  The 2018-2019 school year will be the 8th school year that Kingwood Rotary Club has sponsored this program at Bear Branch Elementary.  Kingwood Rotary Club's "Flags Across Kingwood" Flag Lease Fundraiser provides us with the majority of the $6,000.00 to sponsor this program.  Our Community Partners, Alspaugh's Ace Hardware, Sandi Nizzi with John Daugherty Realty, and Blue Tide Shipping also contribute funds, plus we receive a District Grant from Rotary District 5890.

Above is a video produced by the Georgetown Rotary Club about EAFK and features principals, teachers, students and parents talking about EAFK and is exactly the same as our program at Bear Branch Elementary School and gives you insight into the program.

"She will be beaten if you teach her that." were the first words of Rotarian Jim Marggraff's speech at the General Session of the 2018 Rotary International Convention in Toronto recently, and he immediately had our attention.  Jim, founder of Leap Frog educational toy Leap Pad that taught children how to read, explains how he transformed the device to teach non-literate women in Afghanistan how to read.  This is a wonderful presentation and inspires all of us to make a difference!
(Below, center: Ryan Fennell, Kingwood Branch Librarian, and Kingwood Rotary Club President Charlie Buscemi, with members of the Kingwood Rotary Club.
Due to the extreme flooding of Hurricane Harvey, the Kingwood Branch Library was flooded with 3 ½ feet of water.  All books, furniture, and technology on the first floor were all destroyed, including the section of the library used for children’s activities and the Children’s Workroom.
CLICK HERE to read an article in The Tribune about this project.
Kingwood Rotary invited Branch Manager, Ryan Fennell, to speak at the club and let us know what our club could do to help.  Knowing the important role the our library plays in the children and families in our community, we knew we had to do something.  Kingwood Rotary Club applied for a Rotary Foundation "Gulf Coast Disaster Relief Fund/Donor Advised Fund" Grant specifically for the Children's Section of our library, and we were recently told the grant was approved!  Kingwood Rotary will contribute a total of $26,580.00 so items in the Children's Section can be replaced.  Special thanks to The Rotary Foundation!
Each July 1st, the officers of all 35,633 Rotary clubs across the globe install new officers.  Kingwood Rotary recently held our Installation Ceremony at the beautiful Veranda Restaurant in Kingwood.  It's going to be a GREAT YEAR SERVING OTHERS!
Officers are:  President Sandi Nizzi, Secretary Brad Jude, Treasurer and President-Elect Leenette Wilke, Past President Charlie Buscemi, and Club Foundation Chair Tommie Buscemi.
2017-2018 Club President Charlie Buscemi named Jim Alfaro as "Rotarian of the Year", and also recognized Linda and Bob MacFarlane for their dedicated work on our Flags Across Kingwood fundraiser.
We were honored to have friends and family at the event to share in this annual event.
On July 1st each year, the officers of all 35,633 Rotary clubs in the world install new officers, and also all the officers of Rotary International. 
Recently, the Nominating Committee meet and selected Sushil Kumar Gupta, of the Rotary Club of Delhi Midwest, Delhi, India, as their selection for President of Rotary International for 2020-21. He will be declared the president-nominee on October 1, 2018 if no challenging candidates have been suggested.
Gupta wants to increase Rotary’s humanitarian impact as well as the diversity of its membership. 
“As individuals, we can only do so much,” Gupta said in a statement. “But when 1.2 million Rotarians work together, there is no limit to what we can achieve, and in the process, we can truly change the world.”
For the 14th consecutive year, Kingwood Rotarians volunteer at Alspaugh's Ace Hardware's 4th of July Street Dance and FREE BBQ!  Held the Saturday before the 4th of July, this event creates that hometown feeling for the young, and old and has grown to be a great community event. 
Since 2004, Rick Alspaugh invites the Kingwood Rotary Club to participate in this event by handing out free ice cream, bottled water, candy....and free temporary tattoos for the kids (and many adults).  We accept donations at our booth which is then given to the community organization that is the beneficiary of the event. 
The Kingwood Civic Club's 4th of July Parade is ALWAYS a great celebration in our community, and even though it poured rain...and was once again a success!  Kingwood Rotarians were proud to partner with the Kingwood Civic Club once again this year to help them with this event.  City of Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner was in the the parade, and Harris County Judge Ed Emmett served as the Grand Marshall.  Special thanks to everyone that participated, and especially to our Kingwood Rotarians that started their day at 6 AM to drive the golf carts to the event, and then started getting the floats in line. 
Dr. Isis Mejias, a member of the E-Club of Houston here in Rotary District 5890, was the keynote speaker during the General Session of the 2018 Rotary International Convention in Toronto.  Isis has worked on many international projects that provide clean water and sanitation...and she knows what she is talking about.  Please listen to her report and how Rotary is making a difference!


Want to subscribe to our "Flags Across Kingwood" Flag Lease Fundraiser?  Click here to visit our Flag Subscription Page. 

For a contribution of a $50 annual subscription, the Kingwood Rotary Club places an American flag in the front yard of a residence or business for the following four (4) patriotic holidays:  Memorial Day (May) July 4th September 11th Veteran's Day (November).  New flag subscriptions are accepted ANY month of the year, but we must receive your subscription ten (10) days BEFORE the holiday.

 Questions?:  Contact our Flag Committee Chair, Charlie Buscemi, at CJSB@SuddenLink.Net, Cell:  (713)598-7129, or Work: (281)359-7193

Ethics. Integrity. Service. Leadership. Fellowship. Global Understanding. We are global citizens, community leaders, and friends uniting for the common good. With you, we can accomplish even more!

Meetings are every Thursday at 6:30 PM at The Union Kitchen. Please arrive at 6:15 PM so you can order, and enjoy social time. For information about Kingwood Rotary, call Charlie Buscemi at 281-359-7193
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