Ethics. Integrity. Service. Leadership. Fellowship. Global Understanding. 
Kingwood Rotarians are community leaders, and friends uniting for the common good.
We're an Active Rotary Club - Below Are Some of Our Awards and Accomplishments
Kingwood Rotary Club was honored as the "2017 Rotary District 5890 Small Size Rotary Club of the Year", and
"#1 Club for Membership Growth Percentage" at the 2017 District 5890 Conference!
• 2017 Rotary District 5890 "Small Rotary Club of the Year" Award •
• 2017 Rotary District 5890 "#1 Club in Membership Percentage Growth" Award •
• 2017 Rotary District 5890 "4th Ranking in Overall Membership Growth" Award •
•  2016 Rotary District 5890 "Rotary Club President of the Year-Small Club" Award •
•  2015 Rotary District 5890 "Rotarian of the Year" Award •
• 2014 Rotary District 5890 "EarlyAct FirstKnight Small Size Rotary Club Sponsor of the Year" •
• 2013 Rotary District 5890 "Small Rotary Club of the Year" Award •
• 2013 Rotary District 5890 Club Secretary of the Year & 100% Attendance Award" •
• 2012 District 5890 Governor Citation •
• 2011 "District 5890 Rotary Couple of the Year" Award •
• 2010 Rotary District 5890 "Small Rotary Club of the Year" Award •
• 2010 District 5890 "Rotarian of the Year" Award •
• 2010 Interact District 5890 "Rotary Sponsor of the Year" Award•
• 2009 "District 5890 "Rotary Gift of Life" Award •
• 2008 District 5890 "Rotary Club President of the Year-Small Club" Award •
• 2007 District Governor Citation •
• 2006 Interact Club "Sponsor of the Year" Award •
Kingwood Rotary News & Stories
Welcome, Friends & Neighbors!
Rotarians are PEOPLE OF ACTION, and I thank you for taking the time to visit our website to learn more about our club, and Rotary International!  Each day, our members pour their passion, integrity, and intelligence into completing projects that have a lasting impact.  We persevere until we delivery real, lasting solutions.  
I've been asked why I'm a Rotarian.  Well, I joined Rotary to make difference in the world...and I've stayed because I AMJoining Rotary has changed my life!
Joining Rotary is one of the most important and rewarding decisions you'll make.  Giving back to those in need change the lives of others, and it also changes our lives. 
Why join Rotary?  It's one of the most rewarding decisions that you'll ever make!  Kingwood Rotarians get together each Thursday at 6:15 PM at The Union Kitchen in Kingwood, and we invite you to come have dinner with us...we'll even pay for your first meal when you do!
On September 20th, over 600 Bear Branch Elementary students were treated to the annual kickoff of the EarlyAct FirstKnight (EAFK) Character Education Program designed to get the children excited about the program and begin thinking about becoming a person of chivalry and of good moral character.  Our EAFK knight, Sir James, explained to the student about the importance of service, plus explained some of the equipment used by knights. 
This award-winning character education curriculum, which is aligned with the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) and based upon Bloom's Taxonomy, can only be sponsored by a Rotary club, and this will be the 7th school year that Kingwood Rotary Club has sponsored it at Bear Branch Elementary School. 
Bear Branch Elementary School is the only Humble ISD campus with the EAFK curriculum.  Since 2011, our Rotary club has honored over 1,044 students for having outstanding morals and ethics.  EAFK creatively teaches and motivates students to become more civil, service-oriented people during their most formative years.
Each day of school, each classroom will spend 10-minutes learning the EAFK curriculum,  Students will study one virtue each six weeks followed by a Knighting Ceremony where one student from each class is knighted for consistently demonstrating that virtue.  Virtues include respect, discipline, honesty, friendliness, perseverance, and service.

EarlyAct FirstKnight (EAFK) Character Education Curriculum is a daily ethics development program which is sponsored by the Kingwood Rotary Club for 100% of the 600+  Kindergarten-5th grade students at Bear Branch Elementary School here in Kingwood.  The 2017-2018 school year will be the 7th school year that Kingwood Rotary Club has sponsored this program at Bear Branch Elementary.  Kingwood Rotary Club's "Flags Across Kingwood" Flag Lease Fundraiser provides us with the majority of the $6,000.00 to sponsor this program.  Our Community Partners, Alspaugh's Ace Hardware, Sandi Nizzi with John Daugherty Realty, and Blue Tide Shipping also contribute funds, plus we receive a District Grant from Rotary District 5890.

Above is a video produced by the Georgetown Rotary Club about EAFK and features principals, teachers, students and parents talking about EAFK and is exactly the same as our program at Bear Branch Elementary School and gives you insight into the program.

Order your "Flags Across Kingwood" flag today!      CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE

Limited to these Zip Codes:  77339, 77345, 77346, 77365 (Oakhurst Village) and 77396 (Atascocita/Walden)
For a $50 annual subscription, Kingwood Rotarians will place a flag in your yard, place of business, or entrance to your community village  on the following patriotic holidays:  Veteran's Day (November 11th)  Memorial Day (May 29th) July 4th  September 11th

The flag(s) will be placed in the yard 1-2 days before each holiday, and removed 1-2 days after each holiday.

Two (2) ways to pay:  PayPal or by check.

One of Kingwood Rotary's newest members, Victor Jordan, owner of Kingwood Tiger Rock Martial Arts Academy with his wife, Sandy, held a board breaking class at Bear Branch Elementary School on May 25th.  Click here to watch a short video.

The funds raised were donated to Kingwood Rotary Club to help pay for our EarlyAct FirstKnight Character Education Program (EAFK) which for the last six school years has taught the importance of morals and ethics to the 600+ students at the Bear Branch Elementary.

The Rotary District 5890 Governor, Eric Liu, recently bestowed Kingwood Rotary Club with the "District 5890 Small Size Rotary Club of the Year" Award at the District 5890 Conference.  Click here to read an article in the Chronicle about awards they received.
At our 2017 District 5890 Rotary Conference, District Governor Eric Liu awarded Kingwood Rotary Club the "Small Rotary Club of the Year" Award during.  Special thanks to all of our Kingwood Rotarians for their dedication, support, and outstanding service to our community, and beyond.
In addition, Kingwood Rotary also was given District 5890's "#1 Club for
Membership Growth Percentage" Award.
This is third time that our club has received the "Small Rotary Club of the Year Award" in addition to the following:
Children, the elderly, and families in Bamako Mali are healthier thanks to Kingwood Rotary Club's Mobile Health Clinic!
Kingwood Rotary is making a difference in our local community, but we are also saving and changing lives in other countries thanks to Rotary Foundation Global Grants.  Our Rotarians pride themselves on doing projects that address and respond to human needs, and our US$40,000 "Mobile Health Clinic" in Mali, in partnership with the Bamako Ouest Rotary Club, does just that.   With projects in the Rotary Foundation's Six Areas of Focus, Rotary clubs can make a difference in the world.
The US$40,000 have been disbursed to the Bamako Ouest Rotary Club in Mali, and the Mobile Health Clinic is now saving lives!
Rotarians address and respond to human needs, and as Rotarians, we contribute to The Rotary Foundation Rotary clubs can then apply for a Rotary Foundation Global Grant (Minimum of US$30,000) with other Rotary clubs to do Global grants which support large international activities with sustainable, measurable outcomes in Rotary's Six Areas of Focus of humanitarian service. These are projects that address and respond to human needs. By working together to respond to real community needs, Rotary clubs and Rotary districts strengthen their global partnerships.

Between October 2015 and May 2017, Kingwood Rotary has participated in six Rotary Foundation Global Grants totaling US$504,815.  We were the Lead International Partner and wrote the US$40,000 Global Grant to fund a Mobile Health Clinic in the land-locked African country of Mali, and we partnered with other Rotary clubs on four other Global Grants. 

  1. Lead International Partner on $40,000 Rotary Grant for a Mobile Health Clinic in Mali to provide healthcare to multiple villages
  2. Partner with other Rotary Clubs on $83,700 grant to provide clean water to 63,000 residents in Matamoros, Mexico
  3. Partner with other Rotary Clubs on $92,378 Food Bank & Installation of a Soy Plant in Cartagena which will serve the poor, and hungry.
  4. Partner with other Rotary Clubs on $121,737 project in Ghana to create jobs & increase economic stability for extremely poor
  5. Partner  with other Rotary & Rotaract Clubs on $167,000 Water Infrastructures Construction and Rehabilitation Water,     Sanitation and Education Project in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
  6. Provided services for shipping 40' containers to School of the Dump, and also for the Rotary Books for the World Project
(Below, L - R: DG Eric Liu, Leenette Wilke, Victor Jordan, and Kingwood Rotary President Deirdre Murray)
     We are very proud to announce that Leenette Wilke and Victor Jordan were recently installed by District Governor Eric Liu, and First Lady Sandra Liu, as Kingwood Rotary Club's newest members. 
     Leenette, a Federal building manager, is a longtime Rotarian that recently moved to our area from Corpus Christi which is located in Rotary District 5930.  She served as the District 5930 Co-Chair of the Rotary Youth Exchange Committee and has already gotten involved with that same committee here in the Houston area.  She is an absolutely wonderful person that all of our members immediately felt like we've known for years.
Kingwood Rotarians worked together to "Tackle Hunger" by collecting bags of food donated by shoppers at Kroger to help fill the pantry at Mission NorthEast.  All of the food was delivered to Mission NorthEast when they then distributed to the elderly and those in need that live in the zip codes served by their organization.
Our Rotarians collected hundreds of pounds of food which was given out immediately to those that needed it the most.
Afterwards, all of the members enjoyed a great meal at a local restaurant while enjoying some social time together.  Friends getting together to help others and then enjoying friendship is a great reward for being a Rotarian.
In Rotary, you're part of a family and we had the pleasure of presenting badges to the son and husband of one of our members.  August joined our club in October, and each time she attends so do her son and husband, Jax and Sam.  Each week, our members proudly wear their Rotary name badges, so we decided that Jax and Sam each needed their own badges to wear because they also attend our service projects and activities.
Recently, we had our District Governor Eric Liu attend our meeting to install two new members, so it was the perfect opportunity for us to present them both with their own name badges.   For Jax, we gave him a "Future Rotarian" t-shirt, plus his own "Future Rotarian" name badge.  We were all excited...but we think that Jax was even more excited.
How do Rotary projects get started?  One person sees a problem, they have a vision about how to solve the problem, and they they share their idea with other Rotarians which work together to resolve the problem!
Part 1 of 2:  Art Rascon, ABC13 Eyewitness News Documentary, "Children of the Dump"
Part 2 of 2:  Art Rascon, ABC13 Eyewitness News Documentary, "Children of the Dump"
Kingwood Rotarian, Frank Huezo, returned to Chinandega, Nicaragua in August 2010 with Art Rascon of ABC13 Eyewitness News, plus other Rotarians, for a follow-up of Mr. Rascon's 1999, and 2002 Emmy Award winning documentaries, "Children of the Dump".  On October 12, and October 13, 2010, ABC13 Eyewitness News showed how Rotarians have changed and saved the lives of children in Chinandega.  A Kingwood resident, Frank Huezo grew up on Nicaragua and after attending college at Texas A & M University he moved his family to Kingwood and started a wholesale floral supply business.  While visiting Nicaragua, he was asked to visit the Chinandega City Dump where he saw hundreds of small children digging through trash for food.  Knowing he had to do something...he came back, became a Rotarian and with help of area Rotarians...he DID something about the problem. 
Rotary is about changing lives in our local community, plus communities around the world.  Kingwood Rotarian Jim Alfaro recently traveled to Chinandega, Nicaragua to visit the international Rotary project, Children of the Dump, together with Kingwood Rotarian Frank Huezo, Brenham Rotarian Jim Kite, plus Rotarians from Michigan and Iowa.
As mentioned above in the story "A Rotary Success Story - Children of the Dump, Art Rascon ABC13 Eyewitness News" about Art Rascon traveling to Nicaragua to visit the "Children of the Dump" with Kingwood Rotarian Frank Huezo and other Rotarians, Rotarian involvement is making a huge difference in the lives of others. 
Rotary is about changing lives in our local community, plus communities around the world.  Kingwood Rotarian Jim Alfaro recently traveled to Chinandega, Nicaragua to visit the international Rotary project, Children of the Dump, together with Kingwood Rotarian Frank Huezo, Brenham Rotarian Jim Kite, plus Rotarians from Michigan and Iowa.  They visited the city dump where children dig through the trash for food, the Betania Trade School where children are taught a vocation, and the School of the Dump where children are fed, educated, clothed, and receive medical care thanks to the generosity of Rotarians.
Kingwood Rotary Club's Board of Directors voted to donate $1,600 to Family Time Crisis and Counseling Center's fundraiser, "Mothers Are Jewels", for their battered adults and family shelter in Humble, The Door
"$1,500 covers one day expenses at FamilyTime's domestic violence shelter, The Door.  Thank you Kingwood Rotary Club." said Carolyn Wise, a member of the Kingwood Rotary Club and also a member of Board of Directors of FamilyFime. 

Bono of U2 praises the "Service Above Self" work of Rotary across the globe and the mission of creating a polio-free world.  "When polio is finally eradicated, and you know it will be, you stand surely in the first chapter of that book.", says Bono.

Our "Valentine's Day Community Blood Drive" for the Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center was a success, and we thank everyone that came supported us by donating blood.  The blood we collected saved the lives of 54 people and that truly is the "Gift of Life!" 
Special thanks to our Blood Drive Committee Chair, Carolyn Wise, for organizing another successful blood drive!
Kingwood Rotary Club has had the honor of participating in several water projects that provided clean drinking water.  Water is life regardless of where you live, but in other countries, the struggle to find clean, safe drinking water involves walking for hours to a water source, and carrying it back to the home.  In most cases, it is the women and girls that walk up to 4 hours one-way to reach the water, which is mostly contaminated, and then carry it back.  For the girls, that means they don't attend school.
Kingwood Rotarians Deirdre Murray and her husband, Jim Alfaro, volunteered alongside the Kingwood/Humble/Atascocita VFW to wrap holiday gifts at Barnes & Noble in December.  Dei said that the public was so generous and thankful...and once they heard about the VFW, they made additional donations.
The local VFW has been one of our partners for our "Flags Across Kingwood" Fundraiser, so it was great to be able to help them at their fundraiser.
Each year since our club was chartered, Kingwood Rotarians gathered at the Wal-Mart in Atascocita to partner with The Salvation Army to help raise funds for families here in northeast Houston.
This year, we raised nearly $1,800 which will be so helpful for this great organization and have raised a total of $18,000 since our club was chartered in 2004. 
It was a great day, and we thank all of our members, friends, and family for coming to help us "Ring the Bell" loudly, and proudly.
During the holidays, there are many ""families in need" that need food to feed their families.  Each year, Kingwood Rotary is proud to help Mission NorthEast with their goal to provide some of the meat that they give to local families.  In addition to their services for clients throughout the year, each December they hold an event where food, Christmas toys for the children are give to 150 families.
Kingwood Rotary purchased and helped load 600 pounds of chicken quarters which was picked up by Pam Dickson with Mission NorthEast.  During the Christmas event, bags of the chicken was given to the families, plus Kingwood Rotary "Santa Claus" Jim Alfaro was there playing Santa and adding some fun memories for the children.
Visit their website at
Diane Blanco contacted Kingwood Rotary President, Deirdre Murray, about The Women’s Center at Lone Star College-Kingwood, in partnership with East Montgomery County Rotary Club and Lone Star Honor Society, collecting new and gently used children’s books during the holidays for students at Crippen Elementary School in New Caney. 
Crippen Elementary is a Title One school where more than 70% of their students live at or below the poverty level. Many have never owned a book.
Our club members purchased $600 PF books, and were delivered to Diane Blanco in December for the project....and we were all very excited to help!
Literacy is one of Rotary's Internationals Six Areas of Focus and Kingwood Rotary was very proud to participate in this literacy project.
A few months ago, University Area Rotarian, Homero Ponce, brought his good friend, Elsa Torres, to Kingwood Rotary's weekly club meeting at The Union Kitchen.
We are so proud to say that Elsa loved learning more about our club, and accepted our sincere invitation for her to become a member of our Kingwood Rotary family.  At our recent Christmas Party, Elsa was officially installed!  Homero also attended since we welcomed him for inviting Elsa to join Rotary.
Elsa is a Realtor with JLA Realty, and she loves service to others.  We also welcome her husband, Henrique, and lovely daughter, Valeria.  We're all about family, so they are always welcomed to our meetings, service projects, and social events.
What a great way to spend a day....Being SANTA CLAUS for children as their families pick up much needed food to feed their families at Mission NorthEast.  Jim Alfaro, a member of Kingwood Rotary, did an outstanding job making the children happy, and bringing them joy.  Charlie Buscemi was also helping, and also our newest member, Elsa Torres, was vital in helping check in the familes.
Mission NorthEast's service area covers over 800 square miles and 11 zip codes.  All programs and services are provided free of charge to persons living in poverty.   Mission Northeast is a 501 (c) 3 charitable organization, eligible to accept tax exempt donations.   With 97% of the families they help are categorized as "extremely poor".
Kingwood Rotarian Jim Alfaro did an outstanding job as Santa, and brought lots of joy to the children and their families.  His heart is huge, and the children knew it!


A huge thanks to The Hop Stop - Humble for hosting Kingwood Rotary's "Pints for Polio" to raise funds to End Polio Now.

Thanks to funds we raised, the Rotary Foundation will receive $552 which will protect 1,104 children from polio.

The continued work and support of dedicated community leaders like Dawn & Rick Tyler, owners of The Hop Stop, partner with Rotary and help "END POLIO NOW" will ensure that Rotary's promise of a Polio-free world will be fulfilled.

Special thanks to Kingwood Rotarian Brian Dusablon for organizing this event!

(Above:  Kingwood Rotarians Carolyn Wise and Deirdre Murray delivery $900 of supplies to Foster Elementary School)
Many times, we don't think about additional supplies that nurses need at our local elementary schools.  We recently reached out to Foster Elementary School about providing school supplies for students, but were told that what was really needed to supplies for their school nurse, and teacher's classrooms.
We asked what they needed, and were told new underwear for children (needed for "accidents"), scotch tape, black markers, Lysol wipes, baby wipes, No. 2 pencils, markers, sandwich bags, Kleenex, etc.


Want to subscribe to our "Flags Across Kingwood" Flag Lease Fundraiser?  Click here to visit our Flag Subscription Page. 

For a contribution of a $50 annual subscription, the Kingwood Rotary Club places an American flag in the front yard of a residence or business for the following four (4) patriotic holidays:  Memorial Day (May) July 4th September 11th Veteran's Day (November).  New flag subscriptions are accepted ANY month of the year, but we must receive your subscription ten (10) days BEFORE the holiday.

 Questions?:  Contact our Flag Committee Chair, Charlie Buscemi, at CJSB@SuddenLink.Net, Cell:  (713)598-7129, or Work: (281)359-7193

Ethics. Integrity. Service. Leadership. Fellowship. Global Understanding. We are global citizens, community leaders, and friends uniting for the common good. With you, we can accomplish even more!

Meetings are every Thursday at 6:30 PM at The Union Kitchen. Please arrive at 6:15 PM so you can order, and enjoy social time. For information about Kingwood Rotary, call Charlie Buscemi at 281-359-7193
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