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The objective of Rotary is to encourage and foster the ideal of service as a basis of worthy enterprise. Its objective is carried out through four areas by which the ideal of service is fostered.

CLUB SERVICES - Development of acquaintances with other community leaders allows the opportunity for service. One person cannot accomplish the same as a group with a common goal.

VOCATIONAL SERVICE - Promotion of high ethical standards in business and professionals. The opportunity to represent the dignity and utility of one's vocation to other Rotarians and the community.

COMMUNITY SERVICE - Service to improve the quality of life in one's community. It frequently involves assistance to youth, the aged, handicapped and others who look to Rotary as a source of hope for a better life.

NEW GENERATIONS – New Generations Service recognizes the positive change implemented by youth and young adults through leadership development activities, involvement in community and international service projects, and exchange programs that enrich and foster world peace and cultural understanding.

INTERNATIONAL SERVICE - This describes the many programs which Rotarians undertake to advance international understanding, good will and peace.

Club Service
* Weekly lunch meetings of club
* Social functions with spouses and families
* Management and administration of the club
* Networking and helping fellow Rotarians
* Joint meetings with Wharton Rotary and El Campo Lions club.

Vocational Service
* Teacher Appreciation Banquet since 1943
* Hosts high school students weekly
* Career Day at local high schools since 1958
* Civil Servant of the Year award
* Bring a Farmer to lunch week
* Hosts Law Enforcement and Fire Dept. reps.

Community Service
* Built Alamo Park Public Restrooms, 1948
* Built Public Tennis Courts, 1953
* Built current El Campo Civic Center, 1988
* Helped City Build Baseball/Softball Park, 1990
* Assisted builing of El Campo Branch Library, 1994
* Built El Campo Aquatic Center, 2005
* Assisting El Campo Little League build a new complex with $550,000 commitment

Community projects we support or sponsor
* Hospice Support, Inc.
* Heritage Center
* RIF (Reading is Fundamental)
* Boys & Girls Club of El Campo
* Matagorda/Wharton Women's Crisis Center
* Little League Team Sponsor
* American Legion Boys State
* Scouting (Cub Scout Pack 196)

New Generations
* Early Act/First Knight - Northside
* Interact Clubs (ECHS & ECMS)
* RYLA Rotary Youth Leadership Award

International Service
* Foreign Exchange Students
* Polio Eradication Program
* Rotary International Program
* Children of the Dump Nicaragua Program
* Literacy Program
* World-wide Hunger Plus

Your Privileges in Rotary
The Privilege of Friendship with Leaders:
In our community
in neighboring cities all over our county
in all parts of the world

The privilege of service to humanity
The privilege of developing international good will and understanding
The privilege of helping build higher ethical standards within our vocations
Through the common bond of Rotary

Your Obligations in Rotary Participation -
You are asked to give of your time and talents:
in community work
in social functions
in club and district activities

100% attendance is encouraged. To Maintain your membership we ask that you not miss more than 4 meetings in a row and that you make 60% of the meetings per year. Make up meetings are encouraged by visiting neighboring Rotary Clubs, attending your club's board or committee meetings or attending district and social functions or online at www.recswusa.org.

The Financial Cost (as of July 2012)
Quarterly Dues $145.00

12:05 p.m., THURSDAYS At the El Campo Civic Center in the Duson Room

How Much Time Does Rotary Take?
That depends entirely upon you. The minimum amount of attendance is 60% of the meetings (3 of 4 per month), which lasts a little over one hour each week. Rotary is a vibrant and active service club. "Service to Humanity" is the motto on which the Rotary movement was founded. It is not an "old timers noon luncheon." It does take commitment to service.

What Do I Get Out of Rotary?
You get back what you put in. That can be a little or a lot! There is tremendous personal satisfaction from working with fellow Rotarians in making their community and the world a better place to live. Service to others creates the satisfaction that gives purpose and meaning to our lives. You can make life-long friends and business acquaintances. You will in turn receive respect for being a Rotarian around the globe.

The 4-Way Test has been adopted by Rotary since 1943. It is a 24-word code of ethics that should be memorized and lived by all Rotarians. Of the things we think, say or do...
1. Is it the TRUTH?
2. Is it FAIR to all concerned?
4. Will it be BENEFICIAL TO ALL concerned?