Elsie is our Youth Exchange Student studying in Belgium.



Here is a little note to say that everything is still wonderful for me in Belgium! I have started French Language courses now, and I aim to be Fluent when I return. I also have been visiting many places with my host family and friends in Belgium. I have now visited almost every Belgian city as well as the great European capitals! I love how I can get on a train and in an hour and a half, I'm in Paris. However, it is always nice to return home after my adventures. Which are Rotary Sanction, I will add! 


I love my second host family and I have made a great group of Belgian friends. I am now included in all the events, which means I'm a part of the group. 

I thank you once again for this once in a life time chance. I am so very lucky to be living my 18th year in European surrounded by culture, art and great food!  


Attached is a picture I took in Amsterdam. It is a magical city and I would like to go back to Holland and see the tulips in spring.