May 28, 2018
Kelly Paleczny, Sheryl Rooth, & Mayor Matt Brown
Bus Rapid Transit Presentation

This is our Annual Joint meeting with the Kiwanis Club of Forest City-London.

Our speakers will be Kelly Paleczny, General Manager of the London Transit Commission, Sheryl Rooth, Chair of the London Transit, Commission, Chair of the Rapid Transit Implementation Working Group and Chair of the London For All Transportation Group when not fulfilling her duties with The Salvation Army and Mayor Matt Brown.

They will be talking about the City of London’s Bus Rapid Transit plans.

“London is currently Canada’s largest city without a rapid transit system, but investing in BRT today will ensure we can continue to prosper alongside other world-class cities for generations to come. With BRT corridors acting as the spine of the transit system, plus 35 percent increase in transit service hour system-wide, there are benefits for all bus riders. But all Londoners – including those who drive – will have an enhanced experience, thanks to the project’ investments in smart traffic signals, road widening and streetscape improvements, plus dedicated bus lanes that help keep traffic moving smoothly. With BRT London can capitalize on infrastructure investments and build a best-in-class transportation system to carry us – and our economy – into the future.”   – City of London