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The World Community Service Committee of the Rotary Club of London and its advisory group from Rotary Clubs across London and area work with local and international partners to leverage donor contributions with district and/or Rotary International grants and to build community capacity using sustainable development expertise.  Using the purchasing power of the Canadian dollar in developing countries, a little can go a long way to making a positive difference in the lives of many people around the world.  CLICK TO DONATE.
Presently, the Rotary Club of London, through its World Community Service Committee and various Rotarians serving as Project Leads, are engaged in the following projects:

Haiti School Supplies Project

Rural and urban school authorities in low income areas of Haiti have great difficulty providing schools with adequate school equipment and supplies.  Some schools do not have desks for children or meeting space for teachers.  Students are expected to buy their own school books and uniforms putting a financial burden on family income.  Often children complete the school year without books, or by borrowing from other students.  As part of the Rotary Haiti Task Force, our club has assisted with the repair of La Petite Sirène school building affected by the January 2010 earth quake. We have also provided school equipment and material to 2 schools -  Academy Lise Dérisiers located in Arcahaie and la Petit Sirene located in Delmas, including student pews, kindergarten chairs and tables and desks and work tables for teachers. The club also worked with several other local clubs to gather surplus school furniture and supplies from schools closing in SW Ontario, sending it to Haiti for distribution to community schools in the Petion Ville area in need after the earthquake. Completion of this project is 2015.

Haitian Resource Development Foundation (Aquin, Haiti)

With $10,000, and in partnership with the Rotary Club of Aquin, the Rotary Club of London has supported the development of a  "Children's Cybercafe and computer literacy program"  through the supply of computers and operational funding.

The Empowerment Project

Rotary Club of London will provide a matching fund of up to $5,000 to the Empowerment Project.  The project, sponsored by Women in Rotary, will facilitate micro-financing to women entrepreneurs in developing countries around the world, to enable them to use their talents to lift themselves out of poverty.  A portion of the fund will support the development of entrepreneurship in Danli, Honduras, enabling the Market Mom's to financial support the education of their children.

Recent Projects

The Market Children Scholarship Program (Danli, Honduras)

Annually, our project sponsors send over 480 children to school in Danli, Honduras.  These children are called "Market Kids" because Mom, almost always a single parent, must keep her children with her all day at the market. She cannot afford the cost to send them to school, and cannot afford alternate care. For 11 hours every day, while Mom scratches out enough income to feed her family and keep a tin roof over their heads, her children roam the market and surrounding streets. The conditions are ripe to be lured into gangs, crime, prostitution and drugs, and most will fall victim.  Without an education, Market Kids have no hope for a better life.  Read more....

Paul Harris School Renovation (Salina Cruz, Mexico)

Named after the founder of Rotary, the Paul Harris School is an elementary school serving 380 students in an impoverished area.  After 30 years of use, the school electrical and septic systems are in desperate need of upgrade. This will be accomplished, in part, through a $10,000 donation by Rotary Club of London.

Ending Mother to Child Transmission of HIV

This multi-District Rotary initiative aims to dramatically improve child and maternal health in Malawi by strengthening the delivery of a new national prevention of mother to child of HIV program through the Dignitas organization.   This program helps to eliminate HIV/AIDS in the next generation of children in Malawi by preventing transmission from HIV positive mothers to their children.  Our club's financial contributions to this program helps to train local health care workers to educate communities to reduce HIV/AIDS transmission.