The Rotary Club of London (Downtown), Ontario is expanding its existing generous support and partnership with the people of historic Aquin, Haiti. 
Aquin, Haiti is a city  of approx. 100,000 on the Caribbean seacoast, about three hours' drive southwest of the capital Port-au-Prince. In an otherwise beautiful location, the residents, farmers and fishermen of Aquin are chronically poor, short of potable water and safe sanitation, and vulnerable to storms, floods, cholera, Zika, and suffer from high maternal and infant mortality.
The Rotary Clubs of London are now launching a multi-year, multi-club initiative in partnership with the Haitian Resource Development Foundation and other international donors to help the people of Aquin via projects in the areas health and education and economic development (fishing, boat-building, mangoes, coffee, and honeybees.)
Our first fund-raiser in support of this initiative will be a a "100 Holes for Haiti"  golf event on Weds., June 14, 2017 at the West Haven Golf and Country Club, London, ON.
Are you up to playing a hundred holes in a day (on your own or as part of a team)?  click here
Are you interested in sponsoring an individual or team?  please come back in a few days...
Are you interested in making a donation to this initiative in Aquin? (a tax receipt will be issued for all donations)
Donations by Cheque:
Please make cheques payable to:  The Rotary Club of London Foundation and mail to:
The Rotary Club of London
Attn:  Haiti Projects / Sandy Ronson
P.O. Box 29056
London, ON
N6K 4L9