Minutes of the August 19, 2021 Board Meeting
August 19, 2021 Board Meeting – DRAFT (not yet approved by Board)
  1. Welcome and Overview.  President Groce called the meeting to order at 7:04 a.m.  Attendees included:
Brian Anderson
LoAnn Ayers
Jeff Groce
Don Hart
Jackie Harvey
Glen Marshall
Mark Showalter
Tony Umek
Jay Wildgen
Steve Wiley
Guest: Bob Quay
  1. Secretary’s Report.  LoAnn Ayers presented the July 15th board meeting minutes.  Glen Marshall noted a correction on the June financials stating that the YTD deficit was corrected as it included a double posting of the total year’s building and liability insurance expense.  The correction was accepted by consent.  Marshall moved, with a second by Tony Umek, and the amended minutes were approved unanimously.
  1. Treasurer’s Report. 
  1. Glen Marshall reviewed the July 2021 financial statements.  Ayers moved that the financial statements be accepted as presented.  Wiley seconded and the motion carried unanimously.
  2. Marshall recommended that $130 in outstanding dues for former member Josh Bam be written off as uncollectable.  Marshall moved, with a second by Wildgen, to approve; the motion carried unanimously.
  3. Marshall is continuing to work on developing a Venmo account for the Club.
  1. Bingo Oversight Committee.  Don Hart reported that Bingo Boulevard earned a net profit of $33,082 in July 2021.  There are now 10 employees, but payroll expenses equal pre-pandemic levels with 12 employees.
  1. New Business.  Jeff Groce introduced two items of new business:
A.    Human Trafficking Board Position:  Don Hart provided background on the human trafficking working committee. Discussion ensued about the timing and intent of this request to elevate this group to become a Committee of the Board and thus have a Board position.  A resolution can be made on this action prior to a change in the bylaws.  The draft resolution was amended to change the word “sex trafficking” to “human trafficking.”  The resolution has three actions:
  • The authorized number of officers and directors be raised from 13 to 14.
  • The Human Trafficking Committee become a standing committee of the Board.
  • Its Chair and Board Director be designated as Janine Hales with a term to end June 2022; the position will be filled by the election process normally to be held in November 2021 with the elected Director to be installed for a term starting July 2022.
Jay Wildgen moved approval of the amended resolution; Steve Wiley seconded, and the motion passed.
  1. Foundation Committee.  Jackie Harvey provided a reminder that Geoff Cochran, RI Annual Giving Officer will be our meeting speaker on November 18, via Zoom.  She said additional details are forthcoming about Tom Halazon’s run as our first fundraiser.
  1. International Service Committee.  Don Hart noted that a request for $2,500 has been received for Tri-Cities Multi-Club dues.  Glen Marshall moved, with a second by Mark Showalter, to approve this $2,500 annual expense; the motion carried unanimously.
  1. Special Projects Committee. Brian Anderson said this committee will be focusing on maintaining Pompeii’s Lessons; Sara and Steve Schwan are organizing this effort.
  1. Youth Services Committee.  Tony Umek noted that this committee has developed a grant request application; the first application, from the Mid-Columbia reading Foundation, will be considered on August 19.
  1. Club Service Committee.  Attendees were referred to written report; no board discussion or action requested.
  1. Community Service Committee.  Attendees were referred to written report; no board discussion or action requested.
  1. Vocational and Educational Service Committee.  Attendees were referred to written report; no board discussion or action requested.
  1. Membership Committee
  1. Steve Wiley brought two resignations for board action:
    • Resignation of Randy Way: Wiley moved, with a second by Umek, to approve this resignation in good standing; motion unanimously approved.
    • Resignation of Lisa McKinney: this member has $130 in outstanding dues; Wiley moved, with a second by Marshall, to approve this resignation which would be in good standing once dues are current; motion  unanimously approved.
  1. Wiley noted that processes are underway for two member prospects: Shem Kizito and Rebecca Grohs.
  2. Jeff Groce asked the Membership and Club Service Committees to continue to collaborate to encourage re-engagement for members who are unengaged.  He noted that we need a consistent in-person attendance of 60-70 members to support on-site food service.  Discussion ensured.
  1. Club Administrative Assistant Report.  No report presented.
  1. Old Business.  Jeff Groce reviewed two items of old business: the establishment of a new 501(c)3 organization and the update to our Club’s Bylaws.  Work continues on both projects; Attorney Coke Roth is providing pro bono legal review to ensure currency with State and Federal guidelines.
  1. New Business.  Jeff Groce led discussion of the impact on operations of Governor Inslee’s recent mask mandate.  Our club will continue to follow State and Federal requirements.
Adjournment.  Groce adjourned the meeting at 9:02 a.m.