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Columbia Center Rotary Board Meeting August 20, 2020

Columbia Center Rotary Board Meeting Summary
August 20,2020
  • Board meeting called to order at 7:00 AM
  • Previous month’s meeting minutes approved
  • Financial Report Given
    • Club still in strong financial position
    • Discussion about past due accounts and policy regarding past due accounts
  • Bingo oversight provided update on Bingo operations and process moving forward, Bingo still in strong position, but will continually assess based on Covid-19 impact
  • Membership had no meeting
  • Foundation gave update on plans to raise funds this coming year
    • No Raffles
    • Pie Sale for Holiday’s
    • Use some of club’s Paul Harris points to incentivize
    • November is Foundation month
    • Plan discussed for Elf Elections and Santa visit in December
  • International Committee
    • Global Grant for Comprehensive Youth Development discussed
    • CCR will be lead club and has secured its matching funds from club members
  • Youth Services –
    • No request and most activities are on hold, committee looking for other opportunities
  • Club Services
    • Had a request to use center by private individuals.  Board decision was to follow current policy regarding use of facility.
  • Community Service – nothing significant
    • Door Dash was successful with food contributions to My Friends Place
    • Looking for projects
  • Vocational and Educational – no report, but looking for some hands on projects
  • Other Business
    • Shine a Light for 2020
    • Other Fund-Raising events
    • “No Duck Race” fund-raising event
    • CCR/Bingo not eligible for PPP (paycheck protection program) loan
    • Cares Act Benton County deadline next round 8/28, might be eligible for some $
  • Human Trafficking Committee
    • Update on use of funds for public awareness and to SARC to help victims transition back to normal life
Columbia Center Rotary Board Meeting August 20, 2020 Glen Marshall 2020-09-01 07:00:00Z 0
June 2020 Board Meeting Nancy Thurston 2020-06-25 07:00:00Z 0
May 2020 Board Meeting Nancy Thurston 2020-05-20 07:00:00Z 0
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Rotary Wisdom - Reflections on Service Volume 2

Posted by Sondra Rader on Aug 02, 2014
Why I am a Rotarian
To strengthen our belief that only with an open mind, an open heart, open eyes, and open hands we will reach the highest quality of life, we need to be accompanied by like-minded friends in an atmosphere of good humour, serenity, and spontaneous, practical day-to-day humanity.
That's what I found in Rotary.  That's why I am a Rotarian.
Robert Barth, President, Rotary International, 1993-94.
Member of the Rotary Club of Aarau, Switzerland
Rotary Wisdom - Reflections on Service Volume 2 Sondra Rader 2014-08-03 00:00:00Z 0
Tailgate Social at Showalter's Sondra Rader 2014-07-29 00:00:00Z 0

Increase in Lunch Costs

Posted by Ron Hue
We already know that there are two things we hate:  death and taxes.  There is a third dreaded item and that is any raise in prices.
If you have shopped for food in the last year, you all know that the price of food has significantly risen which impacts the price of our lunches.  Our current price is $12.00 per lunch.  What you may not know is that our club has subsidized about $1.00 for each member to keep that current price.  Unfortunately, due to diminished Rotary revenues, we will not be able to keep up this subsidy, and because of the food price increases, we will, starting in July, have to raise the price of individual lunches to $13.50.  Even with this price increase, we continue to have the lowest lunch price among the Tri Cities' Rotary Clubs.
As solicited from some members, we did send out bids to requested venues, and Castle came back with the lowest bid as well as a plan that included the most substantial meals.  We have been happy over the past several years with Castle's service, willingness to provide gluten free and vegetarian meals, and responses to complaints.  They also provide linens and set up and then clear the tables.  Therefore, the Rotary Board voted unanimously to continue with Castle Catering and to set this new price that will be in effect July 1, 2014.
I wish we could always keep prices the same, but our club's revenues and price of food won't allow us to keep the current price of lunch in the future.  I hope you all understand.
Yours in Rotary,
Ronald Hue, President
Increase in Lunch Costs Ron Hue 2014-06-23 00:00:00Z 0
Nigerian Gives $1 Million to Polio Plus Sondra Rader 2014-06-03 00:00:00Z 0
Rotary International Opening Plenary Session Sondra Rader 2014-06-03 00:00:00Z 0
Rotary's Historic Climb Sondra Rader 2014-06-03 00:00:00Z 0

Perfect Attendance

The following members have 100% attendance for the 2013-14 Rotary year.  If you feel you should be on this list, check your attendance records and contact Sondra Rader.
Renee Brooks, Jeff Daniels, Michael Dinius, Kyle Edberg, Greg Flak, Tim Fredrickson, Arlan Gadeken, Allyn Griffin, Jeff Groce, Tom Halazon, Jan Hansens, Don Hart, Janelle Harvey, Amanda Heap, Ken Hohenberg, Ron Hue, Barbara Johnson, Peter Kalunian, Bud Knore, Dan Koszczewski, Roger McDowell, Gail Middleton, Bob Quay, Mike Rader, Sondra Rader, Michael Reuter, Bill Robertson, Cindy Rosenbaum, Steve Schwan, Mark Showalter, Janine Swailes, Cathryn Tames, Lisa Teske, Mike Tuohy, Randy Way. Christy Watts and Jerome Wildgen.
Congratulations!  Perfect Attendance is something each of these members has achieved through attending CCR lunches, committee meetings, work parties, and by visiting other clubs. 
Perfect Attendance Sondra Rader 2014-05-22 00:00:00Z 0

Community Yard Sale

Posted by Cathryn Tames on May 12, 2014
Please join members of the Community Services Committee in planning the community yard sale to be held on Saturday, June 21st.  Funds raised will be donated to a Richland man who is in great need of a proper fitting prosthetic leg.  Volunteers are needed leading up to and the day of the event.  Donations of goods are also needed.  Please contact Cathryn Tames, Christy Watts or John Roach if you can help out.
Don't forget about our food drive to support the Salvation Army.  The Salvation Army packs and distributes 600 food boxes EVERY WEEK to clieints who are in need.  The food drive runs through the month of June.
A large basket of toiletries was donated to Project Warm Up for distribution to homeless and needy community members.  During your summer travels, please collect the small toiletries that are usually left behind in your hotel rooms.  We hope to have another large basket of goodies to donate in the Fall.
Cathryn Tames
Community Yard Sale Cathryn Tames 2014-05-13 00:00:00Z 0

International Night 2013 - Carnaval

Posted by Janelle Harvey
What a wonderful evening of fun, food & fellowship with our area Rotarians and our Brazilian GSE Team.  The Carnaval theme played throughout the party with décor, dancing, and even Brazilian food.  The GSE team were great sports leading the Krew lines in dance and Giovanna taught us all a little of the Flamenco.  A great shout out to our International Committee members, Jeanne McPherson, Jeanne Jelke, Bud Knore, Arlan Gadeken, Dora Holcroft, Rob Lowy, Bud Knore, Pat & Harry Garrison, Kathi Kersey, Kurshed Sharikov, Luke Hallowell, Bob Quay, Don Roberts, Fatima, Stan Johnson, Karee Devoir.  I want to thank Doug Wadsworth for his technical support throughout the event, Luke for being a great Master Of Ceremonies, our bartenders, Tom Harvey, Bob McPherson, Bud Knore, and Pat & Harry Garrison.  The raffle team of Jeanne Jelke, Dora, Kathi and Mike Tuohy.  Arlan and his crew did a wonderful job of set up and breakdown.  A special thanks to Rob Lowy's friend Julie for all her help and staying to the very end to help clean up.  Congratulations to Cindy Rosenbaum the Paul Harris winner of our costume contest and to our Columbia Center Rotary Board for allowing us to present this as a prize.  Great pick from our judges Lorraine Cooper and Harry Garrison.  A huge thank you to Chad Baker and his generous donation of 50 free car washes at the Autobahn that were given out to the first 50 Rotarians who came through the door.  Everyone who donated and prepared food, it was all delicious.  Thank you to the Garrison's for the Chilean wine for the raffle and I was glad to see happy homes for my Indian items.  The feedback I've received from one and all has been positive and I want to thank all of you for supporting this multi-club event.  You all looked beautiful in your costumes and it really added to the festivities.  If I've forgotten anyone in my thank you's please remind me.  We have the best Rotary clubs ever.
International Night 2013 - Carnaval Janelle Harvey 2013-11-21 00:00:00Z 0


Posted by Michael Dinius on Mar 24, 2013

RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Award) is an intensive, one-week leadership training program for current and potential young leaders. Individuals will receive an opportunity to develop their leadership skills under the guidance of business professionals and Rotarians. Young adults aged between 18 and 25 who hold a position of leadership or display leadership potential are encouraged to apply. All applicants must have graduated from 12th grade by the time of the event. Rotarians and their families are eligible to participate.

Click on "Club Documents/Forms" at the top of this page to download a RYLA information flyer and a RYLA application.


When: June 29th through July 6th, 2013


Where: Selkirk College Campus, Castlegar, BC Canada. Applicants must hold a valid passport!

Who: Young adults between 18 and 25 years old who hold a position of leadership or display leadership potential. Applicants must have graduated from 12th grade.

Cost: Registration fees are covered by the sponsoring Rotary club.

For Application Information, Contact: Amanda Heap (Columbia Center Rotary); 509.440.0670  

RYLA APPLICATIONS Michael Dinius 2013-03-25 00:00:00Z 0


Posted by Michael Dinius on Jan 14, 2013
The January 14, 2013 issue of Time Magazine has an article regarding the attempt to eradicate polio. It mentions Rotary's contributions and provides an informative look at the challenges to, and opportunities for, total eradication. For brevity, when you click on "More" the pages only include the original article's text -- without all of the accompanying photos.

My apologies for the scanned small text. You can change your screen settings to enlarge the text. Or, if someone has a better suggestion, let me know at and I'll add it here.
"Stomp Out Polio" During District Conference - June 9 Lisa Teske 2012-05-06 00:00:00Z 0

Rotary Board Business March 15, 2012

Posted by Holly Wilson on Mar 27, 2012

The board approved a new policy recommended by committee, to limit the number of annual disbursements to not for profit organizations whom are members of Columbia Center Rotary.  Each organization will be eligible for no more than one funding authorization approval per Rotary Year.
Please go to Club Documents to review the policy in its entirety.

 "Policy on Project Funding Approvals"

Pull Tab Sales are down again for the month and net income was $42,197.  
Bingo Oversight
Insurance quotes are being submitted for review to cover Bingo Blvd. and CCR.
Our existing coverage was canceled 
135 Total Members
Average Weekly Attendance 77.97%
Heather Filbin was approved for membership and inducted.  Her sponsor is Gail Middleton.
Special Projects
A request for $681 was approved for overage on the original Pompy's Lessons budget.
Club Service
The new AV equipment is installed, and our operators are trained in its use.
International Service
$500 was approved for Greg Luehrs to help fund his mission trip to Ethiopia
Community Service
$500 was approved for the Tri-Cities Diaper Bank whom distribute to low income families
$1000 was approved for Park Middle School for outdoor bleachers, after they raise the additional $1000 to fund the project.
$600 was approved for Crimestoppers to purchase a new laptop and software

Submitted by:
Holly Wilson

Rotary Board Business March 15, 2012 Holly Wilson 2012-03-28 00:00:00Z 0
March birthdays and anniversaries Janine Swailes 2012-03-08 00:00:00Z 0
Rotary Birthdays and Anniversaries Janine Swailes 2012-02-15 00:00:00Z 0

January Board Business

Posted by Holly Wilson on Feb 11, 2012

Membership as of December 31, 2011       
Club Service
Up to $7,500 was approved to make upgrades to the existing Audio/Visual system
Community Service
$5,000 approved for CCR Branch Boys and Girls Club Arts & Music Center 
New Business 
 Up to 5 Paul Harris Awards will be awarded from CCR Club points at the Rotary Foundation Birthday Luncheon Feb.23
The club will pay up to $4,000 for CCR member's lunches who attend the event
The monies will come from the meals budget
Old Business
An Accident and Health Insurance Policy has been completed
The policy will provide secondary medical insurance for club sanctioned events
Annual premium is $ 1,000
December Net Profit    $ 44,406
While down slightly from last year, Jim continues to manage costs.  
Bingo Boulevard was the number one in net income in the state of Washington

January Board Business Holly Wilson 2012-02-12 00:00:00Z 0

International Committee Paves the Way for World Impact – Part 4

Posted by Lisa Teske on Feb 08, 2012

International service is one of RI’s Five Avenue’s of Service, and CCR’s International Committee is at it again demonstrating our Club’s mission to drive forward with projects that are making a difference all over the globe. So far this year, the Committee has proposed four direct grants (funded by CCR) and six foundation matching grants (pooling funds from other RI clubs)—all which have been approved by the board.

International Committee Paves the Way for World Impact – Part 4 Lisa Teske 2012-02-09 00:00:00Z 0


Posted by Michael Dinius on Feb 07, 2012
Through the efforts of the committee:
  • Over 60 volunteers helped with the "Homeless Day Count" in late January. This effort counts the number of homeless people in the Tri Cities and local areas so that resources can be planned, including government funding, to assist them. Basic clothing and other items were purchased to incentivize and thank the homeless who participated in a brief survey.
  • 100 baskets of "goodies" were donated to senior citizens in the community. Many thanks to Rotary members who donated items to brighten our senior citizens' days.
  • About 370 coats were distributed to local schools for lower-income children in the "Coats for Kids" annual program. These kids are warmer and in nicer clothes thanks to Columbia Center Rotary. 
For more information, click on Community Service items under "Club Information" and "Photo Albums" on this home page.
COMMUNITY SERVICE COMMITTEE - UPDATE Michael Dinius 2012-02-08 00:00:00Z 0

December Board Business Action Items

Posted by Holly Wilson on Dec 17, 2011
 Net Income for the month of November: $16,975.25
Bingo Operations (pull tab sales ) were down  but we are still tracking closely with our yearly budget.
Bingo Oversight
The monthly Meeting has moved to the second Thursday at 11:30am in the conference room.
Keree Devoir was accepted as a new member.  Her sponsor is Kathy Kersey.
Average Attendance:  77.86% for the month 
Special Projects
A reallocation of funds ($2,000) was approved to  cover installation costs of new doors at the Lakeview Project.
These funds are out of last years budget.
International Service 
An additional $500 was approved for additional drugs to be purchased
for the mission to Belize 
 $1600 was approved to provide 4 more Kennewick elementary schools with Ernie Chapin's program.  His message has been a resounding success in the schools he has visited this year.
Old Business 
The board  discussed the need to uphold our earlier board decision to not allow any meetings or activities outside Columbia Center Rotary  to take place in the Event Center.
New Business 
Sondra Rader will be working with Bob Quay and Bruce Schwan to present a quote on computer upgrades for the rotary office at our next board meeting
December Board Business Action Items Holly Wilson 2011-12-18 00:00:00Z 0

International Committee Paves the Way for World Impact – Part 2

Posted by Lisa Teske on Nov 12, 2011

International service is one of RI’s Five Avenue’s of Service, and CCR’s International Committee is at it again demonstrating our Club’s mission to drive forward with projects that are making a difference all over the globe. So far this year, the Committee has proposed four direct grants (funded by CCR) and six foundation matching grants (pooling funds from other RI clubs)—all which have been approved by the board.

So that our membership can better understand the impact CCR makes in the world, we will share more details about these important commitments we’ve made on behalf of our membership. It sincerely is our privilege to represent CCR in determining the best way to distribute our Club’s funds, participating locally while impacting globally.

Direct grants have been approved for the following projects:

·         Cataracts Surgery Mission (Ethiopia) - $2,500 went to Dr. Guzek’s next mission trip scheduled for Jan/Feb 2012. Over the past three trips, one of his colleagues has paid for the scrub nurse to make the trip; unfortunately that colleague has become quite ill and cannot contribute for this mission. The services of a scrub nurse are essential to the mission’s success. With CCR’s support, the volunteer nurse’s transportation and lodging costs are covered.

·         Rotaplast Mission (Philippines) – $500 went toward Lisa Teske’s travel costs for the upcoming mission during which she will represent CCR and District 5080. The mission’s goal is to serve more than 100 children with corrective surgery for cleft palate over the course of ten days. These critical surgeries make an enormous difference in the lives of these children, providing them better health and opportunities to carry-on productive lives unhindered by facial deformity.

Next month, we will report on our Club’s foundation matching grants.

International Committee Paves the Way for World Impact – Part 2 Lisa Teske 2011-11-13 00:00:00Z 0

Board Business October 13, 2011

Posted by Holly Wilson on Oct 12, 2011
Bingo operations reported net income of $27,047 for the month of September.  This compares with income last year of  $15,090.  Revenue is tracking well and operations are running smoothly.  Jim Savelli is predicting capital expenditures on roof repair this winter.
The board accepted the resignation of Jan Stewart Thomas
Community Service
The board approved $1,000 to fund baskets for the needy.
$250 was approved for items for the homeless.The counties will be  doing a homeless count January 26, and needed hats,scarves, gloves hand out.
We will also have an opportunity to donate items at our event center, and may turn this into a hands on muti-club volunteer effort in helping with the counts...more info to come.
New Generations
The youth exchange retreat will be in the Tri-Cities  Nov. 4-5-6. CCR, Sunrise Rotary,Richland Rotary and Rotaract are planning and setting up this fun weekend for the students.
Board Meeting Change 
Our monthly board meetings have been moved to the third Thursday of each month.  This is to accommodate our financial reporting.  The treasurer's committee, and our Treasurer, will have the necessary time to review the statements prior to presentation to the board.   
This report reflects board actions items only.
(And a few items of interest!)
All committees are hard at work
with their ongoing programs!
I take my crown off to all!
Madame President 
Board Business October 13, 2011 Holly Wilson 2011-10-13 00:00:00Z 0
October birthdays and anniversaries Janine Swailes 2011-10-04 00:00:00Z 0

Lakeview Community Center gets new windows thanks to Perfection Glass and Milgard Windows

Posted by Bruce Schwan on Sep 26, 2011

Last year the Tepic Mexico women's Rotary Club and Columbia Center Rotary began a reverse international project to provide help for the students and parents at the Lakeview Mobile Home Park in Pasco.  Much progress has been made since the project was approved by Rotary International and new music, reading and other programs to be conducted at the Lakeview Community Center.  Fortunately, over the last several years the Center had been improved by many volunteer orgainzations including local churches who have remodeled the interior, reroofed and installed new restroom fixtures.  However, the Community Center still needed new windows and doors.  Robert Rojas works at Perfection Glass and is also a member of the Day Break Rotary Club.  When contacted Robert contacted Milgard Windows and using one of Milgard's community programs Robert was able to have new windows donated.  In addition, Robert talked to the owner of Perfection Glass who agreed to install the new windows at now cost.  The photo below shows the current condition of the Community Center windows and doors.  If you get a opportunity to thank anyone from Perfection Glass please let them know how much Columbia Center Rotary appreciates their donation.
The Special Projects Committee is continuing to work on door replacement with several local companies with the goal of having new doors and windows in place before cold weather returns to the Mid Columbia.  

Lakeview Community Center gets new windows thanks to Perfection Glass and Milgard Windows Bruce Schwan 2011-09-27 00:00:00Z 0

International Committee Paves the Way for World Impact

Posted by Lisa Teske on Sep 25, 2011

International service is one of RI’s Five Avenue’s of Service, and CCR’s International Committee is at it again demonstrating our Club’s mission to drive forward with projects that are making a difference the world over. This year, the Committee has proposed four direct grants (funded by CCR) and six foundation matching grants (pooling funds from other RI clubs)—all have been approved by the board.

So that our membership can better understand CCR’s impact on the world, we will share more details about these important commitments we’ve made. It sincerely is our privilege to represent CCR in determining the best way to distribute our Club’s funds, participating locally while impacting globally.

Direct grants have been approved for the following projects:Image

·         Pullman Rotaract Project (Uganda) – $500 was allocated for construction of a house for an orphaned children group called HUG (Help for Children in Uganda). The project was a joint effort between the Rotaract Clubs of Pullman and Reunion Island (France). The project faced numerous obstacles and eventually stalled completely. CCR stepped up to provide the remaining funds to complete construction.

·         Medical Construction Mission (Belize) -- $1,500 was directed to support another one of Peter Kalunian’s missions in January 2012. In the past, CCR has been a significant support of these missions, donating a portable dental unit along with medicines, equipment, and supplies. The next mission team will continue construction work on the school/church in Pamona.

Next month, we will report on more direct grant projects.

International Committee Paves the Way for World Impact Lisa Teske 2011-09-26 00:00:00Z 0

Lisa Teske heads to Philippines for Rotaplast mission

Posted by Sondra Rader on Sep 20, 2011

First-year Rotarian, Lisa Teske, is about to embark on the Rotaplast mission she was selected for earlier this year.  The mission is sponsored by Rotary International's District 5080 and will take a team of 26 people (including six non-medical volunteers) to Cebu City in the Philippines to correct cleft palates on more than 100 children.  The mission will last for 10 days, during which time Lisa will serve as the mission's Medical Records Manager and support communications for the effort.  Initially, she was to document the mission and take care of photography, however, the mission director decided to tap into her organizational skills.

"I'm told that the role I was assigned is one of the more demanding non-medical jobs for the mission requiring a high-degree of organization, speed, and accuracy to keep things flowing.  I'll admit that I've got mad organizational skills...almost OCD-level.  So this is probably a good way to keep me busy.  If I mess up, things don't go well and people can get hurt.  Nothing like a little pressure!  Despite this new information, I'm just happy and honored to be able to serve.  I hope to represent our Club and the District well, as well as to improve myself through service in a challenging environment."

Lisa leaves for Cebu City on October 10.  As she works she plans to document the mission via a blog (  She plans to take a few days of vacation following the mission to "recuperate and collect" herself before plunging back into a busy fall schedule at PNNL.  "Thank you CCR for your support of me and this mission.  It was an unexpected surprise to receive some of the international committee's funds to help with my personal expenses to participate in the mission.  I have a feeling that money will see it's way back to the Club - Paul Harris - here I come!!"

Lisa Teske heads to Philippines for Rotaplast mission Sondra Rader 2011-09-21 00:00:00Z 0

Club Runner Contest - AND WE HAVE A WINNER !!

Posted by Sondra Rader on Sep 07, 2011

Renee Dahlgren won a $25.00 gift certificate to PF Chang's in Kennewick.  Congratulations Renee!  Image

The contest question was:  When did Past District Governor Sandy wade speak at our club's weekly lunch meeting?  Renee found the right answer by going to the Event Calendar from the Home Page.  All meetings, lunch time speakers, socials, conferences, work parties are reflected on the calendar.  

The answer was Thursday, November 12, 2010 .  Then, DG Sandy visited CCR for our annual District Governor's club visitation.

Contest runner-ups were Traci Sunday and Christy Watts.  They had the right answer but Renee submitted the correct answer first.  There will be future contests and everyone is encouraged to participate.  The object of the contest is for our members to learn more about our web site and the resources & information that is available on it. 



Club Runner Contest - AND WE HAVE A WINNER !! Sondra Rader 2011-09-08 00:00:00Z 0

Mid-Columbia Duck Race 2011

Posted by Renee Dahlgren on Sep 07, 2011


This year CCR's Duck Race funds will benefit the Children's Reading Foundation.  The funds will be used to ensure that children's books are available in environments where children wait with adults, such as medical offices, clinics, coffee shops, restaurants and public assistance offices.  The Community Reading Basket initiative, with the support from CCR, will place 200 literacy baskets in community places.  The baskets will be custom printed with the CCR and Children's Reading Foundation logos, as well as the message, "Read with a Child...The Most Important 20 Minutes of Your Day."


  • All ticket stubs MUST have an address on it or it will be returned to you (even if all 25 are sold to the same person). Don't cover up the ticket numbers!  Name/address must be legible (can use back of stubs).
  • Contact Renee Dahlgren at or (509) 531-9633 for more tickets or to turn in tickets/money.  Turn in books of tickets as you sell them - don't wait until the last minute.  If you'll be buying the tickets yourself, please do so as soon as possible so we can turn them in.  And, please let Renee know if you won't be able to sell all of your tickets.

  • The top overall ticket seller will receive $150 towards their Paul Harris Fellow!
  • For every book of tickets you sell, you get one entry into our prize drawing.  The grand prize will be 6 bottles of wine from the private cellars of our members and a Cheese Louise gift certificate to host your own celebration.
  • There will be a SPECIAL PRIZE DRAWING on September 15th.  Everyone that has turned in at least one book of sold tickets by Noon on September 15th (before our meeting starts) will be entered into the drawing for a $50 restaurant gift card, which will be drawn at the end of the meeting.  This is an incentive to get everyone to turn in their sold tickets as soon as possible.  Please contact Renee Dahlgren to make arrangements to turn in tickets outside of the weekly Thursday lunch meetings.

Mid-Columbia Duck Race 2011 Renee Dahlgren 2011-09-08 00:00:00Z 0

Community Service Committee UPDATE

Posted by Michael Dinius on Sep 07, 2011

Coats for Kids Program.

With the increased budget for 2011-2012, the total went from $11,000 to $15,000.

- This will raise the total number of coats from last year's 300 to approximately 400 this year.

- We have JC Penney working now to fill our request which includes:

- An increase in Pre-school coats.

- An increase in larger sizes including for the first time small adult sizes for the larger 5th & 6th grade girls.

- Some "Hoodies" for the older students.

- Adding the Head Start Preschool program to our distribution with 20 pre-school coats this year.

Our target is to have the coats ready for distribution October 1.

Apple Gleaning at Holly's is scheduled for Saturday, November 12th

Community Service Committee UPDATE Michael Dinius 2011-09-08 00:00:00Z 0

And we have a WINNER!

Posted by Sondra Rader on Aug 25, 2011

Thanks to everyone that worked hard to come up with the correct answer on the recent Club Runner contest.

The winner was Dawn Adams!  Since there was no winner for the "first" contest, Dawn won a $50.00 gift certificate to Anthony's.   

The question was to find the phrase host families, written in "bold, red italics".  Many members found the words but Dawn was the first to find it printed correctly.

The answer was found in the "Committee Information" pages, Cris Gamache's summary of her New Generations Committee.  The object of the contest is to help members learn to navigate through the web site and become aware of all the information available. There will be another contest soon, work on getting the right answer & you will receive a great contest prize.

And we have a WINNER! Sondra Rader 2011-08-26 00:00:00Z 0

Update on Katrin Heyes

Posted by Sondra Rader on Aug 24, 2011

Email message received from Kathy Willis:

We have received a few notes from Katrin and she continues to express her gratitude for the magical year which ROTARY provided for her.  She starts back to school on September 8th and is already in a study program of four hours per day to be sure she is up to speed, expecially in math and biology.  She was interviewed by the local newspaper about her ROTARY exchange experience, and they commented on her American accent when she speaks German.  She went to Croatia with her parents for a reunion vacation and they all had a relaxing time.  She did mention that there have been a "few discussions", and we had to chuckle because most parents with teenagers have had a "few discussions."

Warm Regards, Kathy

Update on Katrin Heyes Sondra Rader 2011-08-25 00:00:00Z 0

Community Service Committee News

Posted by Cathryn Tames on Aug 21, 2011

Children's Reading Foundation of the Med-Columbia will receive proceeds from the duck race.  Monies will be used for community outreach to encourage literacy.  200 literacy baskets will be located through-out the community in places where children typically are; Medical offices, restaurants, Public Assistance offices, etc.  Each basket will be durable and will be custom printed with the CCR and CRF logos with a message - Read with a child ..... The most important 20 minutes of your day.  Each basket will be filled with books for various age levels.  Additionally, 2,500 custom brochures will be designed and printed incorporating messages from Rotary encouraging parents and caregivers to read with their child.  In order to raise awareness on the availability of these reading baskets, television commercials will be created to let parents and business owners know of the CCR investment in creating a literacy-rich community.

$2,350  to the "Please Don't Quit" foundation to support supplies, scholarships and advertising.  The mission of PDQ is to fund groups that help people at risk, primarily women, become self-sufficient and productive members of society.  This new workshop is for Spanish speaking individuals.

$1,640 to "Washington Operation Thank You" for postage and supplies for care boxes mailed to military personnel.  This reflects the cost of approximately 82 care boxes.

Additionally, The "Coats for Kids" program received an additional $4,000 this year.  Steve Woods is working with JC Penney and local school districts.  JCP has indicated they can get us better prices for the coats this year.  We are considering "hoodies" for some of the larger children and if money allows, getting smaller coats to distribute to preschool programs that serve low-income children and families.

 Cindy Rosenbaum will once again chair the apple gleaning at Holly's place.  Maryann Showalter will chair our baskets for the needy that are distributed to senior citizens near the Christmas holiday.

Community Service Committee News Cathryn Tames 2011-08-22 00:00:00Z 0

International Service Opportunity

Posted by Lisa Teske on Aug 11, 2011

As mentioned at the August 4 meeting by Peter Kalunian, we have the Belize mission coming up in January. This is a great opportunty to see another part of the world, lend a hand, and truly change lives. Volunteers are needed for a variety of tasks. If you or someone you know are called to service or are curious, read the attached flyer and contact Peter.



International Service Opportunity Lisa Teske 2011-08-12 00:00:00Z 0

Member Birthdays and Rotary Anniversaries

Posted by Janine Swailes on Aug 09, 2011

Happy Birthday to Columbia Center Rotarians with August birthdays:  Jeanne Jelke (5th), Eric Coughanour (4th), Gail Middleton (5th), Steve Schwan (6th), Rich Bresnahan (11th), Jeanne McPherson (15th), Richard Szymanski and Rene' Vasquez (16th), Mitch Dixon (18th), Randy Way (21st), Davin Diaz (26th), Al Mouncer and Jeff Peterson (27th), Lori Mattson (28th).

And Congratulations to those celebrating Rotary anniversaries in August: Davin Diaz, Debi Lynch and Michael Reuter (3 yrs); Mary Ann Showalter (4 yrs); Traci Sunday (7 yrs); Steve Wood (9 yrs), Jeff Daniels (23 yrs) and Jeff Presby (24 yrs).  Way to go!!! 

Member Birthdays and Rotary Anniversaries Janine Swailes 2011-08-10 00:00:00Z 0

July birthdays and Rotary anniversaries

Posted by Janine Swailes on Jul 24, 2011

 Happy Birthday to these Columba Center Rotarian's with July birthdays:  Bob Burden - 9th; Steve Wood - 14th; Ed Allen- 18th; Derrel Ebert - 24th; Ron Hue - 26th; Candice Bluechel - 28th; Dawn Adams and Greg Falk - 31st..

 And these Rotarians are celebrating their anniversary of joining Columbia Center Rotary:  Khurshed Sharifov - 1 year; James Katzaroff and Steve Palm - 2 years; Lori Mattson and Cris Gamache - 3 years; Jeff Peterson - 5 years; Mike Young and Glenn Marshall - 6 years; Ken Hohenberg - 15 years; Jake Roth and Sondra Wilson - 24 years.  Congratulations!!!                       

July birthdays and Rotary anniversaries Janine Swailes 2011-07-25 00:00:00Z 0

Goodbye Kat!!

Posted on Jul 19, 2011

 A few Rotarian's and a few school friend's met at the TC Airport early Tuesday, July 19, 2011 to say goodbye to Katrin Heyes, our Youth Exchange Student.

 Kat was a wonderful Exchange student, making the most of her year in the United States.  She made many life-long friends and takes back with her wonderful memories of new friends, host families, her Rotary club and the many cities, states, and countries she was able to visit.

She is back now with her family in Willich, Germany.  Her flight was scheduled to arrive last night at midnight PST. 

She died her hair for her trip home & to surprise her family!  Teenagers?! 

Goodbye Kat!! 2011-07-20 00:00:00Z 0

Family BBQ & Ice Cream Social

Posted by Sondra Rader on Jul 14, 2011

Family BBQ & Ice Cream Social

Saturday, September 17, 2011

4:00 - 8:00 PM

Holly & Bill Wilson's Home 

Club will provide hamburgers/hot dogs, all the condiments and beverages.  Ice cream sundae bar with lots of toppings.

Sign up sheets will be passed around at lunch meetings for members to sign up to bring salads, veggies, munchies and cookies.

ImageBring your swimming suits and beach towels.  Pool, hot tub and trampoline.

Pool and lawn games with prizes for the winners. 

Sign up on the club web site NOW!!! 

Family BBQ & Ice Cream Social Sondra Rader 2011-07-15 00:00:00Z 0

Board Meeting July 14, 2011

Posted by Holly Wilson on Jul 13, 2011

The Following Recap Reports Board Actions.

 More detailed information about each committee's activities will be in the updates posted on club runner beginning August 1.. 

Treasury:   2010-2011 final budget was approved

                               2011-2012 budget was presented and approved.  

Community Service:  Board approved unanimous recommendation from committee to donate $25 to Polio Plus each week in our speakers name   

Membership:     Resignations Approved: Deanna Sholin, Pam McCullough,Carol Krueger, Gary Brons, Katie Thornhill

New Members Approved and (Sponsors):  

Allyn Griffin    (Patti Jansen Key) 

Luke Hallowell (Bob Quay)

Arlan Gadeken (Don Hart)

   Jan Stewart (Lynn Bresnahan)                      

Board Meeting July 14, 2011 Holly Wilson 2011-07-14 00:00:00Z 0

Installation Banquet

Posted on Jun 27, 2011

Last Thursday, June 23, 2011 the accomplishments of this year's Board of Directors and committees were recognized. 

"Outstanding Committee Member" recognitions were awarded to the following Rotarian's for their participantion and major contributions:

Club Service - Traci Sunday

Community Service - Michael Dinius

International Service - Jeanne McPherson

Special Projects - Michael Atchison

Vocational-Education - Steve Palm

Congratulations to each of these club members. 

Once again our various committees have raised the "standards" of achievement!!!

The 2011-2012 Board of Directors were introduced and sworn into office:

Holly Wilson - President

Tim Fredrickson - President Elect

Ron Hue - Treasurer

Janine Swailes - Secretary

Club Service - Gail Middleton

Community Service - Cathryn Tames

International Service - Bob Quay

New Generations - Cris Gamache

Special Projects - Bruce Schwan

Vocational-Education - Randy Way

Past President - Don Hart 


Installation Banquet 2011-06-28 00:00:00Z 0

Members with 100% Attendance

Posted on Jun 02, 2011

As of June 3, 2011 the following members have maintained 100% Attendace for the Rotary 2010-11 year.  If you feel you should be included on this list please go to our club web site, review your attendance and report any makeups that have not been credited to Sondra Rader.  The installation banquet where members are recognized for Perfect Attendance is June 23, 2011.  Attendance corrections need to be made ASAP or you will not be included.

Glenn Bestebreur, Candice Bluechel, Lynn Bresnahan, Rich Bresnahan, Tom Cothran, Tracy Diaz, Mitch Dixon, Jim Ellison, Greg Falk, Tim Fredrickson, Tom Halazon, Jan Hnsens, Don Hart, Casey Hart, Janelle Harvey, John Herrig, Ken Hohenberg, Dora Holcroft, Ron Hue, Jeanne Jelke, Barbara Johnson, Kathy Kersey, Bud Knore, Dan Koszczewski, Carol Krueger, Les Litzenberger, Jeanne McPherson, Gail Middleton, Linda Moran, Jack Olsen, Steve Palm, Bob Quay, Mike Rader, Sondra Rader, Cindy Rosenbaum, Connie Schneider, Bruce Schwan, Mark Showalter, Janine Swailes, Cathryn Tames, Lisa Teske, Michael Tuohy, Christy Watts, Randy Way, and Lucinda Welch. 

Congratulations to all these members!  Thirty-five percent of our membership has PERFECT ATTENDANCE!! 

Members with 100% Attendance 2011-06-03 00:00:00Z 0

What a Great Convention!!

Posted by Sondra Rader on May 26, 2011

The convention is over and most of us have returned home.  A few members have extended their vacations by making stops at other states on their way home.

I had grand plans to keep each of you informed of our convention activities daily.  However, while at the convention we upgraded our Club Runner web site and the changes were not completed properly which kept me from being able to post bulletins.  I will try to send out a bulletin later today or this weekend with all the final convention news.

Take a moment to go to our club's web site and familiarize yourself with the additional information that is available and how to navigate to find all the club information.  I will be adding photos and making more modifications in the near future.  One addition that you will enjoy.  In the top right of the home page you will find Rotary International articles & information.  In the past you needed to go to the RI site,, to find this information - not any more!

The seventeen members that attended all look forward to the opportunity to share with each of you all the project ideas, information and fellowship that we enjoyed during our convention experience.  

Another new feature!  Enjoy the video below!!! 


What a Great Convention!! Sondra Rader 2011-05-27 00:00:00Z 0

Sharon Halazon Update

Posted by Thomas Halazon on May 01, 2011

Sunday, May 1, 2011:

Sharon went to the Doctor on Wednesday (4/27) and got the confirmed good news about the CT Scan.  The Doctor also said that her blood counts were good however marginal, good enough to take the 5th round of chemo.  Sharon was also told that most of the patients with this type of chemo can't and don't make it this far without  a lot more complications.  She has been able to handle the pain and is putting up with the nausea.  The Doctor put her on a new patch and some oral steroids to help the nausea as Sharon was reacting to the week long patch.

Cheryl (Sharon's sister) arrived a few minutes after we go home from the Thursday chemo.  Sharon went right to bed, around 4pm.  At 5:30pm I heard her move in the bedroom so I went in to check on her.  She asked me if Cheryl was up and I said yes.  So she asked, "did Cheryl stay up all night?"  I asked her what she was talking about it was still early Thursday night.  She was in a chemo fog and didn't understand what was going on.  Friday she spent 8 hours getting the worst of her chemo.  We got home around 5pm and it's been down hill from there.  We know the chemo is building up in her little body, so antcipate two very difficult weeks.  The round before this one started, only gave her about 2 days of feeling human.  We are very positive that Sharon will be able to take round 6 and plan to celebrate that on the last day May 26th. 

We have begun to plan some trips beginning with the Rotary District Conference June 9-12 in Spokane.  We will take our 5th wheel and Sharon will more than likely just stay there.  I'm the Master of Ceremony for this event so Sharon will be my behind the scene support.  Then the end of July we are leaving for a week in our 5th wheel for the family reunion on the Oregon coast.  Following that in August we plan to attend Rotary Past District Gov reunion, 6 couples of us, in Wenatchee WA.  And then to Hawaii in October to celebrate our delayed 25th Wedding Anniversary.  We had planned to go in January but.....Our very dear friend Mary Weed one of Sharon's high school classmates will be joining us.  This was all planned last October and now we really have something to CELEBRATE.

Cheryl just left to go back home.  She works really hard all week and then harded when she gets here.  What a blessing she is.  I know we will miss not seeing her every 3 weeks after this is all over.  Thanks again for all your support, your cards and prayers that is what really keeps Sharon going.



Sharon Halazon Update Thomas Halazon 2011-05-02 00:00:00Z 0

Update on Sharon

Posted by Thomas Halazon on Apr 26, 2011

Hi and a great day to you!

Well after very difficult weeks Sharon is starting to feel good again.  She will have this week off.  The good news is the CT scan showed NO cancer so although the chemo is difficult it is working.  This has been a double good day as I had my 9-year cancer follow-up and I am cancer free as well.  God is good, all the time God is good.  Sharon will have to take two more rounds of three chemo sessions but I feel it will be mentally easier for her knowing it is working. 

Tom Halazon

Update on Sharon Thomas Halazon 2011-04-26 11:59:15Z 0

Keep Nelson in your prayers!

Posted by Sondra Rader on Oct 10, 2010
Send Nelson your thoughts & well wishes to 6177 W. Lattin Road, West Richland, WA 99353

Nelson is undergoing very intense chemotherapy treatments for a reoccurrence of cancer. He is going through a very bad time & not feeling well, he needs our ongoing support & thoughts.
Keep Nelson in your prayers! Sondra Rader 2010-10-11 00:00:00Z 0

Charity Board Elections

Election will be held Thursday, March 27, 2014

Four (4) Board Openings for 2014-15 Rotary Year

Running for Election

Allen Brecke

Bud Knore

Tim Fredrickson

Sondra Rader

Christy Watts

Charity Board Elections 0

This is not an April Fools Day Story! It's a warm, fuzzy story!!

Posted by Sondra Rader

Several weeks ago our guest speaker was Mr. Forest Fielder, an Investment Advisor for USB Financial Services. 

At the end of his program he promised to donate $500.00 to Polio Plus.  Today I received Mr. Fielder's contribution, a very nice thank you note, and a form to complete for a $500 match from his company USB.

A very generous and terrific gift!  It made my day, how about yours?




This is not an April Fools Day Story! It's a warm, fuzzy story!! Sondra Rader 0

Charity Board Election Results

Posted by Michael Rader

The results of the Charity Board elections held March 27, 2014 are:

Allen Brecke - Three year term

Bud Knore - Three year term

Tim Fredrickson - Three year term

Christy Watts - One year term

Charity Board Election Results Michael Rader 0

Addie & Cade Jones

Posted by Sondra Rader

ImageBabies are doing great!  Mommy & Daddy are proud!

Addie & Cade Jones Sondra Rader 0

Charity Board Tours Hanford Reach Project

Posted by Don Hart

On November 14, 2013 several members from the CCR Charity Board toured the Hanford Reach Interpretative Center project.  The tour of the Hanford Reach Interpretative Center was held because of the total commitment of $300,000 made by the Rotary Charity to the Center.  The purpose of the visit was to become more familiar with the overall center and to monitor progress on the solar system sub-project which is part of the Center. 

The tour was conducted by Reach Executive Director Lisa Toomey and John Koberg who is the overall construction project manager.

Much of the initial floor work and some wall work had been completed.  It was possible to understand each of the viewing areas, where the windows would be for a view of Columbia Park and River and what the possibilities were for the areas below grade and future expansion.  The location for the sun on the solar system sub-project was identified.  The solar system will be located adjacent to the outer area where an amphitheater will be located which can be used for a variety of events.  The setting is great for viewing productions, listening to concerts and a variety of other performances. 




For additional photos please go to "Photo Album".

Charity Board Tours Hanford Reach Project Don Hart 0

Message from Community Service Chair Cathryn Tames

Posted by Cathryn Tames

1.  Don't forget to bring your spare change to drop into the jar to help support the MARCH FOR RESPECT.  Donations will be given to the Arc to help offset the cost of the event.  March is Disability Awareness Month.  We are looking for volunteers to serve hot dogs during the event on Saturday, March 22nd and to pick up supplies on Friday, March 21st. The event is held at John Dam Plaza in Richland.

2.  You are invited to join committee members for tours of 4 organizations we have supported over the years.  The organizations being toured are the Children's Developmental Center, B/F Head Start, The Arc and The Chaplaincy.  Tours are scheduled for Thursday, March 20th starting at 1:30 pm.  We will be done by 3:30.  Please let me know if you are interested in joining us.

3.  The Salvation Army has an on-going need for volunteers.  Each Tuesday and Thursday morning from 9:00 - 11:00 am, their staff and volunteers put together hundreds of food boxes that are donated to their clients.  If you are interested in helping them out please contact Julio Vasquez directly.


Message from Community Service Chair Cathryn Tames Cathryn Tames 0
2013-14 Elves Sondra Rader 0

2013 Bikes for Tikes

Posted by Janelle Harvey

 Rotarians and students from the Jubilee Youth Academy had a wonderful time last Friday morning building bikes for tikes at the Fairgrounds put on by local 598. Big thanks go out to Lucinda Welch and Allyn Griffin for coordinating this fun event. Fellow Rotarians President Ron Hue, Karee Devoir, Dave Reeploeg, Janelle Harvey (husband Tom and friends Adele and Bob), Roy Keck from Richland Rotary and the students had their systems fined tuned and added to the more than 1,000 bikes built that day. We finished in record time and celebrated with lunch at Hubbys afterward


2013 Bikes for Tikes Janelle Harvey 0

Elf Election Results - Week #1

Results from Week One

Cori Jones          1100

Lisa Teske          1020

Allyn Griffin        1055

Luke Hallowell      885

Stephen Palm       250

Amanda Heap      150

Harry Garrison     110

Glenn Marshall      55

Cindy Rosenbaum 50

Jeff Groce            50

Adele Connors      50

Joel Rogo             25

Debi Lynch            5


Elf Election Results - Week #1 0

Election Results 2013

Congratulations to the new Officers & Directors for the

2014-15 Rotary Year


President                    Janine Swailes

President Elect                    Bob Quay

Treasurer                    Peter Kalunian

 Secretary                    Roger McDowell

Past President                    Ron Hue



Greg Falk

Joel Rogo

Khurshed Sharikov

Lisa Teske

Mike Tuohy


I would like to express my great appreciation and congratulate those members who were nominated and ran for election.

This years selection was very difficult because of the quality of the candidates that were running for the board openings.

I hope all those that ran for the board will in the future run again and continue to serve the club in other ways.

Thank You,

Ron Hue, President 2013-14


Election Results 2013 0

Candidate for Board Director: Greg Falk


I first joined Rotary in 1979 as the youngest member of my Rotary Club in Lakeland, Florida.  I moved for my job many times and joined Rotary in each of my new communities.  I served as Chaplin, program chair and various committee chairs in my former communities.  I became a member of Columbia Center Rotary in 2004, and became active on the Community Services Committee.  Our committee became very large and Mark Showalter split it into two subcommittees.  I chaired one of those.  I helped with Coats for Kids program for several years and in 2012 was able to secure an excellent price on coats and increased the coats we gave out by about 200%.  In 2012 I was honored to be named "Outstanding Committee Member of the Year" by the Community Service Committee.  I helped with reviewing scholarship applications for the Vocational/Education Committee for several years, joining the committee in 2007.

I have enjoyed participating in various Rotary activities such as apple gleaning and helping with Park Middle School family night where Rotary gave out books and dictionaries.  I am a Paul Harris Fellow and attended my first Rotary meeting while in high school when my father received his Paul Harris Fellow.  I achieved my first perfect attendance at Columbia Center Rotary and now have 6 years of perfect attendance.

I moved to the Tri-Cities in 2004 to become President of Boys & Girls Clubs of Benton & Franklin Counties.  I presided over our growth from 4 sites to 12 sites serving 800 kids a day and I am now retired.  I am married with two children and three brilliant grandchildren.

I have enjoyed my time in Rotary, especially Columbia Center Rotary.  I believe this Club is the best one I have had the privilege belonging to and would be honored to serve as a member of the Board of Directors.

Candidate for Board Director: Greg Falk 0

Candidate for Board Director: Khurshed Sharikov



One question that often comes up when I am speaking to someone for the first time is that "how did you choose to move to Tri-Cities all the way from Tajikistan?"  One initial response to that question is that I was on my way to California and I ran out of gas in the Tri-Cities.  I stopped to fill up and never left.

The real story is that I was an exchange student in Richland for the 1994-1995 school year and I attended Hanford High School as a Senior.  The program I came on was funded by Freedom Support Act (FSA) passed by the US Congress.  This was right after the Soviet Union collapsed and all the 15 Republics became independent.  This is how I knew of the Tri-Cities and when I came back in 2000 to go to Columbia Basin College, I met my wife Irina and my life took a turn.

I have worked for a non-profit in Tajikistan called Mercy Corps International.  The project I was involved in was to provide food and medications to disabled people in Tajikistan.  This experience had a tremendous impact on me and to this day I still remember the faces of some of those I helped.  I knew that in the future I wanted to stay involved with an organization that changed other people's lives by improving their quality of life and reducing their pain and suffering.

I didn't know anything about Rotary International until Scott Lynch asked me to join him for lunch one day.  He invited me a few more times and asked if I wanted to join.  I agreed to join because I saw that Rotary International was that organization.  I joined Columbia Center Rotary in 2010 and first was asked to serve on the Sergeant of Arms committee.  I gladly accepted the offer because this was a great way to get to know everyone quickly.  For the last two years, I have been serving on the International Service Committee which is where lies my greatest interest.  I hope to bring some projects from my home country in the future and develop a relationship between the Rotary Club of Tajikistan and Columbia Center Rotary.

I have served on the Tri-City Regional Chamber of Commerce for six years, after Richland and Kennewick Chambers merged.  My last two years there, I served as a Treasurer of the Chamber and also on the Executive Committee.

If elected, it would be my honor to serve my fellow Rotarians and continue on this path of making the world a better place to live one day and one life at a time.

Candidate for Board Director: Khurshed Sharikov 0

Candidate for Board Director: Mike Tuohy


I became a member of Rotary in 1980 and have been a member of 3 different clubs in Reno NV, Moses Lake WA and Kennewick WA.  During that time I have served in many positions at the club and district level.

In Columbia Center Rotary I have been Secretary, Treasurer, President, Chair of International Service, member of the CCRC Charity Board, a member of three District Conference Committees and Assistant District Governor.  I was a Group Study Exchange Team Leader to Central American in 2000.  I have made Rotary related trips to Russia, Panama, Belize, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Canada & Mexico and have attended 5 Rotary International Conferences as well as many District Conferences.  I am a Paul Harris Fellow, Benefactor and a member of the Paul Harris Society.

I have lived in Kennewick for 20 years, am retired from careers in Hospital Administration and Pharmacy, married to Pat and have 2 sons and 4 grandkids who I a very proud of.

I am pleased to be a member of the Board and Chair of the International Service Committee again.  I hope to continue serving in both positions for the coming Rotary year.

Candidate for Board Director: Mike Tuohy 0

Candidate for Board Director: Joel Rogo


Thinking back, I am surprised by two things.  I have owned the Tri-Cities Academy of Ballet and Music for 26 years, and I have been a proud Rotarian for 13.  In both, I have found the joy and satisfaction of giving.  In my business life, Debra and I have touched the lives of thousands of young people many who still stay in touch with us, and many who now bring their children to our studio.  Through Mid-Columbia Ballet and the out reach programs that we have created, more than 60,000 school children have seen the "Nutcracker" which for many will be the only ballet they will ever see.  Our "Peter and the Wolf" and "Ugly Duckling" which is presented in the area elementary schools has also been seen by more than 70,000 school children.

With Rotary, I can share the same joy and satisfaction for giving with a group of like minded people.  Service Above Self.  What could be simple?  It has been my pleasure to serve this club on the Special Projects Committee and in Club Services on the Speakers Committee and Rotary Moment.

I would like to thank the Nominating Committee for thinking of me for the Board of Directors.  It is an honor to serve this club.

Candidate for Board Director: Joel Rogo 0

Candidate for Board Director: Lisa Teske



When I joined Columbia Center Rotary in spring of 2011, my promise to serve was both immediate and true.  I love Rotary and often cite my membership as one of the best things I've ever done.  My Rotary involvement is personal, not professional or job related.  I was recently asked why I do not talk about work much at Rotary; the answer is simple.  I'm proud of my employer and the work I do; like most, I get paid for it.  But, Rotary is about my service to my club, my community, my world.  It's my gift and my time to focus on service.

In just a couple of years, I've found a home in CCR with particular focus on International and Club Service.  In my first year, I served as a Judge, volunteered on the first of two life-changing Rotaplast medical missions overseas, and participated actively on the International Committee.  Since I've taken a second mission; I am also serving a second year providing Rotary moments as part of Club Service.

Last fall, it was suggested to me that I consider running for the board; although very interested, due to intense professional commitments, I did not pursue it.  People who know me understand that when I give my word, I am committed and cannot/will not do a halfway job.  I'm all in or I will not sign up.

As a potential member of the CCR board, I offer personal strengths of organization, communication, and dependability.  If elected, my service would be above self.  It would be my honor to serve my fellow Rotarians in a new capacity and continue to grow in service.

Candidate for Board Director: Lisa Teske 0

Candidate for Board Secretary: Roger McDowell



I am married to Marlene, I have three children and three grandchildren.  I am an Agent and Registered Representative with ew York Life and NY LIFE Securities.  I have been with NY Life for 18 years focusing on Retirement, Business and Estate planning.

When people ask me how long I've been in Rotary, it isn't a simple answer.  I first joined Columbia Center Rotary in late 1986, when it was a new small club.  My broadcasting career had me moved to Spokane in 1989, and I left the club, only to return again in 1991.  I changed careers in 1995 and dropped my membership at that time.  In 2000, I joined the club again.  So there you have it, I've been a Rotarian for some time.

I have enjoyed participating with the Special Projects committee, seeing the many accomplishments that have been managed by a variety of committee members.  Helping the Sergeant at Arms the past year and a half has allowed me to meet everyone in the club, and learn your names.  Before that, I can honestly say that I probably only knew 60% of the members names.  I am currently enrolled in the Rotary Leadership Institute, and have found that to be a very enlightening and motivating course.  Being a Director on the Board the past year and a half has also been a great experience.  As we see our revenues on the decline from the Bingo operation, I look forward to being a part of the solution to improve our financial position, and to find new ways to facilitate fund raising within our Club.

Running for the office of Secretary represents a large time commitment over an extended timeline.  Knowing that going in, I want to continue to serve Columbia Center Rotary, and welcome your support.


Candidate for Board Secretary: Roger McDowell 0


The Mid-Columbia Duck Race was Saturday, October 5, 2013 and not only did our club sales more tickets this year than last............we had club members that were WINNERS!


Glen Marshall - $700.00 Day of Beauty (get out the fine money Glenn!) @ D'Lor Salon & Spa

Dora Holcroft - $500.00 Customer Graphics & Lettering for Home or Business @ Signs Now

Luke Hallowell - $300.00 2014 Preferred Player Card @ Columbia Point Golf Course

Steve Palm - $300.00 $25.00 Gift Certificate Per month for One Year @ Country Gentlemen









Saturday, November 9, 2013

9:00 am - 1:00 pm

Holly & Bill Wilson's Orchard

1276 N. Bermuda Road, Richland

Lunch will be served following the gleaning

Spouses & children invited.

Sign up early as the number of pickers is limited to the first 40.


Elliott Lynn Rader

Posted by Sondra Rader

Mike & Sondra Rader became proud grandparents on Monday, September 2, 2013 - Labor Day!!!

Elliott Lynn Rader was born to their son, Sean, and his wife Abby.


Elliott weighed 6 lbs. 1 oz. and was 20 inches long.

Editors Note:  If you want to see more pictures I would be happy to show you more.  Sondra

Elliott Lynn Rader Sondra Rader 0

Weekly Lunches

At last month's Board of Directors meeting it was voted on and approved that all club members will be billed quarterly for meals at the weekly club meetings.  The cost of the weekly lunch will remain $12.00 per person and the charges will be reflected on the next quarterly invoice October 1, 2013.

Last week a letter was mailed out to all club members explaining the reason for the policy change.  Gail Middleton and Sondra Rader are working with the caterers to insure that healthy meals will be served weekly that will meet various dietary issues. 


Weekly Lunches 0
Rotary Leadership Institute Grads - Do you recognize any of them? 0

Awards Program Corrections

Posted by Sondra Rader

My apologies to the following members for reporting errors on the Awards Banquet program.  Thank you "members" for bringing these items to my attention.


Gail Middleton - PHF+8 ( I totally left her off...............sorry Gail)

Matthew Petersen - PHF (his father, Jeff Petersen, presented him with a PHF before Matt was a Rotarian)

Allyn Griffin - Perfect Attendance - 2 years (1 year was reported)

Kyle Edberg - Perfect Attendance - 1 year


Again my apologies!  Foundation and attendance are so very important to the success of our club............................we/I do not want to fail giving anyone credit for their generosity or hard work.




Awards Program Corrections Sondra Rader 0

Wonderful Message!

Allyn Griffin posted this on Columbia Center Rotary's Facebook page.  I thought it was worth sharing on our club's web site.

I realize the world won't stop when I die...that is precisely why I want to positively impact it while I'm living--and that's the reason why I look forward to Columbia Center Rotary on Thursdays!!  Sincerely Making a Difference!

Thank you Allyn!!

Wonderful Message! 0

Banner Exchange

Our "member" on the scene, Peter Kalunian, is enjoying his experience at the Rotary International Convention in Lisbon, Portugal.

He sent us this picture of him exchanging banners with a fellow Rotarian.




As a side note, we haven't heard anything or received any pictures from President Elect Ron Hue.  He must REALLY be having a great time!


Banner Exchange 0

June 20, 2013 - Dave Beebe - VA Centers & PTSD

Posted by Carol Moser

Dave was born and raised in Eastern Washington.  He graduated from Walla Walla High School and attended Whitman College.  He went on to obtain his Masters in Social Work at the University of Missouri. Dave's first exposure to the VA was through his father who was receiving care at the Walla Walla Hospital in 1970.

Dave began his career with the Walla Walla VA Medical Center in June of 1982 as the Coordinator of the Addiction Treatment Program as well as a Mental Health Social Worker and Dual Diagnoses Case Manager through 1997.  In 1998 he became the Administrative Officer for Mental Health where he managed the Addiction Treatment Programs at all three sites and managed the Health Care for Homeless Veterans Program.

In 2007, Dave became the Operation Enduring Freedom/Operation Iraqi Freedom Program Manager and was responsible for the smooth transition of care for all Global War on Terrorism service members in a 42,000 square mile area.  He also served as the case manager for several of the severely injured veterans.

Dave was selected as the Team Leader for the Vet Center in October of 2011.

June 20, 2013 - Dave Beebe - VA Centers & PTSD Carol Moser 0

Meet & Greet: Pakistan District 3272 Rotary GFE Team

Pasco-Kennewick Rotary is hosting a meet-and-greet reception for the subject group on Monday evening June 10, 2013 at 6:00 PM at the new Tire Factory, 2761 Duportail Street, Richland.  Food and beverages will be provided.

After much anticipation, 3 Rotary couples will arrive Sunday, June 9, from our district 5080 Annual Conference held this year in Colville.  They will proceed on to Pullman Rotary on Wednesday June 12.

Please recall that DG Michelle Lee led a team from our district into Pakistan in February.  This is our opportunity to return the hospitality.

If you have not indicated but would like to attend, please RSVP to Gary and Kris Troyer as below:

Gary and Kris Troyer

Pasco-Kennewick Rotary Club


h 509-946-3425

c 509-551-5189

c 509-205-4324

Meet & Greet: Pakistan District 3272 Rotary GFE Team 0

Greg Holben Memorial

Posted by Sondra Rader

On Tuesday, June 25,, the Richland Rotary Club will hold its weekly meeting outdoors at the north end of Howard Amon Park.  The meeting will be immediately followed at 1 PM by the dedication nearby of the "Greg Holben memorial park swing and plaque" to honor the memory of a Rotarian who worked hard for Rotary in the Tri-Cities.

Tim Lewis, President

Rotary Club of Richland


Greg Holben Memorial Sondra Rader 0

Guest Speaker: May 30, 2013

Posted by Carol Moser

Trooper Oscar Garcia has been with the Washington State Patrol for over 15 years.  He works out of the Kennewick Office and his specialties are a Collision Reconstructions, Drug Recognition Expert (instructor) coordinator, Motor Officer and providing presentation to the community in English and Spanish.

Guest Speaker: May 30, 2013 Carol Moser 0

Guest Speaker May 23, 2013

Posted by Carol Moser

Kerry Swanson, Northwest Public Radio's station manager, has been making radio his career for the past 30 years.  His experience includes management, programming, fundraising, new media, building community connections, and planning new broadcast facilities.

His early career includes working in commercial radio at KXLE in Ellensburg, and at KNBQ in Tacoma.  Kerry's public radio experience started at KPLU in Seattle/Tacoma.  During more than 20 years at KPLU, he held several positions including: On-Air Jazz Host, Operations Manager, Development Director, COO and G.M.  His accomplishments include leading some early development and vision of online and new-media applications for public broadcasting, developing new broadcast facilities, establishing new stations and launching the online all jazz music stream ""

Next, Kerry went to Atlanta where he was Director and Manager of the NPR & Classical radio station WABE-FM.  After enjoying southern living, he and his family decided to come back "home" to the Pacific Northwest and to Northwest Public Radio.  As Station Manager, he directs and manages the 18 station and 13 translator NPR News and Classical music networks serving audiences in Washington, Oregon, Idaho and British Columbia.

Kerry is married.  He and his wife Lisa have two teenage boys that keep them busy.

Guest Speaker May 23, 2013 Carol Moser 0

Tri-Cities Rotary International Night

Posted by Janelle Harvey


You are invited to the Tri-Cities Multi-Club Rotary International Night.  You can register for this event on the club web site.  You can also book an additional adult guest. 

The Group Study Exchange Team from Brazil will be our honored guests and present a short program.  There will be food, raffle prizes and information from each of the countries where the Tri-City clubs have active projects.

The first fifty Rotarians through the door will each receive a free car wash from Autobahn Auto Care Center on Clearwater in Kennewick.

The evening promises to be fund, informative and full of surprises.  Since our honored guests are from Brazil, famous for its Carnival, masks and costumes are optional but encouraged.  There will be adult beverages, including pisco sours from Chile, tequila shots from Mexico as well as a good selection of wine, beer, and soft drinks for purchase.


Thursday, June 13, 2013

6:00 - 8:30 PM

Columbia Center Rotary Event Center

Tri-Cities Rotary International Night Janelle Harvey 0

Awards Banquet

Thursday, July 18, 2013

6:00 - 10:00 PM

Columbia Center Rotary Event Center


An evening planned for celebrating another successful Rotary year, awards and recognitions

for the members that make Columbia Center Rotary so successful. 

Social hour with passed appetizers, beverages and a wonderful catered dinner hosted by the club.

Members are encouraged to bring one guest.  Must be twenty-years of age.

Sign up on the club web site by Wednesday, July 10, 2013.

Awards Banquet 0

Tri-Citian of the Year ALLEN BRECKE


Columbia Center Rotary congratulates this year's Tri-Citian of the Year, Allen Brecke.

Allen joined CCR in 1985 and was President of our club in 1989-1990.  He is currently the Vice President of the Columbia Center Rotary Charity and has served on that board since its inception in 2001. Allen recently engineered a pledge from the Charity Board to the Hanford Reach Interpretive Center for $300,000.  The monies will be used for the amphitheater which is currently under construction.

Some of Allen's other communities contributions include:

Hanford Reach Interpretive Center - Co-Chair of the Capital Campaign Steering Committee and assisted in recent decisions to change the design of the project in order to get it built.  He has pledged $50,000 of his own funds to the Interpretive Center.

United Way of Benton-Franklin Counties - Allen was on the Board of Directors from 1998 to 2003 and has been a member of the Alexis de Tocqueville Society since then.  He chaired the recruiting committee of the de Tocqueville Society for three years & has hosted or co-hosted many of their events.  He is also a current volunteer of the United Way Planned Giving/Endowment Committee.

Kennewick Public Hospital District & Foundation - Allen served on the KGH Board of Commissioners for seven years & has made donations to the KGH Foundation Gala Devine.  In 2012, Allen worked through the Washington Governor's and Senator Mike Hewitt's office kept the construction of the new Kennewick General Hospital at Southridge on schedule & prevented a costly slow down.

Domestic Violence Services of Benton-Franklin Counties - Allen donated his office staff & equipment to help set up this worthwhile organization & donated his white BMW convertible to be raffled off for seed money to get the organization started.

Tri-Citian of the Year ALLEN BRECKE 0

Thank You Mary Ann

Posted by Sondra Rader

What a wonderful evening for a club social at Bookwalter winery. Wonderful food, great wines, music, perfect Tri-City weather and of course, lots of socializing with club members and their guests. 

A big thank you to Mary Ann Showalter for all the hard work she put into planning the evening. Attendance was awesome and those that weren't able to attend missed a great club event. 

Our incoming District Governor, Bob Carroll, and his wife were even there. What a treat!  

Thank You Mary Ann Sondra Rader 0

May 16th Program - "What Educating Means To Me"

Posted by Carol Moser

Columbia Center Rotary Scholarship Program


It is all about the students.  There were a total of 36 scholarship applications this year and we will recognize each of the winners.

The students were graded on the following categories:  Personal Achievement, Academic Accomplishments, Financial Need, Leadership, Community Activities, Teacher Evaluation, and Resume.

Many shared great stories of personal achievement through personal difficulty, leadership in their schools and community, and what their education means to them.

Each student will share a few words about themselves and their plans for the future.  Here is a list of the winners' educational and career plans:  Construction Engineering, Culinary Arts, Marketing and Graphic Design, Directing/Acting, Pediatric Neurosurgeon, Health Science, Biochemistry Engineering, Math Teacher, Auto Tech/Car Design, Diesel Mechanic, History/Music and Nursing.

May 16th Program - "What Educating Means To Me" Carol Moser 0

Guest Speakers: May 9, 2013

Posted by Carol Moser

Jackie Stam is our newest Superior Court Commissioner having been appointed to the bench in November 2011.  She is responsible for family law hearings, juvenile criminal court matters, truancy hearings and guardianship reviews.  Prior to joining the bench, she was a law partner in the firm of Cowan, Moore, Stam, Luke & Petersen, focusing her practice on family law, adoptions, probate, guardianship and mediations.  She was a Guardian Ad Litem for over 12 years.  She graduated from Gonzaga Law School and started practicing law in Richland.  She has a business degree from Northern Arizona University and she grew up in Chicago (Go Cubs! which she can still say with pride because its only April/May!)

Jeff Sperline currently practices in his firm, Sperline Raekes Law Offices, focusing on personal injury, employment law, and commercial litigation. Since his Graduation from Gonzaga School of Law in 1994, Jeff has argued successfully for his clients at all levels of the Washington State courts, including the Washington State Supreme Court, and in 19 of Washington's counties, regarding personal injury claims, contract and business disputes, employment issues, construction claims and divorce.  Jeff has been named a "Rising Star" lawyer by Washington Law and Politics magazine, and is honored to have been elected by his peers as President of the Benton Franklin Counties Bar Association for 2012-2013.

Guest Speakers: May 9, 2013 Carol Moser 0

Charity Board Candidate: Mike Rader


I have been a member of Columbia Center Rotary since 1988.  Since that time I have had the opportunity to serve on the club's Board of Directors for seven years.  I have served as Secretary, Treasurer, and as President in 1998-1999.  I have chaired the Vocational Service committee and the Special Projects committee.  I have also served on the Community Service and International Service committees.

For the last 8 years I have chaired the Nominating Committee for club elections.  I currently serve on the Membership Committee, the Treasurer's Committee and the Bingo Oversight Committee.

I have had the pleasure of serving on the Organizing Committee for 3 District 5080 Conferences.  I have also attended 4 Rotary International Conferences.

I truly believe in the work of the Rotary Foundation.  To support the Foundation I am a Major Donor, a Benefactor and a member of the Paul Harris Society.

I have been on the Charity Board since its inception and currently serve as President.  During that time I was involved in helping complete our first major project in cooperation with WSU Tri-Cities.  The Columbia Center Rotary Stage is a great addition to campus activities and an asset for the community at large.  I would welcome the opportunity to continue to serve on the Charity Board and help the Charity continue to explore opportunities to serve our community.

Mike Rader

Charity Board Candidate: Mike Rader 0

Charity Board Candidate: Janelle Harvey

ImageColumbia Center Rotary member since 2001.  Past President: 2009-2010.  Currently on the Columbia Center Rotary Charity Board, member of the International, Voc/Ed, Fellowship committees.

It has been an honor to have served on the Charity Board and I understand the responsibility of the position.  I would like to continue as a board member to review and search out future projects for our community.  Being retired I have the time needed to be an active and effective member of the Charity Board.

Janelle Harvey


Charity Board Candidate: Janelle Harvey 0

Guest Speaker February 28, 2013


Breaking the Code: 

A Father's Secret, a Daughter's Journey,

and the

Question That Changed Everything

On his 81st birthday, without explanation, Karen Fisher-Alaniz's father placed two weathered notebooks on her lap.  Inside were more than 400 pages of letters he'd written to his parents during WWII.  She began reading them, and the more she read, the more she discovered about the man she never knew.

They began to meet for lunch every week, for her to ask him questions, and him to provide the answers.  It was through this process that she discovered the secret role he played in WWII.  Karen's father was part of a small and elite group of men who were trained to copy and break top-secret Japanese code transmitted to Katakana.

"I could hardly believe what I was hearing.  Such a simple question had led my father to share this new revelation.  I dared not ask a question, for fear that I'd break the spell and never know what secrets he harbored...

In radio school, months earlier, when the former FBI agent taught my father Katakana "just for fun," plans had been set in motion.

As they sat in class that day, my father learned that unlike him, each of the other men, five in all, had been sent to code-breaking school.  they were told that from now on everything they were told during these special sessions was top secret.  They were not to reveal it to their tent mates or anyone else.  They would be watched at all times to ensure they hadn't revealed anything.  Their mail would be censored.  They were not to talk about it in letters home, to family or friends.  Even a hint would be reason for court martial."

Through this journey, with painful memories now at the forefront of his thoughts, Karen's father began to suffer, making their meetings as much about healing as discovery.  Thus began an unintended journey --- one taken by a father and daughter who thought they knew each other --- as they became newly bound in ways that transcended age and time.

Karen Fisher-Alaniz is an author and writer living in Walla Walla, WA.  This is her first book.

Guest Speaker February 28, 2013 0

Charity Board Candidate: Mike Tuohy


I have been a Rotarian since 1980 when I joined the Reno, NV Rotary Club.  Upon moving to Kennewick in 1992, I joined Columbia Center.  It has been my pleasure to have served on the Club Board for 8 years including as Secretary, Treasurer and President; to have served as the club's representative on the Mid Columbia Duck Race Board until the end of 2012; to have served on the Multi Club International Committee since it's inception as part of the Vladivostok, Russia project including a term as Chairman and I also served a previous 3 year term as a member of the Columbia Center Charity Board (2009-2012).

In June 2013 I will finish 2 years as the D5080 Assistant District Governor for the Tri Cities and Walla Walla.  I will then serve as the Stewardship Committee Chairperson for D5080.  In addition I was a team leader for a Group Study Exchange from D5080 to Central America in 2000 and have been an active member of the Club's International Service Committee since that experience.

My background includes careers in Pharmacy and Hospital Administration.  These have given me opportunities to serve on numerous boards including several Foundations (Charities).

I would be very interested in serving another term on the Charity Board.

Mike Tuohy

Charity Board Candidate: Mike Tuohy 0


Congratulations to the following members for maintaining 100% Attendance!

Glenn Bestebreur, Jeff Daniels, Karee Devoir, Michael Dinius, Mitch Dixon, Kyle Edberg, Greg Falk, Tim Fredrickson, Don Hart, Janelle Harvey, Amanda Heap, John Herrig, Ken Hohenberg, Ron Hue, Jeanne Jelke, Barbara Johnson, Cori Jones, Peter Kalunian, Bud Knore, Dan Koszczewski, Roger McDowell, Gail Middleton, Bob Quay, Mike Rader, Sondra Rader, Michael Reuter, Cindy Rosenbaum, Mark Showalter, Janine Swailes, Cathryn Tames, Lisa Teske, Mike Tuohy, Amy Ward and Randy Way.

If you do not see your name on this list but think that you have 100% attendance please talk to Sondra Rader.

Twenty-six percent of the club has 100% attendance!  However, ten percent of the club is at or below the minimum attendance requirement of 50%. Remember, committee meetings count as attendance makeups and there are five other Rotary clubs in the Tri-Cities to visit which also qualifies as a makeup.  Make sure you report your makeups at the Sgt. at Arms table.  Two weeks before - two weeks after a missed meeting!




Rotary Dues

The District is raising membership dues effective July 1, 2013.  This is to inform all of our members that you will notice a slight increase in your quarterly billing starting the first quarter of the new Rotary year, July 1, 2013.

Club dues will be increased from $60.00 per quarter to $65.00 per quarter.  Meals and other miscellaneous charges will not change.

If you do not pay your invoices personally please notify your company of this change to avoid delays in payment. Although paid by your employer your dues and meal payments are your personal responsibility.

Rotary Dues 0

April 4 Guest Speaker: William Woodward

Historian William Woodward, a professor at Seattle Pacific University, centers his professional contributions on ways to understand and interpret the fundamental character of a culture.  He has focused on both the American experience in general and the particular character of the Pacific Northwest region.

In research, writing, and public presentations he explores such varied aspects of the American experience as military affairs, the pioneer west, Christianity and baseball.  At Seattle Pacific since 1974, he teaches courses in U.S. history and the history of the Pacific Northwest.

Active professionally in both academic and non‑academic circles, he received the Pacific Northwest Historians Guild’s Lifetime Achievement Award in January 2000 for his contributions to both academic and public history. 

A retired Lieutenant Colonel in the Washington Army National Guard, he has served as their official historian.  His prize-winning account of a National Guard regiment that fought in the Philippines in 1899, titled “Prelude to a Pacific Century,” appeared in the December 1999 issue of Columbia, the magazine of the Washington State Historical Society.

Seattle Pacific has twice designated him its Winifred Weter Award Lecturer (the only two-time honoree); his 2005 lecture was titled “The People of Promise and the People of Hope: A Response to the American Dream.”   In 1990 SPU recognized his contributions over the years by naming him its first recipient of the Sears Roebuck award for teaching excellence and campus leadership.  In 1996, students named him Professor of the Year.  He is SPU's faculty representative to the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA).

Among his other scholarly contributions are co-authored chapters analyzing regional urban development in The Pacific Northwest: Geographical Perspectives, and tracing SPU’s distinctive story for a book on Christian higher education.  His essay “America as a Culture” won the 1988 Carl Bode Award for best article in the Journal of American Culture.  He has also written for other regional history periodicals.

He consults on regional and military history, and specifically how historic sites and museums can interpret America’s heritage.  His clients have included upper Yakima Valley and Highline school districts, the Smithsonian Institution, the National Park Service, Washington State History Museum, and Seattle’s Museum of History and Industry.  He has held officer positions in the Pacific Northwest Historians Guild, chaired the subject area of “War and Peace” for the American Culture Association, and served as social science editor for Christian Scholar's Review.

A native of southern New Jersey, Woodward earned his undergraduate degree with honors from Wheaton College (IL), where he managed the campus FM radio station.  He completed his master’s and doctorate in American diplomatic history at Georgetown University, where he earned a Phi Beta Kappa pin.

In addition to regular presentations at academic conferences, Woodward frequent­ly addresses church and civic groups.  He has served as a statewide scholar­-lecturer for the Speakers’ Bureau of Humanities Washington.  Extensive travel and research throughout the United States have enhanced his skills as scholar, speaker, consultant, study-tour guide and classroom teacher.

Woodward keeps active running in road races and playing basketball with students.  He gives high priority to his wife, Tina, a retired physical therapist and certified personal trainer; together they serve in leadership at their church and enjoy music and outdoor recreation.  If you press them, they will speak fondly of their family: Will, an Air Force officer married to Kari; Nate, a junior college instructor, musician and audio specialist who with his wife (and fellow instructor) Sarah has three children; and Phil, also a musician and doctoral student in philosophy.


April 4 Guest Speaker: William Woodward 0

March 28 Guest Speaker: Mike Durst

Posted by Sondra Rader

Mr Durst is the Director of the Bechtel National Planetarium and Robert & Elisabeth Moore Observatory at Columbia Basin College.  He was formerly Nuclear Engineering Manager for Bechtel National in Frederick, Maryland and a senior program manager for Battelle's Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in Richland, Washington.  From 2000 to 2004 he was the first Project Manager for the New Safe Confinement Project at Chomobyl - the project to house the destroyed nuclear reactor in Ukraine.  He is a Nobel Peace Prize co-recipient, having shared this honor in 2005 while working for the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in Vienna, Austria.

From 1974 to 1984, Mr. Durst was one of only a handful of individuals in the DOE complex who performed critical mass experiments and was certified as a senior experimenter at Battelle's Critical Mass Laboratory.  Today, he has possibly the most hands-on nuclear reactor critical experiment experience of anyone still active in the DOE complex.  He has three US and one international patent, all related to the design of new, futuristic nuclear power facilities.  He is the author of more than sixty published national and international articles on every aspect of nuclear energy.

March 28 Guest Speaker: Mike Durst Sondra Rader 0
Charity "Board of Directors" 0

Charity Board Election Results

Thank you to all the Past President's that ran for election to the Columbia Center Rotary Charity Board of Directors.

The following members will serve a three-year term beginning July 1, 2013 and ending June 30, 2016.


Don Hart

Janelle Harvey

Mike Rader


Charity Board Election Results 0

Charity Board Candidate: Don Hart

ImageI volunteered to be nominated because I believe that the Columbia Center Rotary Charity will play a great part in our ability to deliver projects in our community, both locally and internationally.  This, of course, needs to start with a plan and related goals and then for the plan to be worked.  The Charity as an independent 501.c3 operates as a group outside the club, yet maintaining accountability to the Club membership.  I would like to serve the membership by being part of that future plan, execute and build the Charity.

I have been a member of the club initially in 1998 and then after a work related break continuously since 1999.  For me it has been a life changing experience.  I have been the International Committee chair growing this portion both in the number and scope of projects but also in the Annual Foundation fund raising.  I believe in what The Rotary Foundation can do for clubs and look to the future as we implement the Future Vision Projects of the club.  I have been the Club President in 2010-2011 and experience great challenges and growth in personal leadership.  I have continued to be active in a variety of actions including being a youth exchange counselor for the past two years, serving as the Chairman, International Multi-Club Committee for the six Tri-Cities Clubs and chairing a dynamic group of Rotarian's in chairing the By Laws Committee, a special committee of the board.  I currently serve the 5080 District on the Foundation Committee as the Paul Harris Coordinator and co-chair with Tom Halazon for the Annual Fund.

Outside of the club I was a senior manager of a variety of Hanford facilities and service organizations for over 30 years at Hanford.  I also was the National Chairman of the National Management Association and the NMA Educational Foundation.  I have a number of local board activities and interests impacting the Tri-Cities in many different ways including Sports, Tourism and Health Services.

While I am keenly interested in the Charity Board it is obvious from the list of candidates that we have many good candidates to serve.  I urge you to think closely about those you want to serve you and vote for those you believe are best.  You can't go wrong by choosing any of us but you need to vote.

Don Hart

Charity Board Candidate



Charity Board Candidate: Don Hart 0

Charity Board Candidate: Christy Watts

ImageChristy & Brad Watts with foreign exchange students Nicholas & Rodrigo Miramontes from Tepic MX

My name is Christy Watts.  I am the Marketing and Customer Service Manager at the Ben Franklin Transit and have been with the agency since 2002.

I have been a member of Columbia Center Rotary since 1997.  I was the fourth female club president and served in that position for the 2004-2005 Rotary year.  The Club's signature project during my presidency was the Boys and Girls Club Art and Music Center in downtown Kennewick.

One of my passions is public art.  I was the Special Projects, project manager for the Sacagawea sculpture on Columbia Park Trail, the Bodie sculpture on the Parkade in Richland, and the Veteran's Memorial Monument on the WSU/Tri-Cities campus.

I have served on the Columbia Center Rotary Charity Board in past years and helped coordinate the completion of the Columbia Center Rotary Charity Stage on the WSU/Tri-Cities Campus and handled the marketing and Public Relations related to its unveiling.

I participated in the recent future planning facilitation for the Charity Board a year ago and would welcome the opportunity to once again be involved with its Vision and Mission in a more direct way.

I can proudly say that I am a Paul Harris Fellow Major Donor, a member of the Paul Harris Society and a Rotary International Benefactor.  I believe Rotary can change for the better, not only communities, but the world by promoting peace, fellowship and lending a loving hand wherever needed.

Christy Watts


Charity Board Candidate: Christy Watts 0

Charity Board Candidate: Sondra Wilson

ImageI'm in Auckland attending the wedding of the Rotary student we sponsored but here goes.  I've spent most of my adult life as a Rotarian joining the minute they admitted women in 1988 and was the second woman Rotarian in the Tri-Cities.  I was the first woman President for Rotary as well.  In my year we bought the land for Bingo Boulevard and began the planning of this immense project.  I implemented Coats for Kids!  A project I am very proud of and very viable today.  I was also instrumental in Columbia Center's Hospice House project.  I chaired the hosting of a District Conference for our club, hosted a Rotary Exchange Student and hosted many Rotary Christmas parties. I served for many years on various committees for the Duck Race and was on the initial prize committee.  I was a Elf along with my husband George.  I was on the board that started the club foundation and watching it grow and prosper has been great.  I want to continue to be involved in our club and its great foundation work.

Sondra Wilson


Charity Board Candidate: Sondra Wilson 0

Baby Picture

Edie Schwan with her new baby brother, Peter James!Image

Baby Picture 0

Something New!

Posted by Sondra Rader

Due to the timing of the Rotary International Convention in Lisbon Portugal, incoming President Ron Hue will be out of the country the last couple of weeks of June 2013 when we normally hold the club's Installation Banquet.

The incoming Board of Directors will be installed during a Thursday lunch meeting on June 6, 2013.  What in past year's was called the "Installation Banquet" will be held on Thursday, July 18, 2013 from 6:00-10:00 PM.  Because officers & directors have already been installed we are calling this the "Awards Banquet" wherein members will be recognized for their outstanding service to the club, awards presented and an outstanding Rotary year celebrated.


The club will once again host the entire event, catered dinner and beverages.  Each member is asked to bring one guest.  The banquet will be held in the Columbia Center Rotary Event Center and promises to be a wonderful evening.  The Fellowship Committee is already working on decorations, food & fun!  Sign up on the club web site you won't want to miss the celebration.


Something New! Sondra Rader 0

Charity Board Candidate - Holly Wilson

ImageI served as President for our club in 2011-2012.  I have been an active member for eleven years and have maintained perfect attendance.

I have really enjoyed serving on the Community Service Committee, and chairing that committee.  Five years on the Board of Directors

has given me great exposure to and knowledge about our club.

Our apple gleaning project has been a good fit with our business, and has allowed us to provide food for hungry families,

while enjoying fellowship.

I have always believed in, and supported the purpose of the Charity Board.  Building for our Club's future and/or

the possibility of continuing large scale projects for our community is something is something I would like to be part of.

I will continue to spend three winter months in Arizona, but feel I can still be a viable and contributing member of this board.

Thanks for your consideration, Holly "Queen of Everything"

Charity Board Candidate - Holly Wilson 0

Marilyn: Forever Blonde!

Posted by Sondra Rader


GESA Power House Theatre

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Cost:  $69.00/per person - to be paid in advance!

Bus departs 5:15 pm from Bookwalter Winery, dinner & wine tasting at a Walla Walla winery.

Chartered bus transportation to and from.

Sign up on the club web site before Thursday, February 31, 2013.


Marilyn: Forever Blonde! Sondra Rader 0

Future Rotary International Convention Locations

Posted by Sondra Rader

I often get asked if I know where next year's or the following year's RI Convention is to be held. 

I did some research and here are the locations through 2017.  We can all start planning our trips..............

2013 June 23-26              Lisbon Portugal

2014 June 1-4                 Sydney Australia

2015 June 5-8                 Sao Paulo Brazil

2016 May 29-June 1        Seoul Korea

2017 June 10-14             Atlanta Georgia



Future Rotary International Convention Locations Sondra Rader 0

Holiday Wishes












































































































Holiday Wishes 0

New Granddaughter for Bruce

Posted by Sondra Rader

Bruce and Joan Schwan have a new granddaughter, Tessa Wiener.

Tessa was born at 3:00 am Monday morning.  Bruce and Joan had just arrived in Sioux Falls, SD the afternoon before - just in time to be a part of this wonderful occasion. Image

New Granddaughter for Bruce Sondra Rader 0

Letter from Rochelle Holm - Former Rotary Exchange Scholar

Holm in Africa (Mzuzu, Malawi)

The last year for us has been a whirlwind of packed bags, packed house(s) and lots of travel and yet the first night we spent together at our new home in Mzuzu this month we felt at home.  We are even leaving our shoes out at the front door at our new house in Mzuzu and not feeling bad.  We are also thankful that our house in West Richland is under contract, and is set to close after the New Year.

Rochelle's work continuing at Mzuzu University started as soon as she arrived in November.  She had been monitoring some of the work while still in the states this summer and fall, but now is spending her time split between management of projects, developing research programs, and technical field work on water and sanitation projects to improve the livelihoods of all Malawians.  Her office is based at Mzuzu University, but frequent travel has been, and will be, required in her position.  She has conducted a one-week research project on emptying pit latrines with a pressure washer and sludge pump, written a funding proposal to the Gates Foundation, and met with many large international donors in her short time.  She has also been asked by the Rotary Foundation to participate on a trip to Tanzania in January 2013 to help assess the feasibility of a large water supply and sanitation project.  Her job requires a mix of running shoes, field boots and fancy shoes, all while in a skirt, often in the same day!

Letter from Rochelle Holm - Former Rotary Exchange Scholar 0

Elections: Charity Board of Directors

Posted by Sondra Rader

Elections for the 2013-14

CCR Charity Board of Directors

will be held on Thursday, February 28, 2013.

Past Presidents that are running for board positions are:

Don Hart

Janelle Harvey

Mike Rader

Mike Tuohy

Christy Watts

Holly Wilson

Sondra Wilson

Elections: Charity Board of Directors Sondra Rader 0

Thank You Letter

Posted by Peter Kalunian

Dear Rotary Club of Columbia Center #22471:

This fall we received $1,000 for our Baggie Book program at Edison Elementary School to purchase some new books and we would like to thank you for your generous gift!  We were able to purchase many books to replace old ones that have been worn from many years of use.  The children take these books home with them and read with their families, and then return them for a different one the next night.  Thank you so much for helping our young readers get a great start in this way!

With Much Gratitude,

Sue Phillips, Edison Elementary Reading Specialist




Thank You Letter Peter Kalunian 0


Bring your check book and cash!  Elf elections begin this Thursday.

         Be prepared to nominate and vote on your favorite Elf.           




Posted by Mary Ann Showalter

The Baskets for the Elderly project has been extended one week -- please have any donations placed in the boxes in the back of the Event Center no later than the December 13th meeting.  We are still in need of the following items.

Thank you so very much for your support!


Mittens - Hats - Socks - Slippers - Flannel Sweat Shirts &/or Swetpants

Blankets - Postage Stamps - Assorted Greeting Cards - Phone Cards

Kleenex - Shampoo - Conditioner - Toothpaste - Flashlights with Batteries

First Aid Kits - Band Aids - Pill Boxes - Hand Lotion - Dish Soap

Bar Soap - "Grip" Writing Pens - Pencils - Pads of Paper - Calendars

Paper Towels - Laundry Detergent - Coffee/Tea/Hot Chocolate/Water

Ensure - Peanut Butter - Jam/Jelly - Sugar Free Hard Candies - Low-Sodium Crackers

Potatoes - Onions/Oranges/Apples - Pet Food & Treats for Dogs & Cats

Gift Certificates or Vouchers to various elder services such as

Dial-A-Ride, Winco, Wal-Mart, etc.

Come meet Dr. Jim Guzek 0

Board of Directors Candidate - DERREL EBERT

Posted by Derrel Ebert


First I would like to thank the nominating committee for considering me as one who is capable of serving our Rotary club as a board member.  I originally joined Rotary with the Columbia Center club in 2005 and left in 2006 to move back to California where I continued by service above self in the Victorville Rotary club.  In 2010, we were given the opportunity to move back to the Tri-City area and the first call I made was to Don Hart to ask him to sponsor me in re-joining this great club.  Since returning to the Columbia Center Rotary club in 2010 I have served on the Special Projects Committee as well as a judge for the 2011-2012 Rotary year.

After graduating high school in 1996 at the age of 16, I began working at a community bank while I was going to college.  I became a loan officer at this bank before the age of 21 and thought the world of finance would be my career forever.  In 2002 while continuing to work at the bank and going to school I was able to fit in an internship with our local minor league baseball team the High Desert Mavericks.  After this internship I knew a career path change was on the horizon and that I would do anything and go anywhere to be a General Manager of a minor league baseball team.  As the General Manager of the Dust Devils I have been fortunate enough to be a part of some great changes and events that have occurred at Gesa stadium. In the past two years we have hosted two WSU games and also secured Gesa Stadium as the site for the WIAA 3A and 4A state championships for 2012 and 2013.  Pasco has become my home and I am thrilled to live here and serve my community both personally and professionally.

I am 33 years old and married to my best friend Nicole.  We have two daughters, Gracie (19 months) and Avery (9 days).  We have lived several places since being married and once we settled in Pasco we immediately knew that this was the place we were meant to be.  I am heavily involved in our church and serve as the Missions and Finance deacon which allow me to serve our community in several other ways.

We have some awesome candidates to serve on the board and if elected I will do everything I can to be an instrumental part of keeping our club progressing forward in servicing our community as it has done for so many years.  Thank you for your consideration of me as a board member.

Derrell Ebert

Board of Directors Candidate - DERREL EBERT Derrel Ebert 0

Happy Thanksgiving

To all our members. families and friends, 

have a wonderful & safe Thanksgiving holiday.

Travel safe, eat lots, and share the blessings of the holiday.


Happy Thanksgiving 0

Elf Elections - Week #2

Week #2 Total - $ 4,208.00

Week #1 Total - $ 1,552.00

With Club Match - $11,520.00

And SHE zooms into the lead ............

Mary Ann Showalter                                 2,088

Allyn Griffin                                             1,047

Lisa Teske                                               1,035

Scott Lynch                                                 515

Brian Conrad                                               200

Khurshed Sharifov                                        170

Amanda Heap                                              150

Steve Schwan                                               125

Al Mouncer, Steve Schwan                             100

Martin Valadez                                                85

Jim Walsborn                                                  25

Jeff Groce, Nancy Thurston,

Claudine Mulvihill, Rene Vasquez                       20

Joel Comfort, Theta Ellsworth                           10

Andy Miller, Renata Presby, Sandi Strawn

Tiffany Flager, Dave Reeploeg                            5

Next week should be very interesting!  Bring your monies and vote for your favorite ELF.






Elf Elections - Week #2 0

Increase in Weekly Meals

Effective January 1, 2013

Weekly lunch costs will be increased from $11.50 to $12.00.

The increase will be reflected on your quarterly invoice sent to you on January 1, 2013.

Increase in Weekly Meals 0

Elf Elections 2012

Posted by Sondra Rader

Elf Elections are over for this year!

A big "thank you" to all members for your participation and for making it one of our great annual events.

A total of $18,754.00 was contribution by our members. 

With the club's matching funds the total raised for the Rotary Foundation is $37,508.00.

Mary Ann Showalter, 6,205 votes, and Khurshed Sharifov, 6,015 votes, will be the 2012 Santa Elves. 

Congratulations to both of you for helping to raised so much money for the Foundation. 


As a show of support for the Foundation and to cap off another successful Elf Election

all members are encouraged to wear their PHF recognition pins to the

Family Christmas Lunch next week!

Thank you Columbia Center Rotary - WE ARE THE BEST !!!

Elf Elections 2012 Sondra Rader 0

Apple Cup Auction

Posted by Renee Brooks


As most of you know, the Apple Cup is quickly approaching and our resident Husky & Cougar fans are gearing up for this annual battle.  (And the "other" Pac-12 fans are trying to decide which is the lesser of two evils to roof for!)

I'll be judging on Thursday, November 15th, which will be our last meeting before the Apple Cup.  We're going to do something a little different to get everyone ready for Apple Cup, so I wanted to send an e-mail so you're all prepared.

First, make your allegiance known by wearing Cougar or Husky gear or colors to our meeting on November 15th.  Second, we'll be doing a special "auction" in place of judging that day, so make sure you bring your checkbook or plenty of cash.  You'll see a picture attached - they are "tree faces" - one Husky and one Cougar - these are the auction items.

There are TWO ways the Apple Cup Auction can go.  Option One is that a Cougar fan and a Husky Fan each bid on their own tree face, win, and are able to proudly display the face for all their neighbors to see.  But knowing my fellow Rotarians, I suspect we may go for Option Two.  Option Two is is that the Cougar fans can all get together, pool their money, and select their favorite Husky fan - and bid on the Cougar face for that Husky fan to have to display.  And of course, our Husky fans could do the same for one luck Cougar fan.  Ohhhh, the possibilities!

Since you have more than a weeks' notice, you have plenty of time to collaborate and decide what to do.  See everyone next week!

Renee Brooks


Apple Cup Auction Renee Brooks 0

Board of Directors Candidate - JEFF GROCE

Posted by Jeff Groce


Moving to the Tri-Cities in 2006 was a conscious choice.  During the period of 1994 through 2004 I had been the project manager of a large development here but was headquartered in Tacoma.  After a brief residency in Tampa (1 year) I needed to move back to the PNW and of the choices I considered (Tacoma, Portland area and here) I chose the place I had become very attached to.  I moved here because of the people, the weather, and the lifestyle.  Some years ago I coined a phrase a "Diamond in the Desert".  I truly believe it.

My background has been varied, 20 plus years in the Pension Administration Business, coinciding with 20 years in the investment related business, and corporate employee benefits, and then the last 20 years in Real Estate Investment/Development and Commercial sales.  That background has served me well in being able to contribute to the success of non profit organizations and now CCR.  Over the past 14 years I have volunteered as a youth baseball coach and then, locally, on the Board for 5 years.

I joined Rotary last year with Ron Hue as my sponsor and mentor.  Since then I have been a Bingo caller at the annual Mortgage Burning Party, Santa Claus for the Family Christmas party and am a member of the Special Projects Committee.  I was honored to be one of the adult mentors for the Phoenix HS project.  And now a mentor for the Jubilee Boys Ranch project.  I bring to the table many years of volunteer experience, and many years of financial analysis and decision making.

I am honored to be one of these very select members nominated and feel that no matter who the club selects as their representative on the Board you can't go wrong with any of these very capable and honorable candidates.  If elected I will dedicate as much time and energy as necessary to fulfill whatever obligations and responsibilities the Board asks of me.

Jeff Groce


Board of Directors Candidate - JEFF GROCE Jeff Groce 0

Board of Directors Candidate - JOEL ROGO


I moved to the Tri-Cities with my wife, Debra, to buy the Tri-Cities Academy of Ballet.  With backgrounds in theatre, we were used to moving and thought we would be here five years, sell the studio, and get out.  That was twenty-five years ago.

I was drawn to Rotary by the work it does for the community especially for children.  Our business is devoted to children and giving them the knowledge and skills they need to enjoy music and dance for a life time.  Not only have we impacted the lives of the thousands of children that have been our students, but through our school outreach, 130,000 school children who would probably never see a ballet have seen our "Nutcracker" and "Peter and the Wolf".

Having been a member of this club since 2000, I have served on the Special Projects Committee, was on the rotation for the Rotary Moment, and have judged the entries for our scholarship program.

I was surprised and honored to have been nominated for the Board of Directors, and I thank the nominating committee for giving me another opportunity to serve our club.

As a member of the Board of Directors, I will bring the same skills that I bring to my business every day - sound financial decisions, management, organization, and a passion for making life better in our community.

Joel Rogo


Board of Directors Candidate - JOEL ROGO 0


Posted by Sondra Rader

We have all heard repeatedly how generous our community is............................AND WE ARE!

Here is an example that I experienced yesterday!

A young lady has been a guest at our last two weekly lunches.  The first time Cori Jones was a guest of David Robison.  This past Thursday Cori was Cathryn Tames' guest.

After lunch on Thursday Cathryn brought Cori over to me.  Cori had written a check to Columbia Center Rotary for $40.00 and wanted to donate it to our club to be used as we saw fit.

I told her that her check would be sent to the Foundation as a donation in her name to PolioPlus.  She was happy with that!

Cori must have been impressed with our club, our members generosity, the fun we have during our lunches..................who knows! 

Cori was just moved to "make a difference"!

GENEROSITY Sondra Rader 0

Elf Election Results - Week #1

Week One raised $1,552.00, or $3,104.00 with the club match.

As President Tim would say, "More votes, More votes"! 

Come prepared next week - bring your checkbooks and/or cash.

Allyn Griffin - $837.00

Khurshed Sharifov - $170.00

Lisa Teske - $130.00

Al Mouncer - $100.00

Brian Conrad - $100.00

Amanda Heap - $50.00


Steve Schwan & Jim Walsborn


Jeff Groce, Nancy Thurston, Claudine Mulvihill


Scott Lynch


Joel Comfort & Theta Ellsworth


Andy Miller, Renata Presby, Sandi Strawn & Tiffany Flager

Elf Election Results - Week #1 0

Election Results

Posted by Timothy Fredrickson

Congratulations to the new officers and directors for the 2013-14 Rotary year:


President - Ron Hue

President Elect - Janine Swailes

Treasurer - Bob Quay

Secretary - Peter Kalunian

Past President - Tim Fredrickson


Renee Brooks

Steve Schwan

I would like to express my great appreciation and congratulate those members who were nominated and ran for election. 

This years selection was very difficult because of the quality of the candidates that were running for the board openings.

I hope all those that ran for the board will in the future run again and continue to serve the club in other ways.

Thank you, Tim Fredrickson

Election Results Timothy Fredrickson 0

Adult Christmas Party

As our club grows in size it has become impossible to "host" our club Christmas Party at a member's home. 

We are going to celebrate in a new and different way this year!


Gamache Vintners has graciously agreed to host our holiday party. 

Enjoy a club hosted buffet dinner, wonderful Gamache wines, and entertainment provided by a hilarious comedian. 

Members and one guest only!  Guests must be 21 years of age.

Each guest will receive two (2) tickets for wines of their choice, additional glasses and/or bottles of wine will be available for purchase.  So you can enjoy your evening, a chartered bus will be available to take us to and from Prosser.  The cost will be $15.00/person to be paid in advance.  The bus will pick up from the Event Center at 5:15 PM and return to the Event Center by 11:00 PM.

Sign up on our club web site by Monday, December 10, 2012.

If you sign up but do not attend you will be charge $35.00 per person.

Adult Christmas Party 0

Tom Did It!

Posted by Sondra Rader

A big congratulations to Tom Halazon! 

Tom ran the Tri-Cities Marathon yesterday and FINISHED!  What an accomplishment!!


Tom Did It! Sondra Rader 0

Tri-Cities Marathon vs Rotarian TOM HALAZON

Posted by Sondra Rader

Ten years ago I prepared to run the Portland marathon on my 60th birthday, September 28.  However four months prior to the run I was diagnosed with Stage 3 prostate cancer.  So here I am 69+ and I started running again in February while we were in Tucson AZ and have stayed with it since.  Now almost 1000 miles and into my 4th pair of running shoes I am ready to try. 

I have been coached by the owner of Running Sole in Kennewick and our own Lisa Teske and I will run this year's Marathon in the Tri-Cities.  I had always wanted to get a marathon back on my bucket list and this also gave me a chance to raise some money for Sharon's Ovarian Cancer Together support group.  This group is a 501c3 not for profit.  My goal was to raise $1,000. It seems that people really want to see how committed I am so we are now over $6,000, thanks in a great part to the Columbia Center Rotary and Tri-Cities Sunrise Rotary clubs. 

ImageThe run will start at the Shilo Inn in Richland at 8 a.m. on Sunday, October 28, 2012.  We run the 26.2 miles along the river.  They will end the race at 1 p.m., and yes on the same day.  I will get an early start as I believe it will take me 5 1/2 to 6 hours, I'm not as young as I once was.  No, that's not fast but my plan is to complete the run. 

So if you really want to see me finish, I should be back at the Shilo Inn around 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 pm. Image Wish me luck, say a little prayer, and if you still would like to make a pledge please do.  Thanks Rotarians for all your support!

Tom Halazon

Tri-Cities Marathon vs Rotarian TOM HALAZON Sondra Rader 0

Family Christmas Lunch

Posted by Traci Sunday

Santa and the Elves, stockings for the kids, a photographer for family memories, a magician and ventriloquist,

and a wonderful holiday buffet for you and your immediate family.

No charge for members, $5.00 for each guest. 

Tables will be reserved for you and your guests to insure that there will be ample seating and that you and your family sit together.

Reservations can be made & paid for each week at the Sgt. at Arms table.

Rotarians & guest MUST have a reservation to attend.  Reservations will NOT be taken at the door the day of the holiday lunch.


Family Christmas Lunch Traci Sunday 0

A new baby Ebert

Derrel and Nicole Ebert have a beautiful new baby girl, Avery Marie Ebert.

Avery was born on Sunday, October 21, 2012 at 6:02 am.  She is 20 inches long and weighs 8 lbs. 2 oz.  

The Ebert's address is 5304 Mariner Lane, Pasco WA  99301.

Congratulations to the whole family!

A new baby Ebert 0

Web Site Training

Posted by Sondra Rader

Last night was the first CCR "web site" training session!
Those that attended, we missed you Dora & Jay, all felt they had learned a lot and also had fun. 
Hopefully we will have future training sessions! 

Ask Roger, Jeanne, Bud, Jeff or Debi, I am sure they will each tell you that they learned a lot. 


OUR web site is a very valuable tool?
Web Site Training Sondra Rader 0

Board of Directors Candidate - STEVE SCHWAN

Posted by Sondra Rader


I grew up in Kennewick and graduated from Kamiakin in 1995, WSU in 1999, and WWU in 2002.  After working in politics for 6 years, I returned home in 2008 to start a real estate company.  I currently run 18 multi-family and 400 storage units.  I've been a member of Columbia Center Rotary since late 2010.  Since then, I've participated in the Ed/Voc Committee, with a focus on Scholarships and Mentoring.  In 2011, I started involvement with the New Generations Committee.  I've headed RYLA recruitment since 2010.

Being nominated to serve on the Board is an honor.  I feel this experience would give me a new way to serve the community and our club while gaining exporsure to the operational (budgets and committee management) side of Rotary.  It will also give me an opportunity to serve with others outside my typical Rotary committee duties.

The strengths I will bring are my accountability, organizational and execution skills.  I believe being prepared and executing a plan efficiently are key to any committee or organization.  I also think building a consensus and operating as a team are paramount when working with a diverse group of people, and I believe my positive attitude and work ethic will help accomplish these goals.

I've been married for 4 years to my wife Sara.  We have a two-year old daughter and son on the way in late 2012.  In my spare time I enjoy traveling, sports, golf, boating, skiing, and hunting.  My other volunteer efforts include Sharefest, CORE Foundation, and the Reading Foundation.

Steve Schwan


Board of Directors Candidate - STEVE SCHWAN Sondra Rader 0

Juliana Charis Ace

Brian & Beth Ace welcomed the newest addition to the Ace household on August 19, 2012 at 10:13 a.m. 

Juliana was 8 lbs. 8 ozs. and 21 inches long.  She is a beautiful little girl, pretty easy tempered, and sleeps like a dream!

Congratulations to the Ace family!


Juliana Charis Ace 0

Board of Directors Candidate - RENEE BROOKS

Posted by Sondra Rader


I work as the Director of Government Affairs & Communication for the Home Builders Association of Tri-Cities.

I joined Columbia Center Rotary in February 2010.  I have served as the Club "Head" Duck for the past two years and am currently a Judge for the 2012-13 Rotary year.

I have found that Rotary is one of the most effective and worthwhile ways to serve our community, our region and even the world.  I believe that serving on the Board of Directors will give me an opportunity to help shape the future of Columbia Center Rotary and all of the great things we are able to do.

In addition to my commitment to and enthusiasm for Columbia Center Rotary, I am very detail-oriented and a great organizer, which is an asset to any Board.  I'm very involved in the community through a variety of different organizations and truly believe in the "Service Above Selt" mantra.

Renee Brooks

Board of Directors Candidate - RENEE BROOKS Sondra Rader 0

Dedication Ceremony for "Stories"

Posted by Roger McDowell

A monument to the Veterans
on the WSU Campus
and in our community!

WSU - Tri-Cities Campus
Outside the East Building

Wednesday, October 10, 2012
1:00 PM

A project partially funded by the CRC Special Projects Committee !!
All club members are invited !!

Dedication Ceremony for "Stories" Roger McDowell 0

100% Attendance

As of October 1, 2012 the following members have 100% attendance

Brian Ace, Candice Bluechel, Adam Buxbaum*, Jeff Daniels, Davin Diaz, Mitch Dixon, Kyle Edberg*,
Greg Falk, Heather Filbin, Tim Fredrickson, Arlan Gadeken, Jeff Groce, Luke Hallowell, Jan Hansens,
Don Hart, Janelle Harvey, John Herrig, Ken Hohenberg, Dora Holcroft, Ron Hue,
Jeanne Jelke, Barbara Johnson, Peter Kalunian, Kathi Kersey, Greg Luehrs, Roger McDowell,
Jeanne McPherson, Gail Middleton, Carol Moser, Al Mouncer, Bob Quay, Mike Rader,
Sondra Rader, Mike Reuter, Cindy Rosenbaum, Mark Showalter, Janine Swailes, Cathryn Tames, Lisa Teske,
Mike Tuohy, Rene' Vasquez, and Randy Way.

* New Member

Congratulations to everyone!  Keep up the good work!

100% Attendance 0

Policy Change on Paying for Lunches

Effective October 1, 2012 members that are not billed for lunches on a quarterly basis
will NO LONGER be able to charge their lunch when they decide to eat on any given Thursday. 
This new "Pay at the Door" policy applies to member lunches as well as guest lunches.  


Policy Change on Paying for Lunches 0

BBQ & Music by Baja Dunes

Posted by Sondra Rader
Our next club social event will be Saturday, September 8, 2012 (7:00 - 11:00 pm) in the Event Center parking lot.

The club will be providing hamburgers, hot dogs, all the condiments & beverages.  Members are asked to bring salads, side dishes and desserts.

For our musical entertainment the local band, Baja Dunes, will be performing.  The following is a bio about the trio, Baja Dunes.

Baja Dunes formed when Lee Ford approached Kevin Selby sometime around July of 2010 with the goal of forming a duo.  Katie Wolski came along towards the winter of 2010 and the trio gained traction during most of 2011.  The trio continues to learn new material and keep that zest for live music alive in Tri-Cities, WA. 

Baja Dunes plays a feel-good mix of tunes ranging from classics by Van Morrison, Linda Ronstadt, and Steely Dan, to the smooth jazz & blues of Larry Carlton & Herbie Hancock, up to some of today's top artists including Norah Jones, Tracy Chapman and Bruce Hornsby.  With Kevin Selby on keyboards and arrangements, Lee Ford on guitar, and Katie Wolski on vocals, the fun-loving trio will have you singing and dancing all night to their unique blend of "Dunes-tunes"!

Don't miss this fun evening!  Sign up now on our club web site!
BBQ & Music by Baja Dunes Sondra Rader 0

Foundation Grants Management & Membership Seminars

Posted by Sondra Rader
Date:  Friday, September 28, 2012 at 12:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Event Fee:  $30.00 reimbursed by the club

Location:  Richland Red Lion Hotel

The Rotary Foundation will implement the new grant model under Future Vision on July 1, 2013.  This will be the most exciting change that our Rotary Foundation has seen in years.  The way our Foundation invests funds in doing good in the world is changing, by putting more emphasis on sustainable projects in the six areas of focus, and by giving districts and clubs more responsibility for managing funds.

The Grant Management Seminar is not only a great opportunity for you to find out how the new grant model works, but attendance at a grant management seminar is also one of the pre-requisites if your club plans to access global grants or district matching grants under the new model.

The seminar will provide information about project design and implementation, grant application process and implementation, grant oversight and reporting, as well as club qualification requirements.

The Rotary Foundation minimum requirement is for the club president-elect or an appointed club member to attend the grant management seminar.  In addition, our District strongly recommends that at least one other club member attend, such as the incoming club Rotary Foundation chair or a Foundation committee member, or the incoming international service chair.

The Membership portion will include the ignite program highlights as well as a PETS speaker, Kriti Govertson to talk about recruitment and retention.  Your membership committee should be in attendance.
Foundation Grants Management & Membership Seminars Sondra Rader 0

PK Rotary & Leo's Catering need a Party!

Can we count on YOU?  We are looking for members old and new, spouses and friends.

1.  Save the Date:  11:30-1:30, Wednesday, September 26th, 2012.
2.  Reserve your "space" for one big casual good time by September 15th.
3.  Spread the word to other members of the Rotary Family, then

Pack the house and congratulate the partners. 
Food, drink, cake and a good time, but....we have to know if your coming now.

Location To Be Arranged!

Majorie Kaspar
Pasco-Kennewick Rotary Club
PK Rotary & Leo's Catering need a Party! 0

Club Web Site Training

Posted by Sondra Rader
Sondra Rader will be holding training sessions on how to use our club's web site.  Sessions will be limited to the first 10 members to sign up.  The first training session will be Monday, August 27, 2012.  The training will begin promptly at 5:30 pm and last an hour to hour and a half.

You will be taught how to send emails to club members from the web site, access club documents, manager your contact information, access the membership directory and check your Foundation giving.  There will be lots of other information shared.

This will be a worthwhile training session and help all members, new and long-time, learn to utilize this important club tool.  If you have an IPad, laptop or other portable computer it would be worthwhile to bring it.

The session will be held in the Rotary conference room and our new computer and large screen will be used for the training.
Club Web Site Training Sondra Rader 0

Do You Need To Attend A - BOARD MEETING?

Posted by Sondra Rader

The next monthly Board of Directors meeting will be

Thursday, August 16, 2012
7:00 AM
Rotary Conference Room

If you need to attend to get your red/yellow ribbon removed
or, if you want to see what's going on


Do You Need To Attend A - BOARD MEETING? Sondra Rader 0
What Is Rotary? Great Video! Sondra Rader 0

Jack Olsen - Honorary Member


In has become increasing difficult for our fellow Rotarian, Jack Olsen, to make it to our weekly lunches.  After years of "perfect attendance" Jack is having difficulty walking and keeping involved in Rotary activities.
This morning the Board of Directors approved a membership change for Jack, from "active" to "honorary".  Honorary membership is just that, an honor bestowed to a member that has been involved in Rotary for many years, served Rotary and our club in many different positions, and are contributors to the Foundation. 

Please read Jack's Rotary bio, you will see why the club has given Jack the status of a Columbia Center Rotary Honorary Member.

Jack Olsen - Honorary Member 0

Message from President Tim Fredrickson

ImageTo The Rotary Club of Columbia Center:

It is with humility that I accept this coming year as your club’s President. I have always believed that this club is very special and to be your President is equally special.

I will endeavor to live up to the trust you have put into me and to realize that this club belongs to each and every one of you.  This club has become a great club because of the hard work and legacy of all of the club members that have come before us and all of you that are still a part of this club today.

We have many challenges ahead of us. We have diminishing revenues from Bingo Boulevard, but we will do our best to bring that back or otherwise to live with what we have. Our incoming board members have already worked to put together a budget and plan that works to preserve our core activities and services.

There are somethings that define us as a club. As your Board of Directors we will do our best to keep those things intact. We continue to provide the district with strong leadership and participation. Our club makes up fully one-quarter of the foundation giving in a district with 61 clubs. We provide a dollar match for our members’ giving to the foundation. We have many members that have been in leadership at the District. Many of you have contributed and participated in hundreds of projects and programs in our community, region, and the world.

However, the best thing we do is to provide a club that takes the Rotary motto to heart. We are a club for each other and to help each other so we can put into practice the words “Service Above Self”. Finally let me remind you that the Rotary International Motto for incoming RI President Sakuji Tanaka is “Peace Through Service” or as I like to say, “You have got to love an organization that has so much fun doing so much good all over the world.” I hope we will also have fun.

Message from President Tim Fredrickson 0

SINTRA is awaiting you during the 2013 RI Convention in Lisbon, Portugal

Perched in the hills 20 miles from Lisbon, Portugal, is the village of SINTA, a UNESCO World Heritage site that Lord Byron called a "glorious Eden.


Rotarian's attending the 2013 RI Convention, 23-26 June, will find enough cultural attractions and stunning scenery to make the 40-minutes train ride worth their while.

PENA PALACE, a former summer residence of Portuguese royals, offers million-euro views of the coast.  Spend an afternoon touring the yellow, purple, and pink castle and wandering the trails through the park-like grounds.

The 9th-century MOORISH CASTLE was taken over in the 12th century during the Christian reconquest of Portugal.  After a 1755 earthquake caused serious damage, it fell into romantic ruin.  The NATIONAL PALACE in Sintra's historic center offers a better-preserved example of a Moorish-style castle.

At the turn of the 20th century, a Portuguese millionaire decided to turn his mystical dreams into reality.  The result is the QUINTA da REGALEIRA, or Reglaeira Estate, whose strange and wonderful grounds are full of winding paths leading to delightful hideouts, lush gardens, grottoes, fountains, and towers.  The adventurous visitor can traverse the property via a pitch-black tunnel system. (Bring a flashlight.)

The SINTRA MUSEUM OF MODERN ART, which offers a respite from climbing castle stairs, houses part of the collection of millionaire Joe berardo, including works by Picasso, Mondrian, Warhol, de Kooning, Calder, and many Portuguese artists.

Register for the 2013 RI Convention in Lisbon.
SINTRA is awaiting you during the 2013 RI Convention in Lisbon, Portugal 0

Attention CC Rotarians: Opportunity is knocking with Rotaplast!

Posted by Lisa Teske



Have you considered joining a humanitarian mission at one point or another in your life? Heed the little voice inside. You won't regret it!

With those thoughts, you have taken the first step toward a life-changing experience – for you and for the patients served on Rotaplast missions. As a potential non-medical volunteer, you will undoubtedly have questions. I've got let's talk. Your next step will be submitting your non-medical volunteer application by the deadline…and we hope you do!

District 5080 has stepped up again to support another mission; this time in Karaikal, India from August 26 – September 9, 2012.

At this time, we are quickly assembling a team of non-medical volunteers for the mission. If you are ready to answer the call, please contact me ASAP to get your application in process (it's quite simple actually). Applications are due June 5 by midnight. We are very excited to serve another ~100 patients with life-changing plastic surgeries to correct cleft lip/palate and mal-formed scar tissue. Together, we will make another significant impact on people’s futures…and our world.

Attention CC Rotarians: Opportunity is knocking with Rotaplast! Lisa Teske 0

Distributing Books

Posted by Peter Kalunian


District Governor Michelle Lee will be present on Thursday, August 2, 2012 at 1:30 p.m. to distribute books provided by our club's District Simplified Grant.

All are welcome to attend!

Ron, with the Boys & Girls Club, confirmed that the Pasco Boys and Girls Club (801 N. 18th Ave.) would be able to participate in an event to distribute the books provided by Columbia Center Rotary.  We will be working with Chandra who is the Director of Licensed Programs and supervises the Summer Camps.

The library will provide cookies for the kids and the Mid-Columbia library will do a storytime with the younger kids.  The books for all the other Boys and Girls Club sites will be distributed from this event. 

See you on the 2nd!

Distributing Books Peter Kalunian 0

NEW Raffle Drawing !!

Posted by Sondra Rader

Many members have visited other clubs and experienced the different ways they handle their raffles.
Gail Middleton, Club Service Director, is changing our current raffle into something new and more $$$$ rewarding for our members.
The following are the instructions for the "new" raffle!  Good luck to all!!

Place 1/2 of the total monies collected from the tickets and given to the Club Secretary.
From the other 1/2 of the total monies, $10.00 will be placed in the ticket basket.
The remaining monies are placed into the bag marked "money".

After the President draws for the winning raffle ticket,
the winner received the $10.00 and also draws out one poker chip from the bag.
If a white poker chip is drawn that person wins all the money in the "money" bag.
If a colored (not white) poker chip is picked the money remains in the bag.

The following week the process is repeated adding to the total in the bag. 
The process continues adding money to the bag and picking a chip
until the white chip is drawn. 
The person who finally draws the white poker chip wins ALL THE MONEY !!!

NEW Raffle Drawing !! Sondra Rader 0

Off To A Great Start!

Posted by Sondra Rader

If you want happiness for an hour, take a nap.
If you want happiness for a day, go fishing.
If you want happiness for a year, inherit a fortune.
If you want happiness for a lifetime, help somebody!

Mary Ann Showalter started the first meeting of the new Rotary year off with a wonderful Chinese Proverb.  "Help Somebody"  that is what Rotarians do everyday.
Wonderful message that was enjoyed by everyone.

The new judges for the year; Renee Dahlgren, Allyn Griffin and Rene Vasquez, did "team judging" and were quite successful raising $333.00.  There wasn't anyone in
attendance that didn't get fined at least once.  Great job, clever judging, more to come!

And finally, newer members Heather Filbin, Luke Hallowell and Arlan Gadeken gave their "classification" talks.  Each did an outstanding job of informing the club on their
job histories, what brought them to the Tri-Cities, and what their professions are now.  There was humor in each of their stories!  Welcome to all!

Davin Diaz has already been working hard at planning more wonderful programs for the upcoming Rotary year.
Make sure you don't miss any of them.  Next week's program is:
"The Reach" - Mike Kluse


Off To A Great Start! Sondra Rader 0

Hey, I'm going! Are You!!

Posted by Sondra Rader
I just took a moment and registered for the RI Convention in Lisbon Portugal June 23-26, 2013.
I hope many of you will join Mike & I for another outstanding Rotary Convention.

Those that have been to an International Convention know what a wonderful experience it is.
Those of you that have never been, SHOULD!

 Crammed into four days of morning plenary sessions, opening and closing ceremonies and breakout
sessions, you will have a great deal of personal time for sightseeing, finding wonderful restaurants,
shopping and making new Rotarian friends from around the world.

I encourage each of you to go onto the RI web site,, click on Lisbon down in the bottom
right hand corner of the home page, and find out more about the convention, costs, and the location.
Convention registrations are now US$265 but will go up to US$315 after December 15,2012. 
Hey, I'm going! Are You!! Sondra Rader 0

Sponsors of New Members

This coming Wednesday evening is a wonderful opportunity for you to invite the New Member you sponsored recently!
Wednesday, June 13, 2012
6:00 - 8:30 pm
CCR Event Center

The International Committee has put together an evening of International foods, beverages, International club project information and FUN!!
This will be a great time for our newest members to meet their fellow club members and learn more about Columbia Center Rotary and our projects around the world.

Call them, pick them up, join them!
Sign up on the club web site so enough food and beverages can be planned.

Hope to see you all there!
Sponsors of New Members 0

Vocation-Education Committee Year End Report

Posted by Peter Kalunian

Vocational-Educational Committee

The Vocational-Educational Committee has provided funding and support for many remarkable activities in the local area.   Members, under Lucinda’ Welch’s guidance, have continued to provide mentoring for the Phoenix High Students. It provides a wonderful opportunity for the adult-student relationship.  Pompy’s, under Randy Way’s guidance, extended the program this year to include a contest for teacher’s to provide lesson plans.  Allyn Griffin developed a web-site (  where teachers can submit the lesson plans. The Voc-Ed Committee is working with the special projects committee to take over the sign development and distribution portion of Pompy’s lessons in years to come.  We have provided funds for the Crystal Apple Awards, the Tri-Cities Youth and Justice Forum, the Ernie Chapin presentation program for the Kennewick School District, The American Red Cross Veteran’s Legacy Program (to allow veteran’s to be able to video tape their story and have it shared with families) and for the Edison Elementary Book Baggy Program (students take home books to read). 

We continue our relationship with Park Middle School providing funds for the purchase of musical instruments for low-income students and sending youngsters to the Park Middle School Leadership Camp.

This year, under Steve Palm’s guidance, we have awarded 11 scholarships to students graduating from Southridge, Phoenix and Tri-Tech. We also awarded two scholarships to students who received a scholarship last year and have continued onto to college.

The RYLA Program, under Steve Schwan’s guidance, has awarded two scholarships for youngsters age 18-25 to attend a leadership camp in Canada.

Finally, we have received a District Simplified Grant in cooperation with the Mid-Columbia Library to provide on-site libraries at the Boys and Girls Club’s in Prosser, Pasco and Kennewick, the Vista Youth Center, the Pasco Lakeview Trailer Park, My Friend’s Place, Safe Harbor, and several small childcare centers throughout the Tri-Cities.

We give thanks for the opportunity to continue to serve. 

Peter Kalunian, Chair
Vocation-Education Committee Year End Report Peter Kalunian 0

2012 International Night

Posted by Janelle Harvey
Please join us for our

Annual International Night
at the
Columbia Center Rotary Club

6:00-8:30 p.m., Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Columbia Center Rotary Event Center
6222 W. John Day Avenue, Kennewick

Food - samplings from Belize, Chile, India, the Philippines, Mali, and Mexico !!
Wonderful music from these countries !
Informative displays to update you !
Wine and tequila shots !
A pinata full of special surprises !
Rotary moments from our representatives !

Join us for the fun !!!

Hosted by the CCR International Committee
Signup on the club web site

2012 International Night Janelle Harvey 0

LIsbon, Portugal - RI Convention 2013


Registration is now open for the 2013 RI Convention in Lisbon, Portugal, 23-26 June!  Lisbon is an explorer's paradise.  Perched on the west coast of Europe, Portugal's capital city is a charming combination of old-world appeal and modern flair.  

Go to the RI web site,, to register online.  Registration fees are $265.00/person.  Fees go up to $315 after December 15, 2012.  
LIsbon, Portugal - RI Convention 2013 0

Part One: General Secretary's Report to the RI Convention

Polio Eradication:  Our No. 1 Priority

"Rotarians have enjoyed great success on the fundraising front.  Rotary clubs around the world succeeded in raising more than US$200 million in response to a $355 million challenge grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.  The deadline for raising the funds is 30 June, and Rotarians are encouraged to continue their fundraising efforts.  The fact that we reached our goal six months ahead of schedule did not go unnoticed, however.  Jeff Raikes, chief executive officer of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, attended the International Assembly and announced an additional $50 million grant for polio eradication in recognition of Rotary's early achievement of the $200 million milestone and for continued funding support for the Global Polio Eradication Initiative.  And here I would like to recognize and thank Foundation trustee John Germ and his team for a tremendous effort, as well as all of the Rotarians around the world who contributed so generously to exceed our commitment.  I would also like to acknowledge the hard work of the Rotary Secretariat fundraising staff for all of their efforts in supporting this undertaking."
Part One: General Secretary's Report to the RI Convention 0

Wine Tasting In The Valley

Posted by Sondra Rader


Wine Tasting In The Valley

Saturday, May 19, 2012

8:30 am - 6:00 pm

Charter bus will pick/return guests at two locations: 

·     8:30 am at the Event Center

·     9:00 am at the Richland WalMart

·     returning at approximately 6:00 pm

A catered lunch on the beautiful patio at

Gamache Vintners

Sign up by Monday, May 14, 2012

Space limited to the first 49 members/guests to sign up

Member and ONE guest ONLY !!!

If you sign up and do not attend you will be charged $35.00/person

Wine Tasting In The Valley Sondra Rader 0

Kind words!

When a club member experiences the loss of a family member CCR makes a donation to their favorite charity.
I emailed John Herrig asking for his father's charity.  This is the wonderful response I received from him that I would like to share.

"First, thank you fellow Rotarian's for the many cards, letters and e-mails.  It was very comforting to receive these kind condolences.

My Father's full name was Louis F. Herrig.  However, if you can, make the donation on behalf of my Father in memory of Valerie F. Herrig.  She passed away in 2003.  She was well known in the MS Society.,  She changed from being an very active Mom to being fully disabled by MS.  Nonetheless, she raised five sons and retrained herself to become a Braille transcriber of sheet music for the blink.  She developed a computer program to do the transcription and was very active with both the Institute for the Blind and the MS Society.  She donated her patent for the software for music transcription in Braille to the Southeastern Blink Institute.  My Father was very proud of her accomplishments overcoming her disability and that is why ch close the MS Society as the Family Charity."

Thank you John for sharing this wonderful information with us. Image
Kind words! 0

Rotary International Convention 2012

Posted by Sondra Rader


Register now for the 2012 RI Convention in Bangkok, Thailand, 6-9 May,
and enjoy an unforgettable experience in the
Land of a Thousand Smiles!

Enjoy Thai hospitality.  Make friends with fellow Rotarians from around the world.
Take in spectacular sights.  Taste delicious Thai cuisine.
Experience a vibrant culture.
Renew your commitment to Service Above Self.

And have fun in a world class city!

Rotary International Convention 2012 Sondra Rader 0

David Robison

David joined CCR in March of 2011.  He was proposed by long-time member John Herrig.
The following is a brief recap of David's background and company. 


David Robison has extensive experience in the construction, construction management and property development industries.  For more than thirty years, his broad range of involvement has spanned from field operations in program, project and construction management for a diverse clientele.  Mr. Robison has been involved in every phase of construction direction and management.  His experience in program management, design-build contracting, pre-construction services, estimating, sequence scheduling, and strategic planning have become an integral part of client services at Strategic Construction Management.

Strategic Construction Management, Inc. has been building their enviable reputation, since 2000.  Founded in Santa Cruz, California, a small seaside community just minutes from the dynamic Silicon Valley, the company has expanded to serve the growing Pacific Northwest with an office in Kennewick, WA.

David Robison 0

Paul Harris Points

If you are a PHF +1 or more you probably have "points" that can be awarded to recognize another person, family member, co-worker, friend as a Paul Harris Fellow.

After your first PHF, $1,000.00, for each subsequent dollar that you contribute (including the club match) you are awarded one "point".  These points are not the same as money, they cannot be used towards your next PHF recognition.  The points are good to recognize another person that you feel is deserving of recognition as a Paul Harris Fellow.  You must have a thousand points for each Paul Harris gift.

Using the "member access" information that is posted on our web site, go to the Rotary International web site, log in and you will be able to find out how many points you have.  If you need help you may contact Sondra Rader.
Paul Harris Points 0

Member Access

Posted by Sondra Rader



Go directly to the Rotary International web site,, and create a Member Access Account.

From your new MAA you will be able to follow your personal Foundation Giving History;determine how far away you are from your next PHF, view your contribution history and see how many "points" you have available to "gift" a Paul Harris Fellow to a family member and/or friend.

It is important that every Rotarian have their own Member Access Account.  Because of confidentiality laws I cannot obtain all of this information for you, only your total giving figure.  

It's easy to set up your MAA account, take a moment right now and do it! 

Member Access Sondra Rader 0

District 5080 Spring Assembly

When:  Saturday, April 21, 2012
Where:  Red Lion Inn at the Park, Spokane WA
Cost:  Club pays for member registrations

Members will be meeting at the Red Lion in Pasco to carpool together!


Columbia Center Rotarian Lisa Teske
will be the keynote speaker during the lunch hour.
She will speak about her recent Rotaplast mission to the Philippines.

Sign up ASAP for this informative meeting and show your support for Lisa!

District 5080 Spring Assembly 0

Wearin' Of Your Green!

ImageTomorrow night is Columbia Center Rotary's biggest celebration of the year, our annual MORTGAGE BURNING PARTY!

This year's theme is "Luck of The Irish"!  Wear your green and join fellow Rotarian's and their guests in a grand
evening of fun, Irish food, beverages, Irish music and an opportunity to win moneies for your favorite charity by playing "speed"

A new feature has been added to this year's party:  the club will be raising monies for a new "Mission Fund" by selling
whiskey shots for $5,00 each and raffle tickets for a wonderful Irish themed gift basket, $5.00 per ticket or 3/$10.00.
The Mission's Fund will help support expenses for members going on future CCR sponsored mission trips.

$30,000.00 will be given away to many deserving charities!  Lists of prior recipients of Mortgage Burning monies will
be on each table.  If you already know who you want to give your "winnings" to, please come prepared with the organizations
tax ID number.  This will help in the speedy processing of your donations.

If you have signed up to bring a food item - thank you!  Please mark your dishware with your name and bring whatever serving
utensil needed.  

Hopefully you have already signed up for the event.  Bring your Irish cheer, your big heart for giving and the "Luck of The Irish" 
to help you win Bingo monies.
Wearin' Of Your Green! 0

Mission Fund

Thanks to all the members and guests at last Saturday's Mortgage Burning Party the newly formed
"MIssion Fund" raised $1,112.00.  The monies were raised by members purchasing Jamieson Whiskey
Shots ($5,00/shot) and buying raffle tickets for an Irish themed gift basket ($5.00 each or 3 for $10.00)

The monies will be saved for future CCR mission trips.  Monies can be applied towards club members
reimbursements, exchange gifts, school/medical supplies, gifts for children, etc.  The International Committee
will oversee these funds & request Board approval before monies can be disbursed.

As always, Columbia Center Rotary, while having a lot of fun opened their hearts and wallets to kick off this
new fund.  Thank you to everyone! 
Mission Fund 0

City of Richland's "Weekly Update"

Posted by Sondra Rader


This article was in the City of Richland's "Weekly Update":

Columbia Center Rotary has installed 18 stone monuments featuring "Pompy's Lessons" on the Riverfront Trail.  These monuments extend the series that Rotary placed on the Sacagawea Heritage Trail and provide information about the area's physical environment, culture and history.  They are geared toward elementary age children and are named for Jean Baptiste, the son of Sacagawea and Toussaint Charbonneau.  Captain Willima Clark of the Lewis & Clark Expedition nicknamed him Pompy because of his "little dancing boy" antics.

Thank you Randy Way and your "army" of helpers! 

City of Richland's "Weekly Update" Sondra Rader 0

Mortgage Burning Party

Posted by Sondra Rader

Luck Of The Irish

Saturday, March 17, 2012
6:00 - 11:00 PM


Wear your best green Irish finery and enjoy a great evening of

Traditional Irish Food
$30,000 in bingo prize money for the charities of your choice

New this year!
Buy $5.00 raffle tickets (or 3 for $10.00) for a chance to win a wonderful Coffee & Bailey's Irish Creme gift basket.
 Irish Leprechauns will be going around selling $5.00 Jamison Irish Whiskey shots.
All proceeds will go into a new Mission Trip Fund.  Monies to be used for members going on future mission trips.

Sign up by March 14, 2012 on the club web site.

Mortgage Burning Party Sondra Rader 0

Mentors for Newer Members

Posted by Sondra Rader
In a further attempt to make all our newest members enjoy the full experience of Rotary International & Columbia Center Rotary
your Board of Directors is instituting a new "New Member Mentoring" program.

The "mentor" will work closely with the member for the first six months to a year of their Rotary experience assisting them in
learning about Rotary International, Rotary programs,
Mentors for Newer Members Sondra Rader 0
Seattle Rotary - Youtube 0

ONLY 5 LEFT - District Conference Registration Reimbursements

The first twenty-two (22) members to present copies of their District Conference registration forms to Sondra Rader will receive reimbursements for the registration fee of $149.00.

As of today, March 12, 2012, nine (9) members have taken advantage of the registration reimbursement.  Make sure you register NOW and get a copy of your registration confirmation to Sondra as soon as possible.  

The registration fee will increase to $199.00 after April 21, 2012.  The club will only reimburse $149.00 even after the fee goes up.  Register Now!
The club will NOT reimburse members for additional conference activities such as tours, golf, etc.
ONLY 5 LEFT - District Conference Registration Reimbursements 0

Charity Board Elections

Posted by Michael Rader
Congratulations to the new elected Board members for the Columbia Center Rotary Charity.

Ken Hohenberg, Les Litzenberger, and Sandi Strawn will have 3-year terms beginning July 1, 2012.  

Thank you to everyone who offered to serve in this capacity.

Regards, Mike Rader
Charity Board Elections Michael Rader 0

February Board Business

Posted by Holly Wilson
January Bingo Operations netted $21,634. We are $8,351 behind last year's income, but Jim and his team continue to evaluate possible schedule  changes to maximize income potential.
Total membership at the end of January:  137 
The board accepted the resignations of Steve Wood and Traci Diaz
Jan Hansens was granted a one month leave of absence in the month of March when she will be recovering from back surgery.
Jerome (Jay) Wildgen was accepted for membership.  He was sponsored by Tiffany Flagger.
Vicki Piippo was accepted for membership and she was sponsored by Gail Middleton
Special Projects
Board approved an additional $1245.31 for the Badger Mountain Park Rest Areas
Community Service
The board approved:
 $500 for the Mid-Columbia Mastersingers to extend the outreach of their educational efforts and free tickets for low income individuals
$2000 for prepared by 20/Community Solutions / United Way to supply materials for htese programs
The board Approved:
$500 for the Crystal Apple Awards which recognize outstanding teachers in our community
$1309.26 forPark Middle School band program
Up to $2,100 in prizes for Pompy's Lesson Plan Sharing Contest
Up to $350 to print brochures for the Pompy's Trail Lessons,website Info and Lesson Plan Sharing Contest
New Generations
The board Approved:
Up to $300 to fund three Rotaract members to attend the District Conference in June

February Board Business Holly Wilson 0
Kennewick Woman of The Year - Barbara Johnson 0

"Round Table" Thursday, February 23, 2012

There WILL NOT be a round table on Thursday, February 23, 2012.

All Columbia Center Rotarian's are invited to attend the
Rotary Birthday Luncheon at the
Three Rivers Convention Center
Noon to 1:30 pm

"Round Table" Thursday, February 23, 2012 0

Rotary Cancelled

There will be NO Rotary lunch meeting today January 19, 2012 due to the hazardous road conditions.

We will see everyone next Thursday.  Stay warm & safe during these bad weather conditions.Image 


Rotary Cancelled 0

Thoughts & Prayers for these Members

Posted by Sondra Rader

ImagePlease keep these members in your thoughts & prayers.

Lisa Teske

Lisa had her tonsils out earlier this week.  At home doing well, eating a lot of ice cream and keeping in touch with friends & posting updates on Facebook.  She received the flowers that the club sent & thanks everyone.  Lisa also posted an International Service article on our web site - check it out!

Al Mouncer

I haven't received any messages from Al in the New Year.  I am sure he is still back east being Michelle's support system.  

JoDee Garretson

JoDee is having surgery today.  I will check on her and keep everyone posted.  The club sent flowers which she received & appreciates yesterday.

Don & Lisa Hart

Lisa's mother, Clara Huffer, passed away Tuesday night.   Clara had been battling cancer for the past year.  Please send cards and your condolences to them.


Thoughts & Prayers for these Members Sondra Rader 0

Belize Medical Mission

Peter Kalunian is leaving for his annual medical mission trip to Belize.  Another club member, Robb Lowy, will be a part of this year's trip.

They will be gone from January 13 - 22, 2012.  You can follow the missions activities on a daily blog:

 ImageColumbia Center Rotary has once again provided monies, $2,000.00, to help in the purchase of the necessary medical supplies.

Belize Medical Mission 0

Charity Board Elections

Posted by Michael Rader

On March 1, 2012 the club will hold an election for the Columbia Center Rotary Charity Board of Directors.  There are nine Directors on the board rotating in 3-year terms.  A candidate must be a Past President of Columbia Center Rotary to be eligible for a position. 

The candidates this year are:

Ken Hohenberg, Les Litzenberger, Sandi Strawn, Mike Tuohy, Christy Watts and Sondra Wilson

You will be able to vote for three (3) candidates. 

Charity Board Elections Michael Rader 0

Rotaplast Cebu City Mission Follow-up

Posted by Lisa Teske
Thank you fellow CC Rotarians for the opportunity to share the Rotaplast mission with you and for the kind words that followed. As I've said, I remain humbled by the experience and grateful for what you've all brought out in me.

We were running tight on time and I had hoped to share this tribute video for the servants of this mission. Turn up the music, sit back for a couple of minutes, and see ALL of the amazing servant people who set aside their lives for two weeks to make an enormous difference for others.

View the video
Rotaplast Cebu City Mission Follow-up Lisa Teske 0

Search & Rescue Robot Update

Posted by Derrel Ebert

One of the many projects that our club's "Special Projects" committee has funded is close to being completed.

The following is Project Lead Derrel Ebert's update:

As of late January Deputy Terry Brown informed me that the Robot has been ordered.  He is expecting delivery in mid-February and is hoping to bring it to our club in March or April to show it off and give us a presentation.   The Franklin County Sheriff's Department is very appreciative of us being the first to show support of this project.  This search and rescue robot will be property of the Franklin County Sheriff's Department and will be in a patrol vehicle ready to go at all times.



Search & Rescue Robot Update Derrel Ebert 0

Rotary Foundation & Columbia Center Rotary

Posted by Mark Showalter


Even though we still have five months left in this Rotary year we have surpassed our annual goal of Foundation giving.  Our APF goal amount was $3,000 more than last year at $53,000.  Our average per capital giving is $440.57.

To put that in perspective the average annual goal for the other 61 clubs in our district is $3,684.  Only 10 other clubs in our district have reached their goal by this early date.

If you really want cause for celebration the Columbia Center Rotary Club's all-time giving has just gone over the ONE MILLION DOLLAR mark with $1,000,735.16 donated to the Rotary Foundation.

Out of our 122 members we have 105 Paul Harris Fellows and 11 of those are Major Donors.


Mark Showalter, Foundation Chair



Rotary Foundation & Columbia Center Rotary Mark Showalter 0
CCR Charity Stage @ the WSU Tri-Cities Campus Sondra Rader 0

International Committee Paves the Way for World Impact – Part 3

Posted by Lisa Teske

International service is one of RI’s Five Avenue’s of Service, and CCR’s International Committee is at it again demonstrating our Club’s mission to drive forward with projects that are making a difference all over the globe. So far this year, the Committee has proposed four direct grants (funded by CCR) and six foundation matching grants (pooling funds from other RI clubs)—all which have been approved by the board.

So that our membership can better understand the impact CCR makes in the world, we will continue to report details about the important commitments we’ve made on behalf of our membership. It sincerely is our privilege to represent CCR in determining the best way to distribute our Club’s funds, participating locally while impacting globally.

To date this year, six foundation matching grants have been approved. This report covers two of them:

• Computer Equipment for Learning Centers (Mexico) - $1,500 went to the Tri-Cities Multi Club project to fund the purchase of 40 computers and 11 laser printers. The purchase is part of a multi-year effort to accommodate educational services (teaching reading and writing) being provided for thousands of residents in the state of Colima. CCR is contributing along side of all of the local clubs for the $29,320 project.
• Community Dining Shelter (Mexico) – $4,455 went to replace a dining shelter for the dozens of school children who travel from surrounding communities to attend classes in Potrero de la Palmita. The children attend classes during the week, lodging and eating near the school, and returning home on the weekends; some, who live further away, stay for 15 days at a time. The new shelter will provide a clean, free-standing shelter where they can eat in the shade and protected from rain (the image below shows the before and after).


Next month, we will report on our more foundation matching grants.

International Committee Paves the Way for World Impact – Part 3 Lisa Teske 0

Happy Holidays

May the joys of the holiday season be with you and your families!   
Happy Holidays 0

Elf Election Results

Posted by Sondra Rader

As everyone already knows................Lucinda Welch & Casey Hart will serve as the 2011 Columbia Center Rotary Elves!   


A record was set this year in Foundation Giving - $38,160.00.  These monies include the club match!  


Seventy-one members contributed to their next Paul Harris recognitions.  That is slightly over 50% of our club membership.


Twenty-six members finished their next Paul Harris level.   Image


Thank you to everyone for making this year's Elf Elections so successful and, as always, so much fun!! 

Elf Election Results Sondra Rader 0

Rotary Institute Zones 25 & 26 - November 10-13, 2011

Posted by Timothy Fredrickson

ImageDuring the days of Nov. 10-13 I had the opportunity to attend the 2011 Rotary Institute for Zones 25 & 26.  The Zone Institute is primarily geared for the training of new & future District Governors & to inform Past District Governors of new developments in the world of Rotary.

Also, the Institute is used to provide input to the RI Board of Directors & the Rotary Foundation Board of Trustees for creating & development the future of Rotary.  Some of the International Zones allow other Rotarian's outside of the Governor line to attend for leadership development & to participate with the Governors.  In our Zones there has been an emphasis placed on allowing these other Rotarian's known as Special Invited Guests (SIG) to attend.  It was my privilege and honor to be a SIG for this year.


Rotary Institute Zones 25 & 26 - November 10-13, 2011 Timothy Fredrickson 0


 Thanksgiving Wishes For You, Your Families and Friends!
Travel Safe, Count Your Blessings
We Will See One and All Next Week 
Thanksgiving 0

Elf Elections - Week #2 Leaders

Posted by Sondra Rader

Two weeks down, one week remains to select your favorite elf / elves!!

The top vote getters so far week promises to be very interesting!!!


Mark & MaryAnn Showalter         1800

Lucinda Welch                              1380

Casey Hart                                     1265

Lisa Teske                                      1200

Rene' Vasquez                                 800

Mike Tuohy                                       770

Jan Hansens                                     505


 All monies contributed during Elf Elections are matched by the club and are applied to your Paul Harris Fellow.  


Elf Elections - Week #2 Leaders Sondra Rader 0

Celebrating Rotary's Birthday!

Posted by Mark Showalter
Thursday, February 23, 2012
3 Rivers Convention Center
7016 W. Grandridge Blvd., Kennewick WA
The event will promote the Rotary Foundation & will be themed as a Rotary Foundation Fund Raiser.  All Rotarian's throughout District 5080 & guests are welcome to attend.  Your club, Columbia Center Rotary, will be covering the cost of the luncheon for our members.  The cost is $50.00 per person.  Net proceeds will be donated to the Rotary Foundation.
This event will take the place of our Columbia Center Rotary weekly lunch meeting.  There will be "round tables" set up at the Event Center for those that wish not to attend the event at the Convention Center.  Attendance will be taken at both locations.  The organizing committee expects 200-300 people to attend.
Lunch will be house salad topped with cucumber, red onion, grape tomato, and shallot vinaigrette & ranch dressings, with a marinated tri-tip of beef, poivre noir demi glace, horseradish whipped potatoes, glazed carrot slices, yeast rolls with butter, and double chocolate birthday cake.  Gluten free 7 vegetarian meals will be available with notice.
Every attendee will receive an attendance ticket and be entered to win one of five Paul Harris Fellowships that will be given away at the event.  Winners must be present to receive the award.
If you want to attend you MUST sign up on our club web site, Club Runner. 
Celebrating Rotary's Birthday! Mark Showalter 0

Event Center is ready for the holidays!

Posted by Sondra Rader

A big thank you to the members that showed up last night to help decorate our Event Center.

There was a lot of decorating, lots of wonderful food shared, beverages of course and, most importantly, a lot of fun and fellowship!!

Please help me thank the members that worked hard to make our Rotary home look beautiful for the holidays!! 

Event Center is ready for the holidays! Sondra Rader 0

Elf Elections



Elf Elections Begin

 Thursday, December 1, 2011



Elf Elections 0

What's Happening This Week at CCR


Board Elections

Our annual board elections will be held during lunch this coming Thursday, November 17, 2011.  

You will have the opportunity to vote for three (3) of the following candidates. 

Peter Kalunian

Roger McDowell

Jeanne McPherson

Gail Middleton

Cathryn Tames 


District Governor's Visit

District Governor Rampur Viswanath will be our guest of honor for this weeks lunch meeting.

Make sure you attend to hear what is happening in our District and Rotary International. 

What's Happening This Week at CCR 0

Board of Directors 2012-2013

Elections were held on Thursday, November 17, 2011.

Following the elections this is the 2012-2013 Board of Directors.



Past President - Holly Wilson

President - Tim Fredrickson

President Elect - Ron Hue

Treasurer -  Janine Swailes

Secretary -  Bob Quay


Vocation/Education -  Randy Way

Community Service - Cathryn Tames

Club Service - Gail Middleton

New Generations - Cris Gamache

Special Projects  - Roger McDowell

International Service -  Jeanne McPherson


Congratulations to all! It will be another outstanding Rotary year.

The new Rotary year 2012-2013 begins July 1, 2012.

Board of Directors 2012-2013 0

It's been a very busy month for the Community Service Committee

Posted by Cathryn Tames

Coats for Kids - Chairman Steve Woods and committee volunteers have been delivering coats to local schools.  The feedback we have received is how grateful the schools are to get the coats for their needy students and the coats they received this year are the nicest they have ever gotten.


Baskets for the Needy - Chairwoman MaryAnn Showalter has distributed the list of needed items for this program.  The list is posted on the club web site and on lunch tables each week.


Apple Gleaning - Volunteers once again picked apples at the Wilson's.  The apples were donated to local food banks.


Homeless Count - The committee is hoping to partner with other local Rotary clubs to assist the counties with the homeless count on January 26, 2012.  One-hundred volunteers are needed on that day.  Volunteers will also need to participate in a one-hour training prior to the 26th.  Our club donated $250 towards items to be distributed to the homeless who participate in the count.  Volunteers purchased and delivered items such as socks, hats, gloves, scarves, snacks, etc. to the counties office.


It's been a very busy month for the Community Service Committee Cathryn Tames 0

Board Candidate Bio - Gail Middleton

Posted by Sondra Rader

 I am honored to have the opportunity to run for Columbia Center Rotary Board.  I am currently on the board finishing up Carol Krueger's second term while she and Gary enjoy retirement.

I joined Rotary in November 2006 and with the encouragement of other Rotarian's jumped into working with several committees.  Over the years I have been involved in several areas of service.  They include but are not limited to:  the chair of Club Services, monitoring the committees that make our meetings and club events run smoothly, a mentor with the Boys & Girls Club and the alternative high school, helped with the scholarship selection process run by the Education Committee, a member of the Special Projects Committee, a regular at decorating parties and other work days at the facility, working at off-site projects such as apple gleaning, city park improvements and many others, I have served on the International Committee.

I am looking forward to having the opportunity to continue serving this club next year and for many years to come.


Board Candidate Bio - Gail Middleton Sondra Rader 0

The 2011 Elf Election Rules

Posted by Timothy Fredrickson

1.  Tim Fredrickson is the Election Supervisor.


2.  The Election Supervisor shall appoint Assistant Election Supervisors as appropriate.


3.  Nominations may be made at anytime.


4.  Nominations shall cost $5.00.


5.  A single vote shall cost $1.00 from any source.  "Ballot Forms" for casting votes shall be available at each table and MUST be filled out in order for the vote(s) to count.


6.  Voting shall occur every Columbia Center Rotary meeting from December 1 through December 15, 2011.


7.  The election of the elf or elves shall be announced on December 15, 2011.


8.  The elf with the highest vote total shall be cast in a guest role in the 2012 production of the Mid-Columbia Regional Ballet's "The Nutcracker".


9.  In the event of recounts, appeals, filing errors, disputes, arguments, mudslinging, etc. the Election Supervisor is the final arbitrator and all decisions shall be final.


10.  All votes and nominations must be paid for at the time the written vote or nomination is made. NO PLEDGES ACCEPTED DURING ELF ELECTIONS.


11.  All votes cast shall apply to a club member's Rotary Foundation contribution account and shall be matched by the club.  Elf election votes shall also count towards  the CCR member's foundation pledge. 

The 2011 Elf Election Rules Timothy Fredrickson 0

Letter from Katrin Heyes - Youth Exchange Student


Dear Rotary Club of Columbia Center,


I had been wanting to write you all a letter even since I got back and I finally found the time to do it, and I think it is a good moment, too.


I am back in Germany since three months and it was not easy.  In the first month I felt like I was not able to handle the situation, because I had forgotten how different life is here in Germany.  I literally got a culture-shock going back to my home country.  Though I was so happy to see my parents again, I needed some time to adjust.  In the first half of the second month back I just wanted to talk in English about America all the time, and so I got really "homesick", because America was, is, and will always be my second home.  Then school started and I needed to start studying again, and after two weeks I finally found back to my old life.  Since then I found a good balance between my life here in Germany and my friends and memories from America.


It also showed me how much I grew during the past year.  I feel like I'm older than most of my old friends, though we still get along, our relationship changed.  Still, I think it is not a bad thing.  I also got a lot more optimistic and self-confident.   I started a theater group at my school, and with the help of a teacher, we will produce a comedy.  I also started coaching a track team.  The boys and girls are between ten and twelve years old, and it is a lot of fun for me.


I wanted to thank all of you, again, because you opened up my mind to new things.  I found new hobbies, new ways of thinking and especially, I found myself.  You are a wonderful Rotary club, and I hope we will keep in contact.  Some day, you will be visiting me or I will come fack for sure.


Sincerely yours,


Katrin Heyes (Happy Thanksgiving!) 


Kat's address is:  Hochstrape 10, 47877 Willich Germany 

Letter from Katrin Heyes - Youth Exchange Student 0

Where do I find a "New Member Proposal Form"


Several members have been having trouble locating the "NEW MEMBER PROPOSAL" forms on our club's web site.


It's Easy! 


From the home page go to the Admin Page, click on "View Club Documents". 


Once the next page comes up the "New Member Proposal" form is the top listed document. 


Open the document, save it, fill it out and send it back to electronically.



Where do I find a "New Member Proposal Form" 0

Board Candidate Bio - Jeanne McPherson


Owner of McPherson Workforce Development, I specialize in leadership, change, conflict management, and collaboration.  I have served as a professor at the University of South Alabama, an instructor in the executive development program at Ohio State University, and in the corporate development program at the Unviersity of Denver.  At WSU Tri-Cities, I teach environmental dispute resolution.


A member of Rotary for two years, I am certified as a facilitator for the Rotary Leadership Institute.  Currently, I participate on the International Committee, the Vocational and Education Committee and the Speaker's Committee.  I have attended regional conferences as well as the past Rotary International Convention in New Orleans.  In November, I will help at a leadership camp in Auburn for Hispanic youth as part of our Lakeview Project.  I am most interested in international and intercultural collaborative efforts.


It is an honor to serve this wonderful organization.





Board Candidate Bio - Jeanne McPherson 0

Board Candidate Bio - Peter Kalunian


I have been a Rotarian for over 15 years, mostly as a member of the Columbia Center Rotary Club.  Due to job re-locations, I also was a member of the Bellevue Rotary and Renton Rotary clubs.  I have served as Chair of International and Foundation Committees.  I am a Paul Harris Fellow.  In addition, I have served on many Rotary committees such as The Annual Auction and Coats for Kids.


For the past 12 years, I have led a Rotary sponsored medical, dental and construction mission to Belize.  I have written several matching grants and a district direct grant for a borehole water well in Sudan.  I led a group for the reconstruction of New Orleans.  I currently serve on our club's International Committee.  


I worked for about 20 years as an Episcopal Priest previously as a Director of Special Education.  I enjoy traveling, sailing, bowling, softball and babysitting my granddaughter Reilly.  My wife, Kathy, is a nurse educator.  We have two grown twin daughters.  Heather is a Special Education Teacher at Park Middle School.  Anne is a Registered Nurse Practioner at New Mexico Health Science Hospital in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  



Board Candidate Bio - Peter Kalunian 0

Board Candidate Bio - Cathryn Tames


I have been a member of CCR since November of 2006.  I was selected for a one-year term on the Board of Directors effective July 2011 and am chairing the Community Service Committee.  I am enjoying this position and serving as a board member and feel my contributions have been valuable. 


Within a few short months of becoming a member of the club, I began serving as Sergeant of Arms, and continued to do so until June 2011.  I chaired the Coats for Kids program for 3 years.  In 2009, I volunteered as the "Head Duck" for the annual Mid-Columbia Duck Race.  This position represented our club as well as the other 5 clubs in our community.  I have been active on the Community Service Committee since joining the club and have volunteered for activities with the Education Committee.  I was twice selected as Rotarian of the Month (2009 and 2010), and twice selected as the Community Service Committee's Volunteer of the Year (2008 and 2010).


I was born and raised in Kennewick and am fortunate to have family here.  My formal volunteer activities started when I was 14 and began as a candy striper at Kennewick General Hospital.  I am very grateful that I can give back to our community which has done so much for me and my family over the years.  I have been with the Children's Developmental Center for nearly 28 years and the Executive Director for the last 7 years.  Like my role in Rotary, my role at the Center is fulfilling, meaningful, rewarding and inspiring.


I am interested in being selected to continue serving on the Board of Directors to challenge myself and others, to continue to give back to our community and to make a positive difference in the lives of others.  I would appreciate your vote and support.  Thank you.





Board Candidate Bio - Cathryn Tames 0

Board Candidate Bio - Roger McDowell


I am a Financial Services Professional with New York Life Insurance Company. 


I have been a member of the Columbia Center Rotary Club since 1986.  I have participated in many committee's over the years and currently sit on the Special Projects and Educational Committees.  I may be the only member from the 80's that hasn't served on the board.


I have really enjoyed participating on various "hands on" projects:  the demolition of the first Bingo site on 4th Avenue, planting the trees on Columbia Center Boulevard, and installing benches along the Heritage Trail on Clover Island.


I look forward to serving this great organization and hope I can bring my skill set to help us navigate the future challenges. 



Board Candidate Bio - Roger McDowell 0

Elf Elections

Posted by Sondra Rader
Elf Elections
Thursday, December 1, 2011
Elf Elections Sondra Rader 0

Mark Showalter - Contest Winner!

Posted by Sondra Rader

Finally!  We have a winner!  Several members entered the contest, some repeatedly, but Mark Showalter was the only member that got all the questions right.  Question #4 was the one that eliminated everyone else!

1.  What date did Jack Olsen join Rotary?  October 1, 1998

2.  How many PHF's does Steve Wood have?  PHF +7

3.  What date was the "New Member Handbook" added to the web site?  May 14, 2009

4.  How many member photos have two or more people in them?   

Derrel Ebert, Cris Gamache, Allyn Griffin, Luke Hallowell, Linda Moran, Mike Rader, Michael Reuter, David Reeploeg, Steve Schwan, Randy Way, Dick Weaver.  Gail Middleton - No, MaryAnn Showalter - No. 

5.  Who authored the article "Cheese Louise"?  Janelle Harvey


Mark Showalter - Contest Winner! Sondra Rader 0

Mission Possible


To help our club members keep up on Lisa Teske's Rotoplast Mission trip a link has been added to our home page.

On the bottom left side of the home page, click on "Mission Possible", you will be taken to Lisa's blog and able to catch up on her wonderful daily postings.


Mission Possible 0

Duck Ticket Sales Winners!

Posted by Sondra Rader

Combined Harry & Pat Garrison sold 335 tickets and received a bottle of wine & a gift certificate.  Great job you two Love Birds!

Second Place also had two winners!  Bruce Schwan  and Lucinda Welch each sold 225 tickets.  They also received wine and gift certificates.

The following members also did an outstanding job of selling tickets:  Casey Hart (131), Allyn Griffin (100), Renee Dahlgren (79), Aaron Banta, Peter Kalunian. Gail Middleton. Lisa Teske, Holly Wilson (75).  Many, many members sold two books of tickets (50), too many to list, and all members participated and helped to make this the most tickets we have ever sold.

Special thanks to the members that donated prizes, wine and were Quacker Backer's. 

Thanks to All! 

Duck Ticket Sales Winners! Sondra Rader 0

Club Anniversaries

Posted by Sondra Rader

ImageImageCongratulations to these members!  This month, September 2011, they are celebrating their five-year anniversaries in our club, Columbia Center Rotary.

Dora Holcroft joined CCR on September 20, 2006.  Dora is active in many of our committees.  Dora has been to the Rotary International Convention in Montreal Canada and traveled with members from the International Service committee to Tepic MX two years ago.  Dora was a very important member of that team due to her Spanish heritage, ability to speak the language and her eagerness to learn more about our projects & sister clubs in Tepic.  Dora has had 100% attendance since joining Columbia Center Rotary and is a Paul Harris Fellow +1.  Dora has made many contributions to CCR in the past five years - thank you! 

Theta Ellsworth joined CCR on September 7, 2006.  Since joining Theta has been a very active member of the Fellowship/Social committee.  Theta participates in all club work parties, has great attendance at club meetings and social events, has attended two Rotary International Conventions - Los Angeles & New Orleans and is a Paul Harris Fellow +3.  Columbia Center Rotary is a better club because of Theta's contributions!

Club Anniversaries Sondra Rader 0

Holiday Baskets for the Elderly

Posted by Sondra Rader

Next week is the LAST week to bring your items for the Holiday Baskets for the Elderly.  Mary Ann Showalter and her helpers took inventory of what has been donated so far........................................this is a call to all our club members to help fill the boxes in the back of the room.  Thus far we have collected only a fraction of what we have collected in previous years.  Remember: the people you are helping could be your mothers, fathers, grandparents, seniors that have given a lot in the past but now need our help.

All of the following items are desperately needed.  However we are very short on the items listed in RED.

Mittens        HATS          Socks        SLIPPERS

Flannel Sweat shirts and/or Sweatpants        BLANKETS

POSTAGE STAMPS          Assorted Greeting Cards          Phone Cards

Kleenex          Shampoo          Conditioner          Toothpaste

Flashlights with Batteries          First Aid Kits          Band-Aids

PILL BOXES         Hand Lotion          Dish Soap          Bar Soap

"Grip" Writing Pens          Pencils         PADS OF PAPER          CALENDARS


Food Supplies:

Coffee/Tea/Hot Chocolate/Water           Ensure

Peanut Butter          Jam/Jelly          Sugar Free Hard Candies

Low-Sodium Crackers          Potatoes          Onions/Oranges/Apples


Gift Certificates or Vouchers to various elder services such as Dial-A-Ride tickets, Winco, Wal-Mart etc.


Remember next Thursday is the last week to bring your donations.  Thank you in advance! 

Holiday Baskets for the Elderly Sondra Rader 0

Event Center Holiday Decorating

Posted by Sondra Rader

Come One, Come All!  Tuesday, November 29, 2011 from 6:00 - 10:00 PM.

The Fellowship Committee thought it would be a festive idea to make our holiday decorating a club social event.  Join your fellow CCR;'s in decorating the Event Center for the holidays.

Lights will be put on the windows, wreaths hung, trees decorated and more.  If you have unused/unwanted Christmas decorations, donate them to the club.  The Fellowship budget is limited this year and your decorations would be put to good use.

Bring your favorite snack or appetizer to share!  Bring holiday cheer and help make the Event Center a holiday wonder!  The club will provide beverages.


Event Center Holiday Decorating Sondra Rader 0

September birthdays and anniversaries

Posted by Janine Swailes

Important Rotary anniversaries in September:  Theta Ellsworth - 5 years on September 7; Dora Holcroft - 4 years on September 20

 Happy Birthday to Jim Ellison (Sept 2); Glenn Bestebreuer and Renee Dahlgren  (Sept 3); Lynn Bresnahan and Mike Rader (Sept 4); Mike Pettyjohn (Sept 11); Greg Luehrs (Sept 13): Cindy Rosenbaum (Sept 18); Martin Valadez (Sept 22); Brian Conrd and Glen Marshall (Sept 23); Mike Reuter (Sept 26); Andy Miller (Sept 27); and Tom Halazon (Sept 28).   Image

September birthdays and anniversaries Janine Swailes 0

What Did You Get On Vacation?

Posted by Sondra Rader

Connie Schneider's vacation souvenir!!!  

She's home & feeling better.  Hopefully we will see her at lunch on Thursday.  Take care Connie! 

What Did You Get On Vacation? Sondra Rader 0

Roz Solomon, Chief Operating Officer - Washington Business Alliance

Posted by Jeanne McPherson
Co-founded by David Giuliani, CEO of Pacific Bioscience Laboratories, the Clarisonic company, and Howard Behar, former CEO of Starbucks International, the Washington Business Alliance is a nonpartisan, non-ideological organization whose member businesses contribute their skills to help address the critical issues facing our state.

An ever complex and demanding global environment requires thoughtful global leadership.  Our political leaders – the individuals charged with helping chart our course – are too often in gridlock.  Here in Washington State, healthcare costs are skyrocketing, while funding for education - our pathway to the future – is being cut by as much as 25%.  

Times like these give rise to cynicism, skepticism, and extremism.  What can be done? 

First we have to build a vision for where we’re going, we then have to find specific, local methods for beginning to implement that vision, and then we have to replicate it.  Roz Solomon, the COO of the newly-formed Washington Business Alliance, will speak to the idea of business taking on this leadership role, how it looks and how it might work. 


Roz Solomon, Chief Operating Officer - Washington Business Alliance Jeanne McPherson 0


Posted by Cris Gamache

New Generations is the "youth" portion of Rotary covering Youth Exchange, RYLA, Rotoract and Interact.

On September 23, 2011 CCR's New Generation committee held a multi-club meeting and discussed the upcoming Youth Exchange Fall Retreat to be held in the Tri-Cities, November 4 - 6, 2011.  Plans are for the students to attend our Apple Gleaning on November 5, 2011, participate in a ropes course and participate in Wii contests.   Everyone is looking forward to hosting the students for these events.  It will give this year's Exchange Students an opportunity to get to know each other.  

The next Multi-Club New Generations meeting will be  Wednesday, October 12, 2011 at the Columbia Center Rotary Event Center.  You are invited to attend if you would like to participate in these events and serve on this committee.

There is still a need of a host family for our French exchange student, Guilluame Richie.  The time period would be December 1, 2011 through the first week of March 2012.  This is a great time to host a student as the host family will have an opportunity to learn about French Christmas traditions and incorporate new traditions into their own.  Guilluame is an avid skier and enjoys archery and fishing.  Exchange students will be attending a weekend district ski trip to Canada in February 2012.  Think of the wonderful experience you can provide a foreign student and the relationships that can be developed.  



Apple Gleaning 2011

Posted by Sondra Rader

Enjoy a beautiful fall day while "gleaning" apples to be donated to Second Harvest, Saturday, November 5, 2011 - 8:00 am to about 2:00 pm      

This is an annual Columbia Center Rotary event that is a very popular "fall" club activity. The gleaning takes place in Holly & Bill Wilson's apple orchards.  A wonderful lunch follows the gleaning for all hungry helpers.  

Spouses & older kids are invited!  Only the first 50 members/family to sign up will be able to be involved due to the Wilson's insurance restrictions & the number of apple picking baskets available.  Be sure to sign up early!

Wear warm clothes & work boots, bring smiles & good cheer - anyone that has participated once will want to participate AGAIN! 

Apple Gleaning 2011 Sondra Rader 0

Wine Social

Posted by Sondra Rader

As a finale and celebration for another great Duck Race ticket sales year the Fellowship Committee has planned a evening wine social at Bookwalter Winery - Friday, October 7, 2011, 5:00 - 8:00 pm.

Members and one guest are invited!  The club will host two glasses of wine per guest plus wonderful appetizer trays. Guests can purchase additional wine.  We will enjoy a beautiful Tri-Cities fall evening by gathering outside under the pergola.  

Mark this date on your calendars now & we request that you sign up on the club's web site.  Sign ups are important so that we know how many guests to plan wine & food for. 

Wine Social Sondra Rader 0

BBQ was a BIG Hit!

Posted by Sondra Rader

Those members, spouses, kids & guests that attended last night's Family BBQ & Ice Cream Social had a wonderful time even though our weather had turned much cooler & a bit rainy.  If you weren't there you missed out on a lot of fun!

A crowd of over sixty gathered at Bill & Holly Wilson's home to enjoy fellowship, lots of wonderful food brought by the guests, and the grilling expertise of Bill Wilson & Rick Welch.  Chuck Stack was the ice cream social maestro, having brought his soft ice cream machine.  Games for the kids & adults were chaired by Theta Ellsworth & Pat Garrison, Barbara Johnson provided many of the great prizes.  Randy Way was the only "adult" brave enough to be seen in his swimming suit, and I must say he looked great!, and spent most of the evening doing cannonballs off the diving board with the Bestebreur, Ace and Way kiddie's.  Our Japanese exchange student did a native fan dance near the end of the evening.  Shelly's dance was very graceful, energetic and beautifully performed.  The two most popular attendees when Holly's BIG dogs, Bear & Muffin.  Both are individually the size of small horses, truly, but the most gentle, sweet, animals.

Thanks to the Fellowship Committee  for putting together this successful event & many thanks to all the members and guests that helped set up prior to the event and stuck around afterwards for clean up.  You can always count on our Rotary Family to pitch in when needed.

Janelle Harvey, in her newly appointed role as "club photographer", did an outstanding job of taking pictures.  The pictures will be posted to the web site early next week.  Our next club social is at Bookwalter Winery on Friday, October 7, 2011.  Information is posted on the web site - sign up soon!

BBQ was a BIG Hit! Sondra Rader 0

Christmas Party

Posted by Sondra Rader

Sondra Wilson & Jeff Groce have graciously opened up their home for our annual Christmas Party.  Spouses or a significant other are invited, must be 21 years old.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

6:00 PM - 11:00 PM

2677 Katie Road, Kennewick WA  99338

The club will be hosting the beverages and meat dishes!  Please bring a salad, side dish, dessert or appetizer.  Join in on the fun, sign up now! 



Christmas Party Sondra Rader 0

Say "HI" to Shelly!

Posted by Sondra Rader

Hello, everyone.

I'm Chisaki Takami.  I am an exchange student from Japan. I go by Shelly in the USA.  My life in here is so new.  Everything is so fresh and interesting and stimulating for me!

My interest and hobby is playithe Japanese drum.  I have played the drum since I was 6 years old.  All of my family play the Japanese drum.  My mother is the best player among us.  Since last year my parents made own team of Japanese drum.  In the team my mother is boss, father is henchman, brother is underling and I am backer.  Someday I want to show you my performance!

I want to accept new ways of thinking and self-reliance from this exchange.  Stay in stranger's house and going to be a memer of the family is not easy but such a so precious experience.  So I will not waste this change.  I want to strive for everything.

Thank you. 

Say "HI" to Shelly! Sondra Rader 0

Welcome to our Youth Exchange Student

Posted by Sondra Rader

My name is Guillaume Richez, I come from France.

I like bicycle, pets, my friends and video games.  I come in the USA for learn the American culture, the language, meet people

I have already gone to the fair, saw demolition derby and rodeo, gone to the river, rode jet ski and tubes.


Welcome to our Youth Exchange Student Sondra Rader 0
What ROTARY month is it? Sondra Rader 0

No Winners YET!

Posted by Sondra Rader

There was not a winner for the "first" Club Runner contest!  A lot of great answers BUT not the correct answer.

We are going to try the contest again!  This time the contest prize will be doubled - a $50.00 gift certificate to a wonderful local restaurant.  You will be looking for "something"!  Find these two words, printed as follows:  host families.

The contest  deadline is Tuesday, August 23, 2011 at 5:00 pm.  Send your answers to Sondra Rader at

Have fun!

No Winners YET! Sondra Rader 0

WSU Tri-Cities / CC Rotary Stage Ground Breaking Ceremony

Posted by Christy Watts

Mark your calendars for Friday, August 26, 2011 at 10:00 am for the CC Rotary Stage ground breaking ceremony at WSU.Tri-Cities.

This is the first major project funded by the CC Rotary Charity Board on our club's behalf.  It would be wonderful to have as many CC Rotarians as possible there.  More information to come! 

WSU Tri-Cities / CC Rotary Stage Ground Breaking Ceremony Christy Watts 0

Make Up Procedures

It is the beginning of a new Rotary year and once again time to remind all members of the policies & procedures for correctly handling your makeups.

1.  Makeups MUST be made two weeks before or two weeks after a missed meeting.

2.  When attending another club's meeting a member MUST turn in a "makeup" card including the following information.  

  • Member's Name
  • Name of the visiting club
  • Date of the meeting attended
  • Signed by an officer/Sgt. at Arms from the visiting club.
     Without this information a makeup will not be credited to the member.
3.  ALL makeups must be presented to the Sgt. at Arms.  Makeups should not be emailed to or dropped off at the Rotary office.
4.  It is the MEMBERS responsibility to insure that their attendance is correct at all times!  A members attendance records are available on the club's web site. 
5.  EClub makeups are allowed - one per quarter i.e. July/August/September.  EClub makeups are done on the RI web site,  A printed copy of the makeup MUST be turned in to the Sgt. at Arms for makeup credit. 
6.  Makeups are ALLOWED for the following:
  • Attending another club's meeting
  • Committee meetings
  • Work parties
  • Club events such as; International Night, New Member Reception, Installation Banquet.
7.  Makeups are NOT ALLOWED for the following: 
  • Club socials such as; Mortgage Burning, Choir Practices, Christmas Party, etc.
If you have questions regarding the "Makeup Procedures" please contact Sondra Rader.

Make Up Procedures 0

2010-2011 Columbia Center Rotarian of the Year - Lucinda Welch


President Don Hart's comments upon announcing this year's Rotarian of the Year:

One of the fun things that the CCR President gets to do is to choose the Rotarian of the Year.  At least that's what I thought after talking to Lee Boman several years ago.  The trust of the matter is it's a difficult task and getting ever more so as we bring in members who contribute to our club. I know I had many individuals to choose from who would represent our club well, was well thought of in their profession and candidly was someone I could call on for special assignments.  Trust me there were still a lot of candidates.

But you know being a Rotarian means "Service Above Self".  It not only means putting your responsibility to serve before those things you really want to do, like paint the house.  Sometimes it means dealing with difficult situations and learning from them.  It does not always mean being super successful because few people can succeed the first time they try.  And so failure or difficulty in execution is a great teacher.  And et a key facet of "Service Above Self" is some self-speak which says "I am going to do this". 


2010-2011 Columbia Center Rotarian of the Year - Lucinda Welch 0

Columbia Valley Daybreak Meeting Location Change


Columbia Valley Daybreak Rotary Club will hold it's Thursday 7:00 AM club meetings at O'Callahan's in the Richland Shil Inn on the following dates:  July 7, 14, 21, 28, August 4 and 11th.

The club expects to return to their regular meeting venue at the Tri-Tech Skills Center Cafe on August 18.  The meeting relocation is due to renovations to complete repair of the damage caused by the kitchen fire last fall. 

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ClubRunner Mobile App

The ClubRunner Mobile App is now available for download.  Released on May 4, 2011, the ClubRunner Mobile App is your key to connect to our club's website on the go!  The app is free to download and use.

The ClubRunner Mobile App is comprised of 3 main modules.  You will have the ability to view the membership directory, view articles posted on our website and locate the Rotary club nearest to you.

To download the app from the App Store, simply type in "ClubRunner" in the search bar.  The mobile app is compatible with all versions of the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch sets that have iOS 3.1 or later.

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Rotarian Magazine

Check out this month's Rotarian magazine; page 14, article #3. Columbia Center Rotary has helped to support Peter's Belize mission trips for years.
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Day 2 from New Orleans

Posted by Sondra Rader
First, apologies for spelling/grammar errors in yesterday's bulletin. Club Runner was being uncooperative & not allowing me to make corrections. My story and I'm sticking to it..... The opening ceremony was yesterday afternoon. Highlights were the presentation of the flags from all Rotary countries. Whether there were patriotic cheers from a handful of a flags countrymen or the cheers of hundreds the love of the attendees individual countries is always inspiring. My personal highlight was 240+ youth exchange students singing "We Are The World" and waving small flags from their home countries. Kleenex time! Members spent time in the Friendship Hall, visiting project booths & doing a little shopping for Rotary pins, clothing & other Rotary items. The "official" opening of the club's hospitality suite was enjoyed for a couple of hours before members disbursed to enjoy dinner and restaurants around the city. The hospitality KREWE for the eving was Les Lizenberger & Connie Sherman, Holly Wilson & Lori Lancaster and Tim Fredrickson & Cindy Rosenbaum. Hurricane drinks were served with platters of wonderful appetizers. Today's plenary session begins with entertain at 8:45, the Langley Ukelele Band from Langley BC Canada. High school kids that are fantastic! Many of us have seen them before at events in our own district or at previous RI conventions. Pictures will follow after we get home! We have hundreds already.
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Day 1 from New Orleans

Posted by Sondra Rader
Most of us our here; some arriving Friday, the remainder (except the Schwan's) arrived yesterday. Schwan's had serious travel problems. The Minneapolis airport was closed due to a power outrage. They were re-routed, somehow got back to MSP & will be flying in today. The convention's opening session is this afternoon at 1:00. Club members & spouses spent Saturday doing a variety of activities; getting familiarized with this wonderful city, eating, sightseeing, eating, Creole cooking class for some, more eating, concerts & Bourbon street jazz, gathering in the clubs hospitality suite and, of course more eating. Anyone that has been to New Orleans before remembers the outstanding food. Our hotel, the Loewes New Orleans, is only about 10-12 blocks, walking distance from the convention center We are conveniently located to the French Quarter, many of the best known restaurants, and all of the convention activities. The temperatures are and will be in the high 80's all week. Finally summer weather but along with it comes humidity which none of us are accustomed to. Day 2 is under way and I will keep you posted on all our group's activities in and away from the convention! Wish you were all here!
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Katrin Heyes - Youth Exchange Student


Our Youth Exchange Student attends Richland High School and was awarded the following recognition for the month of March 2011.  Congratulations Katrin!!!

Congratulations on Katrin Heyes recognition as the Excellence award winner for the month of March.  The Elite Fleet Program provides opportunity for all students to be recognized for an award in three areas:

Attitude, Improvement/Consistency, and Excellence

The Elite Fleet Program is implemented through the classroom teacher.  Each classroom teacher nominates three students every month.  These nominations are then sent to the eight different department heads for final selection of monthly award winners.

Katrin won her award for effort in the area of English and will receive a certificate, an Elite Fleet pin, and an Elite Fleet bumper sticker at an evening awards program.  Each monthly winner will also be considered for the semester award.

Again Katrina, you are having a very successful Rotary Exchange year.

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Welcome Gracie May Ebert

Derrel & Nicole Ebert welcomed their baby girl this past Monday, March 14, 2011 at 3:38 am.

Gracie weighed 8 lbs. 13 oz. and was 21 1/2 inches long.  Baby girl, mommy and new daddy are all doing well.  Hopefully pictures to follow soon!

Please send congratulatory wishes to Derrel & Nicole at 5304 Mariner (hmmmmmm - Dust Devils?) Lane, Pasco WA  99301


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IPhone App - Rotary Club Locator

Posted by Sondra Rader

You can now search for a Rotary club with RI's FREE IPhone app.  In the Apple app store it's called the Rotary Club Locator from Rotary International.  The app will soon be offered for Android phones.

I loaded it on my phone.  It works!!!

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Food (Wine?) For Thought

Posted by Sondra Rader
Article in the April 2011 Rotarian:
Since the grape was first fermented, wine has been part of social gatherings in ancient Athens.  Historians say, the typical home toasted more vessls for drinking wine than all other dishes combined.

These days, Rotary clubs are finding many creative ways to appeal to wine lovers and raise funds for their projects.

1.  Cheers to art - The Rotary Club of Paarf, South Africa, auctions off wine, art, and jewelry each September at an area vineyard, club members in top hat and tails assist with the bidding.  In the Bahamas, The Rotary Club of South-East Nassau presents its Evening of Jazz, Art, and Wine every fall, and in May, the Rotary Club of Mariposa, California, USA, serves up its Fine Art and Wine Festival on the lawn of the Mariposa County Courthouse.

2.  Vintage fests - Some fundraisers get better every year.  November marked the 21st Fraser Valley Wine Tasting Festival, organized by the Rotary Club of Langley Central, British Columbia, Canada.  Over the years, the event has raised more than C$700,000 for charity.  The Rotary Club of Abbotsford-Matsqui, British Columbia will hold its 17th annual wine tasting and silent auction in May.  And for 21 years, the Rotary Club of Fortuna, California, has paired wine with art, music, and local specialties for Art and Wine in the Park.

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Ribbon Cutting

Posted by Bruce Schwan

On Thursday, March 24th at 11:00am, the City of Kennewick will have a ribbon cutting/dedication of the four new scoreboards at Lawrence Scott Park softball fields.  City officials will be present and all Columbia Center Rotarians are invited.

The City indicates that the new scoreboards will allow Kennewick to compete more effectively for large regional tournaments which should increase by nearly $1M the revenue the City receives each year from hosting sport tournaments.

CCR provided over $25,000 in funding to purchase the four scoreboards.  The City of Kennewick provided all the installation and electrical/control.

Please plan on attending the ribbon cutting - show your support for another outstanding addition to our community!


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Gates to speak at 2011 RI Convention-New Orleans


Bill Gates, cochair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, will be a keynote speaker at the 2011 RI Convention in New Orleans, Louisiana May 21-25, 2011.

Gates will discuss the progress of the polio eradication effort and the need to finish the job during the third plenary session scheduled for Tuesday, May 24th, at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center.  The session has been moved to the afternoon, 3:00-5:00, from its original morning time slot.


The Gates Foundation awarded US$355 million in challenge grants to Rotary for use in the campaign to rid the world of polio.  Rotary has responded with Rotary's US$200 Million Challenge.  Gates has made several trips to India and Nigeria, two of the four remaining polio-endemic countries, and has praised the work of Rotarians in his annual letter. 

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Community Service Project Pictures

Community Service Committee member Michael Dinius has posted pictures of some recent Community Service funded projects on our club web site.  Thank you Michael!

Please go to the web sites Home Page and look in the Photo Journal Archives - "Community Service Committee Album:  Funded Projects".

More reminders of all the great works our committees & members are constantly do for our community!!!

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Let's be considerate of our Bingo players!

Hold your conversations in Columbia Center Rotary areas; the conference room, Rotary office or Event Center.

Leave the building or use the Event Center foyer to take cell phone calls.

These requests have been made by the Bingo staff, the Bingo players have been complaining.

Thank you for helping to keep the players happy!!!
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Members with 100% Attendance

As announced at yesterday's lunch meeting the following are members have 100% attendance for this Rotary year:

Glenn Bestebreur, Candice Bluechel, Lynn Bresnahan, Rich Bresnahan, Gary Brons, Jeff Daniels, Tracy Diaz, Michael Dinius, Greg Falk, Tim Fredrickson, Tom Halazon, Gary Hall, Jan Hansens, Don Hart, Janelle Harvey, John Herrig, Dora Holcroft, Ron Hue, Jeanne Jelke, Barbara Johnson, Bud Knore, Carol Krueger, Les Litzenberger, Gail Middleton, Linda Moran, Jack Olsen, Bob Quay, Mike Rader, Sondra Rader, Michael Reuter, Cindy Rosenbaum, Bruce Schwan, Mark Showalter, Traci Sunday, Janine Swailes, Cathryn Tames, Mike Tuohy, Christy Watts, Randy Way, Lucinda Welch and Kathy Willis.

It is each members responsibility to check their attendance!  It's easy!!  Go to the club's web site, sign on, click on ADMIN at the top of the page, once there, look for "My Attendance".  This is your most current attendance record.  If you see a problem please contact Sondra Rader.

If you believe your attendance is currently incorrect go to your attendance record, see when you have missed and let Sondra know of any make-ups, committee meetings, etc. that have not been posted. 

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Special Guest - Richland Rotary

From President Darrel Johnsen, Richland Rotary:

"You are invited to join us next Tuesday, March 1, 2011, for Richland Rotary at 12:10 PM for special guest speaker, Washington Attorney General Rob McKennna.  It is a lunch meeting at Richland Red Lion.  There will be plenty of time for discussion and questions and answers.  Please plan on attending."

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District 5080 Rotary Foundation Dinner

Posted by Mark Showalter
Rotary members are invited to attend the District 5080 Rotary Foundation Dinner on Friday, April 15th, 2011 at the Red Lion Inn at the Park in Spokane, Washington.  Special recognition for Major Donors, Bequest Society members and Paul Harris Society members.  No-host bar begins at 6pm.  Dinner begins at 7pm.  Cost is $45 in advance and $50 at the door.  If you are interested in attending please contact Mark Showalter or Tim Fredrickson.
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"Tiptoe Through The Tulips"

Why is it called the "Mortgage Burning Party"?

The first annual MBP was held to celebrate paying off the mortgage on the Bingo Blvd. building. Past President Les Litzenberger came up with the wonderful, and popular, idea of celebrating by playing Bingo and member/guests winnings could be designated to the "charities of their choice". $50,000.00 is set aside yearly for members to win & give away in one night. Eleven X $50,000 = $550,000.00 that members have given to their favorite charities.

This was such a successful event that the club leaders decided, "We have to do this every year!". AND WE HAVE - this will be our 11th Annual Mortgage Burning Party!!!

The planning committee is working hard once again to plan a wonderful evening of great food, lots of beverages, music & dancing to Smooth As Jazz, and plenty of fun and winnings playing Bingo. All hosted by the club!!!

Bring your spouse or significant other and join in on this fantastic evening! Sign up on Club Runner ASAP.

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Kurshed's Baby Girl

Born about a month ago!  Komilah Sharifov - isn't she beautiful!!  Congratulations!!
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He Did It !!!

The 2011 Polar Plunge benefitting Special Olympics is over!!

President Don Hart & Chief Ken Hohenberg participated in this annual, very cold event.

Check out the Photo Journal "2011 Polar Plunge" for additional pictures.

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Richland Riverside Meeting

Richland Riverside Rotary Club is NOT having a meeting on Monday, February 21, 2011 because of the President's Day holiday.
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Bunco Babes

Join the ladies of Columbia Center Rotary for a monthly game of Bunco.

The first event will be Monday evening, February 21, 2011. We will gather for this first game at the Event Center from 6:00-9:00 pm.

The fee to play is $10.00 with 50% of your entry fee to go towards a future non-profit or charity. Bring an appetizer to share with others and whatever you choose to drink.

Sign up on the club's web site NOW!!!
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Mark's Party

Last night over 60 CCRotarian's, spouses and guests gathered to celebrate Mark's many years of service to our club & community and to wish Janet & Mark well on their move to Dallas, TX.

In recognition of Mark's many years of service & commitment to Columbia Center Rotary he was presented an "Honorary" membership.

Among the guests celebrating Mark & Janet's time in the Tri-cities were District Governor Sandy Wade & her husband, Syd; Dist. Asst. Gov. Phil Fossum & his wife, Diane; Past President Lee Boman, and former CCRotarian Kris Johnsen.

You will have one more opportunity to congratulate Mark at lunch today. Mark reports for his new position in the National Boy Scouts office in Dallas, TX on February 1, 2011.

Good Luck Mark & Janet. You are already missed.

Mark's Party 0

Mark Griffin's "Going Away" Hoe Down

Wednesday, January 26, 2011
6:00 - 9:00 PM

Make sure you attend Mark's going away party & thank him for his many contributions to our club.

Invitations have been sent to each member. Reservations can be made by calling Shirley at the Country Gentlemen. You can pay directly by credit card, $35.00 per person.

A cocktail hour, dinner, wine/beer and an opportunity to share stories about our friend.

Mark Griffin's "Going Away" Hoe Down 0

New Member Reception

A fun event is being planned for our newer members as well as long-time members. A football/sports theme is planned since the SuperBowl is being played on February 6, 2011.

There will be committee information tables, games to test your knowledge of Rotary, a SuperBowl football pool ($5.00/square), a catered dinner, and beer/non-alcoholic beverages.

Wear your favorite team's jersey or other sports attire and come have fun with your fellow Rotarians while learning more about Rotary International and Columbia Center Rotary. Spouses or significant others are invited.
For new members, attending a New Member Reception is one of your "check off list" requirements!!! The next one may not be scheduled until the next Rotary year. RSVP through Club Runner by January 28th!

When: Thursday, February 3, 2011
Time: 6:00-8:00 pm
Where: Columbia Center Rotary Event Center
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Event Center Cleaning & Reorganization

A large group of club members showed up Saturday morning to spruce up our Event Center & storage room closet.

The work crew reorganized the storage closet; purging old, unused, unneeded "stuff", placing storage items in containers & re-organizing the shelves, cleaning out & organizing the Sgt. at Arms table, removing all the chairs & tables in the EC and conference room for Tuesday's carpet cleaning, hung a collection of club trading flags, cleaned wood blinds & table tops, and much more.

Thank you Mike Young, Candice Bluechel, Gail Middleton, Traci Sunday, Jan Hansens, Sandi Strawn, Cris Gamache, Linda Moran, Greg Luehrs, Khurshed Sharifov, Janelle & Tom Harvey, Deanna Sholin, Randy, Cindy & Dylan Way, Mike & Sondra Rader.
Event Center Cleaning & Reorganization 0

Great Turnout!!!

Great turnout for last night's work party: taking down & storing all the Christmas decorations. We were done in less than an hour!!!

Thanks to everyone that showed up to help!!! Michael Dinius, Ron Hue, Debi Lynch, Carol Moser, Brad Wright, Holly Wilson, Cathryn Tames, Allen Brecke, Mike Tuohy, Carol Krueger, Gary Brons, Theta Ellsworth, Doug Wadsworth, Sondra Wilson, Mike Rader, and Sondra Rader.  A great crew that got it done in record time!

Great Turnout!!! 0

Family of Rotary

Debbie Forgette is home!!! Great news!!! You can now send your thoughts & prayers to her at 901 S. Jefferson, Kennewick WA 99336.

Sharon Halazon will be home this Friday or Saturday. Tom & Halazon have requested that in lieu of flowers donations be made to the Rotary Foundation in Sharon's name. In order for proper processing please make your checks out to CCR & give them to Sondra Rader. Your thoughts & prayers can be sent to Sharon at 105 Augusta Lane, Pasco WA 99301.
Family of Rotary 0

Richland Riverside - No Meetings!!!

Richland Riverside Rotary will not be meeting on Monday, December 27, 2010 or Monday, January 3, 2011.

There next regular lunch meeting will be Monday, January 20, 2011.

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2010 Elves Are.................

Over $22,000.00 was raised for the Rotary Foundation during this year's annual Elf Elections. Congratulations to Tim Fredrickson and his team for a well-run election and for breaking the previous record for monies raised.

This year's elves will be Randy Way, the UW Husky, and Karen Miller, the WSU Cougar.

Be sure you sign up for the Family Christmas Lunch next Thursday, December 23, 2010. Santa, the elves, a children's choir, cupcake decorating and more have been planned for you and your families enjoyment.
2010 Elves Are................. 0

Final Day to Vote for YOUR Favorite Elf!!!

Bring your checkbooks and cash!!! Today is the final day of voting for this year's Christmas Elf.

Your votes will be matched by the club & apply towards your Paul Harris Fellow contribution.

Join in on the fun while making your annual contribution to the Rotary Foundation.

Final Day to Vote for YOUR Favorite Elf!!! 0

Charity Board Election Results

Posted by Michael Rader
Thank you to the Past President's that volunteered to service our club in yet another position: CCR Charity Board member.

The following members will begin serving a three year term on July 1, 2011.
Allen Brecke
Gary Hall
Sondra Rader
Charity Board Election Results Michael Rader 0

Family Unit Sculpture Dedication

Posted by Bruce Schwan
I hope all of you will be able to attend the dedication of the Family Unit Sculpture that the Special Projects Committee and our club provided half of the funds to purchase. The Port of Kennewick received additional funds from the Metz family, the Kennewick Arts Commission and others to complete the new plaza area. Finally the Port funded the design and construction of a unique shade structure to cover the Family Unit Sculpture which will also be dedicated.

The dedication will be held on Thursday, December 16, 2010 at 1:30 pm. The location is in front of the new Port of Kennewick office building on Clover Island, Kennewick.
Family Unit Sculpture Dedication Bruce Schwan 0
Elf Voting - Week 2 Results Mark Griffin 0

Good Morning!

Posted by Jeff Petersen
Please pass on our sincere appreciation to our fellow Rotarians for the many condolences and cards that we have received over the past week.

It has been nothing short of inspirational to see the 9 Hollick kids come together to support one another during this time of mourning the loss of their mother. To the Petersen's, family is the most important thing in our life after our faith.

We consider Columbia Center Rotary part of our extended family; and for that, we are truly thankful.

Jeff and Marj Petersen
Good Morning! Jeff Petersen 0

Charity Board Elections!

The election of Directors for the 2010-2011 Columbia Center Rotary Charity Board will be held on Thursday, December 16, 2010.

The following members are running for three board openings.

Allen Brecke
Gary Hall
Janelle Harvey
Bud Knore
Sondra Rader
Sandi Strawn
Charity Board Elections! 0

Message from Nelson !!!

Posted by Nelson Schneider
Truly sad news about some wonderful people. My condolences to the families.

As today is Thursday, I thought I might give you an update on my condition, in case anyone asks. Neither of the two new chemo regimens I've had in recent weeks have worked; or rather, they may have been effective, but the side effects just knocked me for a loop and we couldn't continue them. However, I am feeling much better on a day to day basis and I'm scheduled to have a battery of tests done the Monday after Thanksgiving to see where things stand. After the docs have those test results, they plan to consult with one of the leading colon cancer specialists in the West to see if he might have any recommendations for a regimen of chemo agents, particularly using ones that I can tolerate. As for returning to Rotary, I still wouldn't have a date as due to my weakened immune system, the docs recommend that I stay away from large crowds for awhile so that I don't pick up any unwanted germs to cause me a complicating infection somewhere.

That's probably more detail than you need or want, but I thought I'd pass it along anyway. I miss everyone and hope I can start coming back to my favorite lunch hour of the week ASAP. The bottom line is that I am feeling better in general and I'll know more in 2 weeks after the tests are analyzed whether I should be optimistic or pessimistic.

Say "HI" to everyone for me. I miss you all.

Best Regards, Nelson
Message from Nelson !!! Nelson Schneider 0

The 2010 Elf Election Rules

Posted by Timothy Fredrickson
1. The Foundation Chair is the Election Supervisor.
2. The Election Supervisor shall appoint Assistant Election Supervisors as appropriate.
3. Nominations may be made at anytime.
4. Nominations shall cost $5.00.
5. A single vote shall cost $1.00 from any source. Every time votes are cast a ballot (vote tally) must be filled out and returned with the name of the voter, the candidate's name and total dollar (vote) amount.
6. Cash or check in the amount of the votes cast MUST accompany the ballot. Pledges WILL NOT be accepted for elf elections.
7. The election of the elf or elves shall be announced on December 16, 2010.
8. The elf with the highest vote total shall be cast in a guest role in the 2010 production of the Mid-Columbia Regional Ballet's "The Nutcracker".
9. In the event of recounts and/or appeals the Election Supervisor is the final arbitrator and all decisions shall be final.
10. All votes cast shall apply to a club member's Rotary Foundation contribution account and shall be matched by the club. Elf election votes shall also count towards the CCR member's Foundation pledge.
The 2010 Elf Election Rules Timothy Fredrickson 0

Election Results

Posted by Michael Rader
The results of today's election of Officers & Directors for the 2011-2012 Board of Directors are:

Holly Wilson, President
Carol Krueger, President Elect
Treasurer, Tim Fredrickson
Secretary, Ron Hue

Bob Quay
Cathryn Tames
Randy Way

We would like to thank all the candidates for volunteering to service.

Election Results Michael Rader 0

Bob Quay - Board of Directors Candidate

I joined Rotary in August 2005 and have been the Director of International Service for the past year and a half. During that time we have completed 12 International projects and have 9 currently in progress. It takes almost two years to learn the ropes in International Service and understand the Foundation matching grant process. I am running for the board again to provide continuity in the International Service area and would be grateful to serve our club for another two years.

I retired from Energy Northwest in July 2005 after 24 years with the company. During that time I filled various roles including Training Supervisor, Training Manager, Manager of the Calibration Lab, and IT Supervisor. I was elected to the Kennewick City Council in 1989 and served as Mayor of Kennewick in 1992-1993 and currently serve on the appeals commission. I am on the board of directors for the Columbia Basin Badgers and am Vice-Chairman for the Washington State Army Advisory Board.

I have been married to my wife Carolyn for 39 years. We have two children, six grandchildren and six great-grandchildren.
Bob Quay - Board of Directors Candidate 0

Columbia Valley Daybreak

CVD will be back in their regular meeting venue, Tri-Tech Skills Center, on Thursday, November 18, 2010.
Columbia Valley Daybreak 0

Gail Middleton - Board of Directors Candidate

I joined Columbia Center Rotary in 2005. I have run my own business for many year, Personal Care Consulting. I am a licensed guardian, advocate & manage care for citizens not able to handle their own affairs; healthcare, finances & other.

Since joining our club I have served for three years as a Sgt. at Arms which allowed me to meet & know all of our members. In addition to this position and at the same time I have been actively involved in various committees; Educational/Vocational, Special Projects, International, Youth Exchange and Fellowship. I am an active volunteer for all club events, work parties at the Event Center, Christmas decorating, Festival of Trees, Apple Gleaning, and others.

Over the past three years I have chaired the mentoring program at the Boys & Girls Club Music & Arts Center in Kennewick. The club mentors meet monthly at the Center to work with the boys & girls on that month's project.

Since joining Columbia Center Rotary I have prided myself in having 100% attendance each year, am a multiple Paul Harris Fellow and Paul Harris Society member. I have had the opportunity to attend two Rotary International Conventions; Los Angeles & Montreal. I am looking forward to attending this year's convention in New Orleans.

I hope to continue to serve our club by being elected to the Board of Directors. I would like the opportunity to bring my committment to our club to another avenue of service.
Gail Middleton - Board of Directors Candidate 0

Cris Gamache - Board of Directors Candidate

Husband, Bob; three children and six grandchildren.

Member of Columba Center Rotary Club 2008-Present
Committees: Youth Exchange - 2 years. Current Youth Exchange Officer. Helped on numerous club events; Event Center Christmas decorating & Festival of Trees.
My community involvment has been limited to Rotary due to the building, opening and running of our winery. I am a member of Powerful Connections - Women Leader Empowerment. In the past I was a guild leader in our church, leader of 4-H, prepared documentation, procedures and policies that led to the reopening of the 4-H camp. Member of the initial startup committee and chairperson for Irish Games, put on parties for the Vintage at Richland Senior Housing, hosted foreign exchange students (4 previously and Katrin Heyes currently).

I joined Rotary because of my deep interest in youth and the youth exchange program and found Rotary has become a very important part of my every day life. I hope to become more involved in my community and Columbia Center Rotary by being elected to the Board of Directors.
Cris Gamache - Board of Directors Candidate 0

Randy Way - Board of Directors Candidate

Wife, Cindy and son, Dylan
Member of Tri-Cities Sunrise Rotary Club 2006-2008
Member of Columbia Center Rotary Club 2008-Present
Committees: Enducation/Vocational, Special Projects (Chair-Pompy's Lessons), International and Facilities (Weekly Audio/Visual Tech).
Helped on numerous club events with my wife and son.

Community involvement over the past year includes (but not limited to): Children's Developmental Center, Board Member; Junior Achievement, Teacher; Meals on Wheels, Driver; Boy Scouts of American, Den Leader; Mid-Columbia Reading Foundation; Tapteal Greenway Association; Friends of Badger Mountion; Hanford High Mock Interviews; and Pasco High Senior Project, Judge.

I hope to expand my involvement at Columbia Center Rotary by being elected to the Board of Directors.
Randy Way - Board of Directors Candidate 0

Jeanne McPherson - Board of Directors Candidate

Posted by Jeanne McPherson
Due to a family crisis, Jeanne submitted her career bio to meet the candidate deadline. She offers the following bio tailored to Rotary.

Husband, Bob, and three sons - Bryce, Vaughn, and Evan.

Rotary has touched my heart and I would like to help in any capacity needed. A member since last January, I serve on the International Committee, the Education Committee, and the Speaker's Committee. I hosted Carlos Martinez for our 2010 Group Study Exchange as well as Vicky Sanchez when the Tepic Paraiso group visited. During the year, I attended both Phase I and Phase II of the Rotary Leadership Institute. I will be happy to work in whatever area makes the most sense to serve the needs of our club in helping our community and the world at large.

Jeanne McPherson - Board of Directors Candidate Jeanne McPherson 0

Note from Connie on Nelson's Condition

Posted by Sondra Rader
Hi Sondra: I hope this finds you and yours well. We wanted to thank you and all the Rotary members for the wonderful cards and letters we continue to receive. You people are truly wonderful. Nelson has been having a bad reaction to this latest chemo and ended up in the ER last week. He is still basically in bed and trying to recover. The doc thinks it was from one particular drug, Avastin, which tends to be cumulative, even after years. He's had it before with no problem, but this time it was a problem. He has a doc appt. on Wednesday, so we will see what the conclusions are then. He's not up to talking on the phone, so I hope everyone understands. Again, please tell everyone thank you for everything.
Connie & Nelson

Please continue to keep Nelson in your prayers! He needs all our prayers.
Note from Connie on Nelson's Condition Sondra Rader 0

Holiday Baskets for the Elderly

The final day to bring your items for the Seniors Holiday Baskets will be next Thursday, December 9, 2010.

The baskets will be delivered the following Monday.

Review the list below, shop at the $1.00 Store, and help our elderly senior citizens have a nice holiday season.

Holiday Baskets for the Elderly 0

Cathryn Tames - Board of Directors Candidate

I am proud to be a member of Columbia Center Rotary. I have been a member since November 2006. Within a few short months of becoming a member, I was asked to serve as Sergeant of Arms and have continued to serve in this capacity. I have chaired the Coats for Kids program for the last 3 years. Working with JC Penney's and committee volunteers, we have provided nearly 1,000 new coats to needy children. In 2009 I was approached and agreed to assume the responsibilities of the "Head Duck" for the annual Mid-Columbia Duck Race. This position represented our club as well as the other five Rotary clubs in our community. With the support of our club, my family and my employer I was able to fulfill this position and am proud to report nearly 35,000 duck race tickets were sold in 2010 which in turn supports local charities and non-profit organizations. I have been active on the Community Service committee since joining the club and have volunteered for activities with the Education/Vocation committee. My daughters were thrilled when I was elected as on Elf for the annual Rotary Family Christmas lunch in 2009. I have been selected as "Rotarian of the Month" twice (2009 & 2010). I have also been honored to be selected twice as the Community Service "Outstanding Committee Member of the Year" (2008 and 2010).
Cathryn Tames - Board of Directors Candidate 0

Columbia Valley Daybreak - Temporary Meeting Location

Due to the recent fire damage to the Tri-Tech Skills Center Cafe kitchen CVD will be meeting at the Country Gentleman restaurant, 9221 W. Clearwater Avenue, Kennewick.

Columbia Valley Daybreak meetings are Thursday's at 7:00 am.

Columbia Valley Daybreak - Temporary Meeting Location 0

Rotarians in Motion

Posted by Jeff Petersen
We are pleased to announce the beginning of a permanent Rotary program which promises to address health care, deficit reduction, excess stimulus and team work. In addition it involves having a great time while integrating conservative, liberal, and independent components that benefit all concerned in the Columbia Center Rotary Club!

What is the program that promises so much!

It is the Columbia Center Rotary Club "ROTARIANS IN MOTION" program.

Rotarians in Motion Jeff Petersen 0

Visit Rescheduled

Posted by Robert Quay
The Tepic men's club has rescheduled their visit to our club until March 2011. Thanks to everyone that was planning for their expected visit. Bob Quay will keep everyone informed of the dates for the rescheduled visit.
Visit Rescheduled Robert Quay 0

Boys & Girls Club Mentoring October 2010

The third Thursday of every month a group of CCRotarian's mentor kids at the Boys & Girls Club. Mentoring projects vary; art, music, reading.......

This is a wonderful opportunity for our members to get more involved with children. If you are interested in mentoring please contact Gail Middleton. The sessions are from 4:30 - 5:30 pm, a wonderful hour to work with kids that will enjoy your help.
Boys & Girls Club Mentoring October 2010 0

Rotarian's Wine Appreciation Fellowship - RWAF

Members have chosen our chapters name; COLUMBIA VALLEY WINE FELLOWSHIP. Officers were elected; President Mike Rader, Vice President Lynn Bresnahan, Secretary/Treasurer Gail Middleton.

Now the fun begins! Events, both fun & educational, are being planned.

Membership is open to all Rotarian's. If you would like to know more about this new CCR fellowship please contact one of the newly elected officers.
Rotarian's Wine Appreciation Fellowship - RWAF 0

2011-12 Slate of Officers & Directors

Posted by Michael Rader
Past President - Don Hart
President - Holly Wilson
President Elect - Carol Krueger
Treasure - Tim Fredrickson
Secretary - Ron Hue

DIRECTORS - We have three positions to fill on the Board of Directors. You will need to vote for three of the following candidates.
Bob Quay
Jeanne McPherson
Cris Gamache
Randy Way
Cathy Tames
Gail Middleton
Scott Lynch

Elections will be held at the lunch meeting on November 18, 2010.
2011-12 Slate of Officers & Directors Michael Rader 0

2010 Apple Gleaning Another Success

Nine BINS of apples were gleaned & given to Second Harvest!

A large group of CCRotarian's, families & friends turned out on a rainy Saturday morning to glean apples from Holly & Bill Wilson's orchards.

After picking apples all morning Holly served a wonderful warm lunch of soup, chili and all the fixings to go with. Lunch was a great opportunity for fellowship.

For pictures click on "Apples Gleaning 2010" under the photo journals heading.

Thank you Holly & Bill!!!
2010 Apple Gleaning Another Success 0

Apple Gleaning 2010

This is an annual fall event thanks to Bill & Holly Wilson. The number of pickers is limited to the first 50!!! Sign up early!!! Space is limited & filling up fast.

Enjoy a beautiful fall morning gleaning applies from their orchards. The apples are donated to Second Harvest.

Lunch follows the gleaning on Holly's beautiful patio with a spectacular view of the Tri-Cities.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

1276 N. Bermuda Road, Kennewick, WA 99336
Apple Gleaning 2010 0

Rotarians Wine Appreciation Fellowship or RWAF

While at the RI Convention in Montreal many of our members joined a Rotary Fellowship, "Rotarians Wine Appreciation Fellowship".

Upon returning home these members brought the fellowship back to our club and many other CCR's have joined since then. Currently the membership is 37; 26 members and 11 spouses or significant others.

If you would like more information on the fellowship find the link on our web sites home page. The membership application can be printed from the RWAF site.

A lifetime membership is $100.00. An annual membership is $20.00. Checks can be made out to Columbia Center Rotary.

Our club's chapter is busy planning upcoming activities that you won't want to miss. Officers are currently being nominated & chapter names are being suggested.

For additional information please contact Linda Moran, Don Hart, Tim Fredrickson or Mike Rader.

Rotarians Wine Appreciation Fellowship or RWAF 0

CCR Helps the Domestic Violence Shelter

Posted by Janine Swailes
The Community Service Committee contributed $5,000.00 to the Domestic Violence Shelter of Benton-Franklin Counties.

The shelter recently experienced a major plumbing problem that they needed funds to help with the repair. Columbia Center Rotary stepped forward and helped solve their problem!
CCR Helps the Domestic Violence Shelter Janine Swailes 0

Come Join your Rotary friends!

Let The Good Times Roll AGAIN!

That is the theme for this year's Rotary International Convention in New Orleans, LA. The organizing committee has worked hard to put together a very inspirational, informatiive, entertaining and fun fellowship for visiting Rotarians.

If you are interested in attending but need more information please contact Sondra Rader or Don Hart.

Join your CCRotary friends that are attending: Don/Melissa Hart, Jeanne/Bob McPherson, Les Litzenberger/Connie Sherman, Janelle/Tom Harvey, Al Mouncer, Harry/Pat Garrison, Jeff/Marj Petersen, Bruce/Joan Schwan, Holly Wilson, Gail Middleton and Mike/Sondra Rader.

We still have four rooms left - reserve your room NOW!
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Using the Club's Web Site

Posted by Sondra Rader
I have received many good responses since yesterday's web site training. Hopefully I have helped you understand this useful resource better & you will spend some time familiarizing yourself with the site.

If you need help with your login name & password send me an email and I will get back to quickly.

Using the Club's Web Site Sondra Rader 0

October Board of Directors Meeting

All members are welcome to attend the club's monthly Board meetings. For our newer members it is a requirment to attend a Board meeting to get your "new member" ribbon removed.

When: Thursday, October 14, 2010 at 7:00 am
Where: CCR Conference Room

See you there!
October Board of Directors Meeting 0

Duck Race Tickets

Posted by Rich Bresnahan
All duck race tickets MUST be turned in no later than Thursday, September 16, 2010.


You can turn them in at the Rotary office on Tuesday or Thursday mornings, at Rotary lunch on Thursday the 16th, or to Rich Bresnahan.

The committee must have all tickets accounted for prior to the DUCK RACE on Saturday, October 9, 2010.

Duck Race Tickets Rich Bresnahan 0

Roger McDowell shared this photo

Posted by Sondra Rader
Roger was in Washington D.C. last week and took this picture.

He was on the "Extra Mile" walk, in front of Ebbott's Grill which is across the street from the White House.

Our newest Paul Harris Fellow saw this on the wall of a building & took the picture. How poignant! New Paul Harris Fellow running into Paul Harris!!!
Roger McDowell shared this photo Sondra Rader 0

Rotary remains committed to Katrina recovery!

PRESS RELEASE - New Orleans (Aug. 26, 2010) Humantiarian group's international convention in New Orleans, delayed four years by the storm, will pump millions into the local economy in May 2011.

Five years ago, the devastation wrought by Hurricane Katrina made it impossible for New Orleans to host the Rotary International Convention as planned in June 2007.

But even as they coped with their own personal and professional losses and pitched in to rebuild their communities, New Orleans area Rotary club members remained determined that the humanitarian organization's most important annual meeting would return when the city was ready. Their dream will be realized May 21-25, 2011, when more than 17,000 Rotary members from around the world will convene in the Crescent City for the first time in 35 years, injecting a much needed infusion of at least $20 million into the local economy.
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Rotary is Everywhere

Posted by Jim Feeney
I was perusing some photos on Google Earth and came across this photo!

PASO SAN FRANCISCO is a mountain pass in the high Andes between Northern Chile & Argentina. This is an extremely remote place at an elevation of 15,505 feet. In fact, I can't even explain how remote! I'd be surprised if more than one vehicle per week comes through this pass.

Yet, with all of that, big as life, ROTARY IS THERE! The mountains in the background average more than 20,000 ft.

Rotary is truly amazing.

Regards, Jim Feeney
Rotary is Everywhere Jim Feeney 0

Choir Practice / Wine Appreciation Fellowship

Posted by Traci Sunday
Please join Mike & Sondra Rader at their home for our first Choir Practice of this Rotary year:

Thursday, September 9, 2010
6:00 - 8:00 PM
2503 S. Kellogg, Kennewick, WA

We will have information on the Rotary Wine Appreciation Fellowship (RWAF). Our club has started a local chapter. If you enjoy wine and fellowship this is a great way to enjoy both.

There is no charge for this event and refreshments will be provided.

See you there!
Choir Practice / Wine Appreciation Fellowship Traci Sunday 0

Supplying Help and Hope

Posted by Holly Wilson
Contributions to the Annual Programs Fund (APF) keep Rotary Foundation programs humming in high gear to help people with desperate needs. Your APF support through the "Every Rotarian, Every Year" initiative is vital to Doing Good in the World. At the end of the Rotary year, 50 percent of each district's donations to the Annual Programs Fund is credited to their District Designated Fund (DDF), while the other 50 percent goes to the World Fund. The Foundation uses the World Fund to support the worldwide programs it offers. Likewise, districts use their DDF to fund the Foundation programs they elect to participate in. Recently, the Foundation was able to restore the World Fund budget for Matching Grants, largely because Rotarians donated a record amount of almost US$115 million to the Annual Programs Fund in 2007-08. The amount of the World Fund available for Matching Grants in 2010-11 increased 82 percent compared to 2009-10. This is because funds for the 100 Future Vision pilot districts were budgeted separately for 2010-11, making it one of the largest World Fund budgets in Matching Grants history. When every Rotarian contributes to the Foundation every year, we expand our capacity to bring help and hope to a hurting world.
Supplying Help and Hope Holly Wilson 0

RI Convention - New Orleans May 2011

Posted by Sondra Rader
In addition to daily opening & closing sessions, daily plenary sessions and afternoon breakouts sessions the New Orleans Convention has many opportunities for fellowship. Please review the list below for other convention activities that you have an opportunity to participate in.

---Sounds of the South Concert - $40.00/person
---Evening of Fun, Food, Fellowship & Fins at the Aquarium of the Americas - $80.00/person
---Host Hospitality Night - $20.00/person
---French Quarter Dining Experience - $85.00/per person (see more on this below***)
RI Convention - New Orleans May 2011 Sondra Rader 0

Educational/Vocational Committee

Posted by Lucinda Welch
The Educational/Vocational Committee is dedicated to helping students, teachers and schools find success in education.

Every year we commit $25,000 in scholarship dollars to High School seniors pursuing further education. The 3 schools Columbia Center Rotary takes responsibility for are Southridge High School, Tri-Tech High School and Phoenix High School. Many of the club members find this a great opportunity for involvement and fun; judges are needed to read the applications and choose the winners. The committee also concentrates on helping local non-profits in other areas of education and vocational needs. Last year we spent over $14,000 helping Kennewick Elementary schools and teachers meet "needs" in the classroom.

Literacy is something we take serious, and the committee has been involved in mentoring the young, bringing Authors into the Tri-Cities and supporting the Mid-Columbia Library reading programs. This year we have been awarded a Matching Grant by the District. We will have a need for mentors of teenage parents, teaching computer access to the school district portal and participating in a Book Drive.

The Committee meets each month on the 3rd Thursday after lunch in the conference room. We welcome club members to participate on this committee and it is a great way to get your "make-ups".
Educational/Vocational Committee Lucinda Welch 0

Special Projects Committee

Posted by Michael Atchison
The Special Projects committee considers funding large (over $5,000) physical projects that benefit the general public and allow us to display the Columbia Center Rotary logo. In addition, the Special Projects committee works hard to leverage our dollars with other public/private funding agencies.
Special Projects Committee Michael Atchison 0

Board of Directors Meeting

Posted by Sondra Rader
Are you tired of wearing that tacky yellow or red ribbon?

Next Thursday, August 12, 2010 is your next opportunity to accomplish one of the items on your "New Member Checkoff List".

The Board of Directors meeting starts promptly at 7:00 am and is held in the Rotary conference room. As additional enticement there is always donuts & coffee.

A Board meeting is never boring! Learn more about your club & what goes on behind the scenes at Columbia Center Rotary. See you there!
Board of Directors Meeting Sondra Rader 0

End of the year disbursements

Past President Janelle Harvey called a brief Board of Directors meeting following lunch this past Thursday. The topic for review by the board was the final disbursement of year end funds.

The board approved the following:
Columbia Center Rotary Charity - $25,000.00
Polio Plus - $25,000.00
Riverside Rotary Club, 2010 District Conference - $3,200.00
Lakeview Mobile Home Park Project - $6,800.00

Another great Rotary year! Thank you President Janelle & the Board of Directors!
End of the year disbursements 0
Register by December 15th & Save! 0

Community Service Committee

Posted by Janine Swailes
The Community Service Committee considers funding requests from non-profit groups for one-time projects or for "start-up" needs. Funds should benefit the community as a whole rather than serving individual needs. The focus has traditionally been on seniors with special needs and on children and youth, especially toward educational programs benefiting these groups. The committee tends not to fund on-going operational budgets or fund-raising efforts of one party that will benefit another.
Community Service Committee Janine Swailes 0

2010-11 RI President - Ray Klinginsmith

Ray Klinginsmith of the Rotary Club of Kirksville, Missouri, USA, is the Rotary International President for 2010-2011.

Klinginsmith earned degrees in business and law at the University of Missouri and completed graduate studies at the University of Cape Town, South Africa, as a Rotary Foundation Ambassadorial Scholar. He was general counsel and professor of business at Northeast Missouri State University in Kirksville (now Truman State University) from 1973 until his retirement in 1995, and also held the post of dean of administration for five years.

Klinginsmith, who now operates a law office, served as an elected county commissioner from 2001 to 2004. He has been a director of the Macon Atlanta State Bank since 1971 and president of the Chariton Valley Association for Handicapped Citizens since 1982. He and his wife, Judie, have two children and three grandchildren.
2010-11 RI President - Ray Klinginsmith 0

Only O-N-E Room Left!

WHEN: May 21-25, 2011

Before December 15, 2010 - $300.00/person
Before March 31, 2011 - $340.00/person
After March 31, 2011 - $380.00/person

HOTEL: Loews New Orleans Hotel
CHECK IN: Saturday, May 21, 2011
CHECK OUT: Thursday, May 26, 2011

HOTEL COST: $1,010.00 excluding taxes & fees
Double/Single Occupancy
Deposit of $250.00 required by 12/31/2010
Balance of $760.00 required by 3/31/2011

CLUB REIMBURSEMENT: $500.00/member payable following the convention

Sign up for Host Ticketed Events at
Only O-N-E Room Left! 0
What's Tim up to now? 0

Bon Voyage, Mon Ami !!! CORRECTED

Posted by Sondra Rader
Columbia Center Rotary is once again going to be well represented at the 2010 Rotary International Convention. Members are leaving this Friday and Saturday to arrive in Montreal Quebec for the start of the convention on Sunday, June 20, 2010.

For four days attendees will be busy attending morning plenary sessions, afternoon breakout sessions, Rotary booths in the Hall of Friendship and squeezing in time for some shopping, dining & Columbia Center Rotary fellowship.

Members & guests attending are: Allen Brecke, Lynn & Rich Bresnahan, Tim Fredrickson, Cris & Bob Gamache, Harry & Pat Garrison, Don & Melissa Hart, Janelle Harvey, Dora Holcroft, Jeanne Jelke, Gail Middleton, Linda Moran & Don Miksch, Sondra & Mike Rader, Cindy Rosenbaum, Traci Sunday and Kathy & Roger Willis.

Our club representatives will bring back stories & information from the convention to share with the club.

Safe travels to all!
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2010-11 Columbia Center Rotary President Don Hart

Last nights Installation Banquet at Anthony's Event Center was an outstanding event, well attended, excellent food & wines, and worthy recognitions for all the members that help to make Columbia Center Rotary the successful Rotary Club that it is.

President Janelle Harvey recognized her Board of Directors for their leadership & committees outstanding works this past year and gave a wonderful wrap up speech that emphazied RI's theme, "The Future of Rotary Is In Your Hands". Committee directors recognized their outstanding committee members: Treasurer's Committee/Holly Wilson was Mike Rader, Club Service/Patti Jansen Key was Cathy Tames, Community Service/Mark Showalter was Greg Falk, International Service/Bob Quay was Jim Feeney, Vocationa/Educational Service/Lucinda Welch was Tom Cothran & Candice Bluechel, and Special Projects/Bruce Schwan was Davin Diaz.

The 2010-11 Board of Directors & Officers were installed by Past President & Past District Governor Tom Halazon. Newly installed President Don Hart talked to the gathering about his goals & ideas for this upcoming Rotary year. It is apparent from his words & leadership that we will once again have another busy and successful year.

The new Rotary year begins July 1, 2010. "Everyone" get ready to be involved in the community and international works of YOUR club, Columbia Center Rotary.

2010-11 Columbia Center Rotary President Don Hart 0


Tri-City Sunrise will be hosting a special guest speaker for their regular breakfast meeting on Friday, August 6th, 7:00 am at the Pasco Red Lion. All Rotarians are invited to attend. Their breakfast cost is $12.00 per person.

Bill Evans will be speaking on Rotary: Pastime or Passion. Bill was a keynote speaker at PETS (President-Elect Training) this past May. Bill has a passion for Rotary and his message will be humorous and heartfelt.

If you are interested in attending please sign up on our web site by Tuesday, August 3, 2010. Signing up is mandatory as they are expecting more than their normal attendance and the hotel needs to make arrangements to accommodate for tables & food.


Duck Tickets

Posted by Rich Bresnahan
Volunteers are needed to help put all the Duck Race tickets on rings. Last year we had plenty of help & it only took about 45 minutes to accomplish the task. If we get enough help it will go quickly again this year.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010
5:00 pm
Columbia Center Rotary Event Center

Hope to see a lot of you on the 14th!
Duck Tickets Rich Bresnahan 0

Sunday, June 19, 2010

The convention officially starts today & all of us are eager for it to begin. Somehow Mike & I are scheduled to go to the first seating, 1:00-4:00 pm, everyone else attends the second seating 5:00-9:00 pm. Afterwards we will meet up at a recommended French restaurant, Osco, for a late, 9:30 pm, dinner. When in French Montreal do as the European's do, eat late!
Sunday, June 19, 2010 0

Mother's Passing

Lucinda Welch's mother passed away peacefully at home early Monday morning surrounded by her family and in Lucinda's arms. Lucinda asked that this information be shared with the club. Services are pending but tentatively planned for Friday at the First United Methodist Church in Kennewick.

Thoughts & sympathies can be sent to Lucinda at 322 N. Grant, Kennewick, WA 99336.
Mother's Passing 0

2010 Rotarian of the Year

RANDY WAY was announced as the "2010 Columbia Center Rotarian of the Year" at last nights Installation Banquet.

Randy is a very deserving recipient of this award, CCR's highest club award.

Randy has been the creator & driving force behind Pompy's Lessons, the chairperson of our Facilities committee, our weekly audio/visual expert, serves on many committees including Special Projects & Community Service, attends all of the club's work parties & social events, has two years of Perfect Attendance, is a Paul Harris Fellow +2 and can always be counted whenever asked to take on an additional responsiblity.

Randy is an example of "Service Above Self" in every aspect of his life; family, profession, friendships and community. Congratulations Randy!
2010 Rotarian of the Year 0

"Bodie" Statue Unveiling

Posted by Christy Watts
A bronze statue of the friendly and widely loved black lab mix "Bodie" will become a permanent fixture on The Richland Parkway at an unveiling ceremony on Friday at noon, July 16, 2010. The public is invited to attend.

Artist Tom McClelland of Benton City created the sculpture, which was approved by the Richland Arts Commission and the Richland City Council. The $25,000 cost of the statue was covered by donations of $10,000 from the Columbia Center Rotary Club, $10,000 from the Richland Farmers Market, money from the City of Richland's business reserve fund and nine private donors.

Bodie was a certified Delta therapy dog who made regular visits to patients at Kadlec Regional Medical Center. He also served as a reader dog for children twice a month at the Richland Public Library. He was owned by Cindy Irwin of Richland. Bodie came into Irvin's life as a puppy in 1997.

Please plan on attending as representatives of Columbia Center Rotary!
"Bodie" Statue Unveiling Christy Watts 0


Posted by Don Hart
The Annual Columbia Center Installation Banquet is coming on TUESDAY, JUNE 15, 2010 at ANTHONY'S EVENT CENTER at 5:30 PM. If you haven't sent your RSVP we need you to do it NOW because it's only a week away. We know it's a Tuesday and it's a little earlier than normal so all the more reason to get your RSVP in NOW.


We need photos of the following members for our membership directory: Vonda Bergren, Renee Dahlgren, Derrel Ebert, James Katzaroff, David Murley, Heath Ovens, Steve Palm, Steve Schwan and Brad Wright.

If you don't have a personal or professional photo you would like to use our semi-professional photograher, Sondra Rader, would be happy to snap your picture.

Come to the Rotary office a little early on any Thursday and have your picture taken. She promises to take your picture until you are pleased with it!

Share The Roads Ribbon Cutting

Columbia Center Rotary made a contribution to "Share The Roads" this year.

The ribbon cutting ceremony is at 1:00 pm on Wednesday, June 23rd. The ceremony will be in Wye Park at the site of our Sacajawea Statute.

Rotarians are invited to attend. Columbia Center Rotary will be recognized as a contributor to this community projects.

Share The Roads Ribbon Cutting 0

Gweneth Jean Johnson

Barbara Johnson's first grandbaby was born at 2:01 am, May 26th. Gwen weighed 8# 13 oz. and was 20" long.

Congratulations to Barbara & Wayne and their son and daughter-in-law, Eric and Spring.
Gweneth Jean Johnson 0

Ribbon Cutting - Westwood Park

Earlier this year the Special Projects Committee undertook a joint project with the City of Richland and the Westwood Park neighborhood to refurbish a park that was scheduled to be closed by the City of Richland.

The project is complete and the ribbon cutting ceremony has been schduled for Thursday, June 17, 2010 at 11:00am. All members of Columbia Center Rotary are invited to attend and help celebrate another great club project that will for years enhance the surrounding Westwood Park neighborhood.

Directions to the park are: take Van Giesen to Thayer Drive. Turn north (these are Bruce's directions, I would have said "left or right"!) to Westwood Court, then west on Westwood Court for one block until you reach the park.

The Special Projects committee hopes to see many familiar faces at the ribbon cutting.
Ribbon Cutting - Westwood Park 0

Welcome CCR's Newest Members

Take an opportunity to welcome the following new members to Columbia Center Rotary!

David Murley, sponsored by Debi Lynch, is the owner of Murleys Floorcoverings. David is married to Christina and enjoys golf. He is also a member of the Homebuilders Asso. and the Chamber. He is interested in serving on the Club Service and Community Service committees.

Nancy Thurston, sponsored by Mark Showalter, is the owner of Thurston Properties. Nancy serves on the Kennewick Arts Commission and is an artist herself. She is interested in joining the Education/Vocational, Community Service & Special Projects committees.

Vonda Bergren, sponsored by Linda Moran, is the Executive Director of Columbia Basin Hematology & Oncology. Vonda has recently moved to the Tri-Cities and is married, Randy. She is interested in learning more about the Club Service, Educational/Vocational and Club Awareness committees.

Let's give these new members a warm Columbia Center Rotary WELCOME!

Welcome CCR's Newest Members 0

Lee Jackson

At the May meeting the Board of Directors approved the change of membership status of Lee Jackson from an "active" member to an "honorary" member.

Lee's years of outstanding service to our club, first as a Charter Member and years later as the club's President, he meets the criteria for an Honorary Membership.

Hopefully we will continue to see Lee from time to time!
Lee Jackson 0

ShelterBox - Don't miss this program on Thursday!

Starting as the brainchild of one Rotarian with the support of his Rotary club in 2000 - ShelterBox has grown to become the largest Rotary Club project in the 100 year history of the organization.

ShelterBox is an international disaster relief charity that delivers emergency shelter, warmth and dignity to people affected by disaster worldwide.

Rotarian support currently contributes an estimated 50% of ShelterBox donations. Around 5,000 Rotary clubs worldwide have supported Shelterbox since it was launched.

ShelterBox - Don't miss this program on Thursday! 0

Volunteers for Rotary Moment Team

Posted by Steve Wood
Steve Wood is looking for additional volunteers for the Rotary Moment team for the remainder of this Rotary year and for next year's team.

If you are interested please contact Steve Wood at
Volunteers for Rotary Moment Team Steve Wood 0

Another membership status change!

Lee Boman may have left the Tri-Cities and retired to Montana but he is still a Columbia Center Rotarian.

One of the hardest changes for Lee was having to resign from the club he loved and had been so involved in for years. Lee's service to the club as an active, contributing member, number of years in our club & Rotary International, and as a Past President qualified him for Honorary membership.

As an HM he will continue to receive all the club news bulletins, keeping him "in the loop". Lee promises to come back every few months to catch up with his CCR friends.

Another membership status change! 0

CCR Fitness Challenge

Posted by Jeff Petersen
Join together with your fellow Columbia Center Rotarians to have fun, become fitter, and improve you and your family's quality of life! Beginning on Thursday May 6, 2010, for a six-week period, you are being challenged by President Janelle, to take an hour per day for yourself to move your body in a way that will enhance your physical and mental health. You may choose individual activities (with or without a partner) and walk, run, climb, swim, bicycle, or paraglide. You can choose sports such as tennis, racquetball, squash, basketball or hockey. You may choose a sport not listed here (subject to our President's approval). We just want to see our Rotarians in motion!
CCR Fitness Challenge Jeff Petersen 0

Elizabeth Chloe Palm

Steve & Allyson Palm welcomed their new daughter on Wednesday, April 28, 2010.

This is Steve's email announcement which I would like to share:

Elizabeth weighed 7 lb. 3 oz. and 19 inches. She and mom are both doing very well. It was a very quick delivery as there was no one to catch her as she came out. Doctor was still prepping by getting on his gloves and shoe-covered booties, while the nurse was preparing the bed. After she plopped on the bed, I watched in stunned silence for about 5 seconds as no one picked her up. I reached over just to keep her from falling on the floor. It was pretty comical.

Congratulation to Steve and Allie! I have asked Steve to send me a picture that I can share.
Elizabeth Chloe Palm 0

May Birthdays!!!

Happy Birthday to the following members!

Tom Cothran - May 7, Allen Brecke - May 11, Dora Holcroft - May 17, Jeff Presby - May 21, and Jan Hansens - May 26.

Enjoy your special day!!!
May Birthdays!!! 0

Mortgage Burning Contributions - $50,000

A BIG thank you to Kathy Willis for helping to organize & total the contribution vouchers from the recent Mortgage Burning Party. Checks will be going out this Thursday UNLESS I have sent you an email requesting an address.

Please note the number of new non-profits/organizations that are recipients of monies (*).

Mortgage Burning Contributions - $50,000 0

25th Anniversary Video

Posted by Sondra Rader
The Awareness Committee produced a wonderful video to celebrate 25 years of service by Columbia Center Rotary. Want to see it?
25th Anniversary Video Sondra Rader 0

YaHoo! Perfect Attendance

Posted by Sondra Rader
With only a little more than two months left in this Rotary year the following members have "Perfect Attendance". Great job to one and all!!!

Glenn Bestebreur, Candice Bluechel, Gary Brons, Tom Cothran, Jeff Daniels, Mitch Dixon, Tim Fredrickson, Mark Griffin, Tom Halazon, Janelle Harvey, John Herrig, Ken Hohenberg, Dora Holcroft, Ron Hue, Patti Jansen Key, Jeanne Jelke, Barbara Johnson, Dan Koszczewski, Carol Krueger, Les Litzenberger, Gail Middleton, LInda Moran, Jack Olsen, Robert Quay, Mike Rader, Sondra Rader, Michael Reuter, Nelson Schneider, Bruce Schwan, Steve Schwan, Mark Showalter, Traci Sunday, Cathy Tames, Mike Tuohy, Rene Vasquez, Christy Watts, Randy Way, Lucinda Welch, Kathy Willis, and Holly Wilson.

Congratulations - 29% of our club has made the commitment to maintain Perfect Attendance!!!
YaHoo! Perfect Attendance Sondra Rader 0

Polio News

Posted by Sondra Rader
Rotary District 5080 Governor Arlan Gadeken shared some great news at the April 17th District Assembly in Coeur d'Alene.
Polio News Sondra Rader 0

Countdown to Montreal

Sunday evening Kathy & Roger Willis hosted a gathering of the Columbia Center Rotarian's that will be attending the 2010 RI Convention in Montreal, Quebec Canada this coming June 19-23, 2010. While enjoying wine and appetizers club members discussed the convention programs, hotel accommondations, convention activities (House of Friendship, host events, breakout sessions, etc.), a club kick-off event Saturday evening (dinner at a French restaurant), and finalized other travel and convention details.

Attending the convention will be: Allen Brecke, Rich & Lynn Bresnahan, Tim Fredrickson, Bob & Cris Gamache, Harry & Pat Garrison, Janelle Harvey, Dora Holcroft, Jeanne Jelke, Gail Middleton, Linda Moran and Don Miksch, Mike & Sondra Rader, Kathy & Roger Willis.
Countdown to Montreal 0

Rotary Leadership Institute

Posted by Jeanne McPherson
The Rotary Leadership Institute is a wonderful opportunity to learn about Rotary governance, meet other Rotarians in the area, and explore opportunities. It is a 3-part program spread out over several months to a year.

We met at Anthony's for a day of learning this spring for Part 1. I learned many things that day, but most interesting and helpful were the presentations on:

1. The organizational structure of Rotary, both national and international, with hierarchy/communication relationships and ways to serve and,

2. The Rotary Foundation and Paul Harris awards, along with how money is awarded to projects, matching grants, and other selection processes.

It would have taken me years to learn this information - well worth my Saturday at Anthony's. (And lunch was great!)

I recommend the program to others who are interested, and I look forward to Part 2!
Rotary Leadership Institute Jeanne McPherson 0
Rotary International Convention - Montreal 2010 0

Call for

This is a call for "Expression of Interest" for Team Members for a Rotary Group Friendship Exchange to District 6000 in Iowa from September 27 - October 8, 2010.
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Tri-Citian of the Year Banquest - April 30, 2010

You are invited to join a special group of people dedicated to honoring a distinguished Tri-Citian for their contribution of "growth and development of the Tri-Cities". The first recipient of this award was Owen Hurd in 1962 and was most recently awarded to Ken Hohenber...g in 2009. Tri-Citian of the Year is a community-wide effort and is considered the single most important and prestigious award program in the Tri-Cities. This year, the Tri-Citian of the Year committee is pleased to announce Olie Kolzig as our keynote speaker. Olie Kolzig is well-known through the Tri-Cities and the entire world. The Kolzig family is a perfect example of the Tri-Citian of the Year theme Building Community Through Service. They dedicate themselves to helping others cope with the autism, particularly those less fortunate, and raise awareness of autism so parents can identify warning signs swiftly. In 2001, Kolzig was awarded the NHL Foundation Award, presented to the player who dedicated himself the most to community service, and also was named one of the Washingtonians of the Year by Washingtonian magazine, while he and his wife Christin received the "Chairman's Special Award" from Children's Hospital. They are founders of the Carson Kolzig Foundation which raises money for research into the disorder as well as provide stipends for families to afford the treatment needed. This year's premiere event will be held: Friday, April 30th, 6 pm at the Pasco Red Lion. The Tri-Citian of the Year is attributable to the dedication of our local service clubs, volunteers, sponsors and past honorees who are Building Community Through Service. Thank you for your presence, support and vision that honor the recipient of this award.
Tri-Citian of the Year Banquest - April 30, 2010 0