Minutes of the July 15, 2021 Board Meeting – DRAFT (not yet approved by Board)
  1. Welcome and Overview.  President Groce called the meeting to order at 7:03 a.m.  Attendees present: Brian Anderson, LoAnn Ayers, Jeff Groce, Dave Haller, Jackie Harvey, Kristin Norell, Sondra Rader, Nancy Thurston, Glen Marshall, Tony Umek, Jay Wildgen, Steve Wiley
Jeff Groce asked for input on the December meeting schedule.  The following was approved by consent:
12.16.2021           Noon meeting is the Holiday family luncheon
12.23.2021           No weekly meeting
12.30.2021           No weekly meeting
  1. Secretary’s Report.  LoAnn Ayers presented minutes for two board meetings:
  • 06.17.2021 Minutes of the regular board meeting:  Tony Umek moved, with a second by Glen Marshall, that the minutes be approved as presented.  Motion carried unanimously.
  • 07.01.021 Minutes of a special board meeting: Umek moved, with a second by Marshall, that the minutes be approved as presented.  Motion carried unanimously.
  1. Treasurer’s Report.  Glen Marshall reviewed the financial statements for June 2021.  He then moved that the financial statements be accepted as presented.  Umek seconded and the motion carried unanimously.
  1. Bingo Oversight.  Nancy Thurston reported that Bingo Boulevard earned a net profit of $26,042 in June 2021.  Their reserve is at $283,000.  The intent is to continue to retain net income for the 3rd quarter 2021 with no transfer of funds to Columbia Center Rotary.  Discussion ensued.  Those present agreed with this tactic.  Thurston noted that Wayne Vertz will resume Facebook promotions; she encouraged all board members to like and share FB posts.
  1. Foundation Committee.  Jackie Harvey had no report to present.
  1. International Service Committee.  Kristin Norell had no report to present.
  1. Special Projects Committee. Brian Anderson noted that Rotarians are needed to help with Pompey’s Lessons now and new signs are being developed to be installed in the spring.  Anderson also noted that the collaborative art project, at the Pasco Airport, is on hold until at least next year; the club had retained a $15,000 commitment for that project.  Discussion ensued.  The committee may seek additional projects but will keep in touch with the Port of Pasco on the airport project.
  1. Youth Services Committee.  Tony Umek noted that this committee has received a funding request from the Reading Foundation which will be considered at a meeting later today.
  1. Club Service Committee.  Jay Wildgen reported that all committee are working.  Groce asked for an update on the November 11 meeting; Ayers shared that the Veteran’s Day speaker will be from the Washington Military Department (Olympia) and the Boy Scouts will post the colors.  She is seeking a Rotarian and veteran who could lead the pledge of allegiance in his/her military uniform.
  1. Community Service Committee.  Dave Haller had no report to present.
  1. Vocational and Educational Service Committee.  Mike Blair, not present.  No report.
  1. Membership Committee.  Steve Wiley brought three items for board action:
  • Resignation of Jeff Petersen; Wiley moved, with a second by Ayers, to approve Petersen’s resignation; motion unanimously approved.
  • Honorary status for Mark Griffin; Wiley moved, with a second by Ayers, to approve honorary status for Griffin; motion unanimously approved.
  • Applicant for board membership, Layna Kinsman; Wiley moved, with a second by Umek, to approve Kinsman for membership; motion unanimously approved.
Wiley shared information about attendance patterns for members during the last year.  He also discussed the committee’s ideas on member recruitment and retention.  Discussion was held regarding the termination of Josh Bam.
  1. Club Administrative Assistant.  Sondra Rader reviewed a committee report template; she will send the MS Word document to committee chairs for their use.
  1. Old Business.  Jeff Groce reviewed two items of old business:
  • Provision of lunch at weekly meetings.  Wildgen was appointed to lead a group to evaluate vendor options, and the potential timing of a switch to pre-paid lunches; a report to the Board will be scheduled for August.
  • Position descriptions for board members and committee responsibilities.  Groce and Rader will review the existing document for potential updates; board members are encouraged to share their input.
  1. New Business.  Jeff Groce led discussion of two new items of business.
  • Human Trafficking Board Position.  Discussion ensured on the integration of human trafficking as a Club priority, the annual Shine the Light event, the need for updates on activities and expenditures associated with the Club’s human trafficking work, and the roles of this work group in relation to the Community Service Committee.  Umek moved, with a second by Thurston, that a board position be created to represent the Club’s human trafficking work.  At the conclusion of discussion, a majority of those presented voted to approve this new board position; motion carried.  This change will be included in updates to governance documents for board approval.
  • 501(c)(3) Trust.  Groce discussed the establishment of a new non-profit organization to facilitate tax deductible contributions (e.g., toward human trafficking work) and provide “clean” differentiation from the Charity Board.  Thurston moved, with a second by Umek, that this new 501(c)3 organization be established.  At the conclusion of discussion, a majority of those presented voted to approve this new board position; motion carried.  Local attorney Coke Roth will provide pro bono support for the establishment of this organization.
Adjournment.  Groce adjourned the meeting at 9 a.m.