Columbia Center Rotary Club
Summary Report
Board of Directors Meeting
November 19, 2020
Columbia Center Rotary Club
Board of Directors Meeting
November 19, 2020
  1. President Mark Showalter called the meeting to order at 7:00 AM.
  1. The minutes from the October Board meeting was approved as submitted.
  1. Treasurer’s Report – The financial statements were reviewed and approved as presented.  Little change from previous months.  The club is still in good financial shape.
  1. Bingo Oversight – Little change from previous month.  We are not yet open, but have been preparing for opening.  Not sure when we will be able to open.
  1. Foundation Committee – Continue to focus on raising money.  No Action items.  The Tom Halazon half marathon raised about $1,972.   Holiday pie pre-sale for October and November was successful, raised $788.00.  Brian Anderson sold 18 pies and will receive the Paul Harris points.  Elf elections will be December 3 and 10th via Zoom.  We will have short video clips, Elves of Christmas past. 
  1. International Service Committee – Global Grant funds is in Belize, wired to Belize club.  Tepic still moving forward.  Request that we honor commitment of $2,500 for our multi-club project.
  1. Special Projects Committee – Committee is still looking at potentially doing an update to Goethals Park.  We are still committed to the airport art project once budgets are unfrozen.  Also, considering shade structure for the port wine village.
  1. Youth Services – No report.
  1. Club Service – Nothing to report.  We are collecting fines and shine the light funds.
  1. Community Service – No Request.  Mask for Farmworkers (we applied for and received $300 express grant from the district and partnered with United Way and provided 13,500 cloth masks..  Two other projects are being reviewed, providing cards with positive affirmation and $5 or $10 for kids   Food for Thanksgiving with Union Gospel Mission are going strong. 
  1. Vocational Education – Continue working of Rotarians to discuss career with students.  We now have 11 members.
  1. Membership – Had a great joint meeting of Membership and Community service with Brian King.  A lot of good discussion and ideas.  Committee request that we do a pilot project and award some Paul Harris points for good participation and attendance at our regular weekly meetings.  LoAnn will work with Mark on the logistics.
  1. Administrative Assistant – No report
  1. Old Business – Shine a Light event discussion – Project moving forward.  Are securing some auction items for campers (Julie Wiley is organizing).  Will auction off items in near future.