Columbia Center Rotary Club
Board of Directors Meeting
February 18, 2021
  1. President Mark Showalter called the meeting to order at 7:00 AM.
  2. The minutes from the January Board meeting was approved as corrected.
  3. Treasurer’s Report – The financial statements were reviewed and approved as presented.  Little change from previous months.  The club is still in good financial shape, however, it takes about $11,000 per month to keep things going.
  4. Bingo Oversight – Wayne our manager was present to discuss the reopening plan and timeline, assuming the department of health approves our re-opening plan.  We will start with 12 sessions per week – Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Start date is scheduled for March 5.  Jeff noted that our reserves in Bingo for the year we have been closed have gone from about $462,000 to $261,000.  Everyone was excited about the re-opening.
  5. Foundation Committee – No significant new items, but RI is pushing to increase members in the Polio Plus Society, which requires $100 per year donation to end polio. 
  6. International Service Committee – We are at a point that we need to decide if we are going to apply for district grants to leverage funds.  Lot of logistics, but we can apply a $10,000 matching grant.  This is for the Rotary year starting July 1, 2021, but we must apply by April 15.  A motion was approved to move forward with the application.
  7. Special Projects Committee – No actions needed at this time.
  8. Youth Services – No request.  Plan is to restart the student of the month via zoom.  Goodwill will be accepting donations from our club from 3/2-3/14/21.  Our club will be paid $0.10 per pound.
  9. Club Service – Nothing to report.  Our fines are exceeding our budget.
  10. Community Service – No request.  We are evaluating hands on project. 
  11. Vocational Education – Nothing to request or report. 
  12. Membership – No request at this time.  Committee plans on doing some check in calls with those members who have been less active in our zoom meetings.
  13. Administrative Assistant – No report.
  14. Other business  –
    1. Shine a light – To date we have raised just over $20,000 from the shine a light fundraiser.  Great success, considering the pandemic.
    2. 501(c ) ( 3) – As we look at new ways to raise funds we may need to establish a separate non-profit entity.  Discussion followed and will be reviewed in the future.
    3. Work is underway for an updated budget for next quarter.  Still a lot of unknowns, with Bingo, re-opening, etc.  Some members would like to provide some funds to our committees to use for their projects.  Discussion followed and this will be reviewed as we do the budget.
  15. Meeting adjourned at 8:27 AM.