Columbia Center Rotary Club
Board of Directors Meeting
October 15, 2020
Columbia Center Rotary Club
Board of Directors Meeting
October 15, 2020
  1. President Mark Showalter called the meeting to order at 7:02 AM.
  1. The minutes from the September Board meeting was approved as submitted.
  1. Treasurer’s Report – The financial statements were reviewed and approved as presented.  Little change from previous months.  The club is still in good financial shape, but we are not spending much money right now, nor are we taking in much money.
  1. Bingo Oversight – Little change from previous month.  We are looking at ways we might open before Phase 3 or Phase 4.  However, we are not yet open.  Continuing to do repairs and maintenance.  Also, working on Safe Start document for when we can reopen.
  1. Foundation Committee – No Action items.  The Tom Halazon half marathon raised about $1,000.   Holiday pie pre-sale for October and November has kicked off.  Working on doing a Santa Story via Zoom in December.  Working on logistics for elf elections.  Want it to be fun and raise money. 
  1. International Service Committee – No meeting, but will have 2 by the next Board meeting.  Approved Global grant funds.
  1. Special Projects Committee – Committee is looking at potentially doing an update to Goethals Park.  This was a project we did several years ago.
  1. Youth Services – Projects on hold, but still looking into Dolly Parton Imagination Library Book Gifting Program.
  1. Club Service – Nothing to report.
  1. Community Service – No Request, but committee is still meeting and working.  The following initiatives are underway – Lunch with Sandi Strawn (Julie Wiley), Mask for Farmworkers (we applied for and received $300 express grant from the district.  Two other projects are being reviewed, providing cards with positive affirmation and $5 or $10 for kids aging out of Foster Care system (Suzanne Sullivan), Food for Thanksgiving with Union Gospel Mission.  LoAnn Ayers informed the group that she is in charge of a mask distribution initiative and we should contact her for masks.
  1. Vocational Education – Looking into having Rotarians discuss their professions with students.  To date 9 members have signed up to participate.  Might consider reducing scholarship amounts to help more students.
  1. Membership – We have one resignation from the club – Deb Culverhouse.  The committee continued to discussed the challenge of retaining members during this pandemic and is brainstorming ways to engage members.  We are now keeping attendance records of Zoom Meetings, discussed recording meetings and have archived for folks to watch later, invite visitors to Zoom meetings.  A lot of discussion around this topic and if we get permission, some of the presentations can be recorded for later use.
Brian King, RI Director of Membership Development, will be our guest speaker on 11/5.He has also agreed to participate with a joint Zoom meeting of Membership and Community Service.
  1. Administrative Assistant – No report
  1. Old Business – Board Elections are coming up.  Positions up for election are International Service (Randy Way), Vocational Education (Anthony Smith) and Secretary. 
Shine a Light event discussion – task force met and scheduled the event for 1/30/2021.It will be remote campsites with video from camps.Will have some auction items for campers (make their campout better).Will want to raise $500 per camp.  Will continue to work on logistics, but everyone should put it in their calendar.
Benton County was approved for Phase 2, which allows meetings for 5 people or less. We are still looking at hybrid meetings – video and in-person, Steve Wiley is helping on this.PK Rotary plans to start meeting in person next week.  We need to find a way to move forward with in person meetings as soon as possible, but being safe.  Committees can meet in person with up to 5 members now.  Jeff Groce will talk to Jerome Delvin and see if he might help.