Posted by Mark Showalter on Mar 22, 2018
In Attendance:  Cathryn Tames, Bill Robertson, Kyle Edberg, Mark Showalter, Michael Dinius, Chad Baker, Elizabeth McLaughlin, Harry Garrison, Peter Kalunian, and Sondra Rader.  David Haller, Jeff Groce, martin Valadez, Deborah Culverhouse and Kristin Norell attended as guests.
President Elect Cathryn Tames called the meeting to order at 7:00 am.
Mark Showalter gave the Secretary's report.  The minutes from the February 15, 2018 Board meeting were reviewed and approved as amended.  A potential by-law change allowing the Foundation Committee a voting position on the Board of Directors was discussed and approved.  The by-law change will be published and presented to the club's membership for a vote.
Treasurer Bill Robertson gave the financial reports, which were reviewed and approved.
Bingo Oversight Chairman Cathryn Tames' report included the announcement that the new Bingo Boulevard signs were installed.  A walk-through inspection took place with no major issues to report.
Kyle Edberg gave the membership report.  Currently, Columbia Center Rotary has 116 active members.  One new application for membership was reviewed and approved by the board.  An invitation for membership will be extended to Brett Bybee (sponsor Roger McDowell),  The board regretfully accepted a resignation from Tim Adams.  A four-month leave of absence was granted to Susan Inlow-Romine for medical reasons.
$10,368.42 was approved for Chad Baker's Special Projects Committee.  The funds will be used for the purchase of inclusive playground equipment at the Playground of Dreams.  The committee's intent is to finish the project in the next fiscal year.  The Special Projects Committee is currently applying for a district-matching grant to additionally fund the handicap-accessible equipment.  The board approved the grant application, which is due April 15, 2018.
The Club Service report was given by Liz McLaughlin.  An additional $500 was approved by the board for the Family of Rotary.  A Bingo Benefit night is scheduled for March 17, 2018.
Harry Garrison gave the International Service Committee report.  $5,600 was approved for the Tepic Paraiso Rotary Club as a direct grant for their Suicide Prevention Project in Tepic schools.  $1,338.80 was approved for medications and surgical supplies to be used on Dr. Jim Guzek's April mission to South Sudan. 
Sondra Rader gave the Foundation Committee report $105,399 has been raised for the Rotary Foundation this fiscal year.  Currently, the Foundation committee is $1,601.11 over budget on the club match for contributions.  The board approved a continued match for the current Gourmet Dinner raffle fundraiser but will switch to matching future donations with points for the duration of this fiscal year.  Club members should know points will work toward receiving your next Paul Harris Award but will not count toward your status as a Major Donor.  Only dollars contributed count toward a major Donor acknowledgement.
The Board approved three action items for Michael Dinius' Community Service Committee.  $3,000 was approved by Columbia Industries for technology work stations and furnishings.  $3,000 was approved for Grace Clinic's a replacement of their HVAC.  $2,000 was approved by Domestic Violence Services to repair and replace damaged property.
No report was given for the Vocation/Education Committee.
Peter Kalunian gave the Satellite Club's a report.  The raffle for the Google Home Mini raised $60 for the Rotary Foundation.  Sondra Rader was the prize winner.
Peter Kalunian also gave the Youth Services Committee report, approving the recommendation to hold the Mini RYLA at the ABC Mountain Retreat in Weston, OR.  They are currently in discussion with the District 50 80 Mini RYLA committee for location approval.  The event dates are planned for late July to early August.
Administrative Assistant Sondra Rader reported that with three months left in the fiscal year, now is the time to start considering the Committee Member of the Year and reports for the banquet program.  The Installation Banquet is scheduled for Thursday, June 21 at the event Center.
The Past President report given by Peter Kalunian included encouragement for all to attend the District Assembly.
There was no old business or new business discussed by the board.
The meeting was adjourned at 8:34 am.  The next regular board meeting will be Thursday, April 19, 2018 at 7:00 am in the conference room.