Columbia Center Rotary
May 20, 2021
Board Meeting – ZOOM
Columbia Center Rotary
May 20, 2021
Board Meeting – ZOOM
In Attendance: 
Mark Showalter, Jeff Groce, Jackie Harvey, Glen Marshall, Jay Wildgen, Randy Way, Bill Robertson, Dave Haller, Nancy Thurston, Brian Anderson, LoAnn Ayers and Sondra Rader.  Tony Umek and Mike Blair were not in attendance.  Guests attending were Carol & Don Currie and Steve Wiley.
Secretary’s Report:
Secretary Glen Marshall presented the minutes from the April 15, 2021 board meeting.  Minutes were approved as written.
Results of the Officers & Directors elections last November 2020 are recorded as follows:
President - Jeff Groce
President Elect - Nancy Thurston
Treasurer - Glen Marshall
Secretary - LoAnn Ayers
Vocational Edcation - Mike Blair
Anthony Smith stepped down early as the Youth Service Director.  Mike Blair will fill the remainder of his term and serve the position for the next two years.
Membership - Steve Wiley
International Service - Sonja Yearsley
Following the election Sonja declined the position.  Kristin Norell, the candidate receiving the second most votes, accepted the position.
Treasurer’s Report:
Treasurer Nancy Thurston presented the financials from April 2021.  Financials were approved as written.
Nancy reported expenses for April were approximately $4,200.00, holding steady.
Nancy followed up with the new procedures for wire transferring monies.  Wire transfers will be handled as they have been, authorized board members personally contacting the bank with instructions. 
Bingo Oversight:
Chair Jeff Groce reported that Bingo is doing well.  Net profits for the last two months are approximately $38,000. 
Current assets are currently $222,000.  Wayne Vertz would like to build the reserves back to $275,000.  The Oversight Committee recommends that Bingo not transfer monies to the club for the first quarter of the new Rotary year. 
Director Jackie Harvey reported that to date $32,073.75 has been raised for the Foundation.
International Service:
Director Randy Way reported that the school in Belize has opened and training has begun.  Next year’s Global Grant has been approved by the district.  The Tepic Global Grant is progressing.
Express Grants for $400 are on a first come, first served basis.  Randy suggested that the board determines which committee will request the grant for the next year.  Application must be submitted by July 2021.
Special Projects:
Director Brian Anderson reported that all committee activities are on hold.  He is in favor of using cash reserves to fund committee projects.
Steve & Sara Schwan have agreed to Chair the Pompy’s Lessons sign rotation project.  They will be working with the Mid-Columbia Libraries on updating the sign messaging. 
Youth Service:
Tony Umek was not in attendance.  His board report is on file.
Club Service:
Director Jay Wildgen reported judging fines raised are $884 over budget.  Monies will be used for upgrades to current AV equipment.
Community Service:
Action Item:
  • $1,000 – Mural at the East Benton County Historical Museum – MSA
    • The mural will be on an exterior wall and depict 1909 baseball players.  CCR will receive recognition.
Director Dave Haller reported his committee is working on requirements for being a voting member of the committee.  Dave deferred the Express Grant to another committee having received an Express Grant last year.
Vocational Education:
Director Anthony Smith has resigned his board position.  Mike Blair will take over as Director of the committee next month.
No report.
Old Business:
Meetings will be held in our Event Center beginning July 2021. 
LoAnn Ayers reported results from the most recent survey indicate members are in favor of meeting in person with safe distancing guidelines.  The board agreed to have box lunches available for those members wanting to eat lunch.  CG Public House will have a link on their website for members to place and pay for their lunches the week of the meeting.  A social distancing floor plan has been formulated with tables at the front of the room, chairs in the back. 
Action Item:
  • $875.00 to purchase two additional cameras for ZOOM meetings – MSA
Steve Wiley informed the board that the district has $5,000 available for media needs.  CCR could apply for funds.
President Elect Jeff Groce questioned the board, should cash reserves be used for committee funding?
If was determined that $80,000 should be used from cash reserves and divided among the committees.
The Installation Banquet will be held in the Event Center on Thursday, June 24, 2021.  The budget is $5,000 for food and beverages.  Members will be able to sign up for “in person” attendance and there will also be a ZOOM component for those wishing to participate from home.
New Business:
30,000 Foundation points have been offered to Polio Plus if points are matched by clubs in our district.
Action Item:
  • 5,000 CCR foundation points awarded – MSA
The meeting was adjourned at 9:30 AM.  The next monthly ZOOM board meeting will be held on Thursday, June 17, 2021.