Apr 08, 2021
David Bowen, WSDOE
Ecology’s Role at Hanford, cleanup progress and challenges

In 1989 the Washington State Dept. of Ecology began regulating Hanford site cleanup activities along with the US Environmental Protection Agency.  While many waste sites have been cleaned and the groundwater contamination is being remediated, much work remains.


David Bowen joined Ecology’s Nuclear Waste program in mid-December 2020.

Prior to his current assignment, Bowen led a team of engineers, environmental specialists, hydrogeologists and enforcement coordinators for the Water Quality Section in Ecology’s Central Region. He has a breadth of work experience that have helped him successfully resolve challenging environmental and policy issues throughout Central Washington and adjoining regions.  

He has experience building solid partnerships with elected officials and local government leaders, advocacy groups and members of the public. A key strength and interest is continuing strong partnerships at the community, state and federal level to ensure the clean-up of nuclear waste material at the Hanford Site.

Bowen grew up in rural central Washington where he and his wife raised their five children. He enjoys most everything outdoors with much of his spare time spent on photography, observing wildlife, caring for rescue horses, cruising the backroads by motorcycle throughout the warmer months of the year, and snowmobiling during the winter months.  He also has a passion for classic cars and is looking forward to when they can hold the Cool Desert Nights Car and Motorcycle Show again in the Tri-Cities.