Feb 04, 2021
Jan McDonald, Leadership Trainer
Experiencing greater peace and empowerment as they lead through crisis
In this presentation, participants will learn thoughts, values and decisions to help them implement daily, small, practical steps that will help them experience greater peace and empowerment as they lead through crisis. Participants will learn:
Practical ways to maneuver through times of difficulty and adversity
How to effectively battle distractions during times of crisis and stress
Participants will be empowered to take what they learn and create an individual plan to thrive through current challenging times and the ones to come. 
BIOGRAPHY:   Jan McDonald cares about people and their future growth and success. For 13 years, Jan was the CEO of very successful, faith-based Pregnancy Medical Clinics. Jan became a John Maxwell certified Coach, Speaker and Leadership Trainer because of the great impact leadership skills have had on those organizations, her life and relationships.
 That experience as CEO makes her an excellent match for the leadership, vision and strategic planning required for the companies and individuals she serves. Jan is a results-oriented, yet compassionate leader. She is proficient at identifying organizational needs, and has the desire to build business relationships and possesses the ability to lead others. Jan’s leadership experience and success in achieving organizational goals and objectives has consistently taken those she serves to the next level. 
 In March of 2018 Jan joined John Maxwell and 250 of The John Maxwell Team in San Jose, Costa Rica, at the invitation of President Luis, Guillermo Solis. They were a special delegation that conducted a national leadership education project known as Transformación Costa Rica that will reach 400,000 of the Costa Rican population by equipping them with values-based principles they can learn, live and lead in their social and professional environments. Transformación Costa Rica carries the slogan "Transformation Is In Me", because it resides in each of us, in each person, the ability to change and to improve. With the conviction that if one changes, the world changes. Jan firmly believes in this value.