Jun 04, 2020
Marie Mosley, Kennewick k City Manager
City of Kennewick update

Marie is a native of the Tri Cities.  She graduated from Gonzaga University.  Marie is a Certified Public Accountant and a Certified Management Accountant.  She was an Accountant for the City of Kennewick for seven years and then an Accounting Supervisor for the City of Renton for four years.  Following Renton, she was Finance Manager for the City of Federal Way for eight years.  Marie and her family moved back to the Tri Cities in 2001 where she resumed her employment with the City of Kennewick as Finance Manager, then Support Services Executive Director and was promoted to City Manager in 2010.  Marie and her husband John have been married 37 years and live in Kennewick.  They have two grown children, Melanie and Marcus.  Melanie and her husband Nathan live in the Seattle area. She also welcomed her first grandchildren in March of 2017 – Melanie and Nathan’s twin boys, Oliver and Silas.  Marcus and wife Kate will be welcoming their first child, a son, March, 2020.