May 13, 2021
Brett Bybee, Scout Executive/CEO
Scouts inpact on our community

DESCRIPTION OF TOPIC: Scouting was founded over 111 years ago in the United States, and the local Blue Mountain Council will celebrate its 100th Anniversary next year in 2022.  Throughout that time we have made a tremendous difference on our community and have helped to develop young people into leaders that have made their mark on the community as well.  That impact continues today through leadership, service, and adventure opportunities that young people cannot find anywhere else.  We will highlight some of the amazing Eagle Scout leadership projects that have recently benefited our community.

BIOGRAPHY:   Brett started his professional career in Scouting nearly eighteen years ago in Safford, Arizona, and has served since then as District Director in Yuma County near the Arizona-Mexico border, and then as Field Director and Director of Field Service in Arizona's Grand Canyon Council in Phoenix, Arizona.  As of January 2018, he began serving as the Scout Executive/CEO for the Blue Mountain Council, serving northeastern Oregon and southeastern Washington.

Brett has also been a Rotarian for nearly 18 years as a parallel to his Scouting service.  When not Scouting, he’s likely to be found climbing a mountain, running a marathon, descending and rappelling down a canyon, backpacking, fishing, skiing, or diving to catch a flying frisbee disc, or quite likely reading a really good book.