Jun 17, 2021
Pam Henderson and Mark Putnam of New Edge, Inc.
Future Proofing Your Business

In this interactive session we will challenge your thinking by introducing a more opportunity-centric approach that will help you translate trends into opportunities. Come away with a new perspective on how to make trends actionable, ensure you are taking a holistic view to avoid disruption and drive alignment in your organization on where to play. We will start by introducing some key principles to opportunity that you can apply in your everyday life before sharing with you a different approach to identifying trends. From there we will engage in exercises exploring trends in areas you’re most interested in. Finally, we will discuss how you can apply these tools and frameworks within your own organization and end with a Q&A session, so bring your hardest questions! Columbia Center Rotary Program Speaker Information

BIOGRAPHY: Pam Henderson, Ph.D., CEO Pam Henderson, Ph.D., is CEO of NewEdge, Inc., a growth strategy firm. Originally on the faculty at Carnegie Mellon University, Pam later worked with the national laboratory system and Washington State University to commercialize early stage technologies. She established NewEdge, which advises Fortune 500 firms across every industry through to startups and nonprofits. She speaks internationally and published widely on market insight, business and innovation strategy, and design and has received recognition in Harvard Business Review, Wall Street Journal, and NPR. NewEdge works extensively with Fortune 500 companies, as well as small to medium sized organizations.

Mark Putnam, Advisor Mark Putnam is a Senior Advisor with NewEdge who has worked with companies and organizations on innovation and growth strategy for over 10 years. In that time, Mark has been foundational in developing the Opportunity Thinking Growth System, which has been adopted by multiple Fortune 500 clients as their primary approach to innovation. Mark advises clients on best practices in innovation, and how to integrate new tools and methods in and across functions. His experience includes companies such as PepsiCo, Harley-Davidson, DuPont, Danone, Mars, John Deere, The North Face, Lubrizol and Kellogg’s, and a range of industries from chemical and technology to food and beverage, CPG and more. Mark has a degree from Washington State University in Marketing and Strategy and has spoken at numerous companies and industry events. He lives in Eastern Washington with his wife Sondra, two boys (Jude and Finn) and dog Carlos. In his spare time he enjoys music, woodworking and Seahawks football.