Speaker Date Topic
Brett Bybee, Scout Executive/CEO May 13, 2021
Scouts inpact on our community

DESCRIPTION OF TOPIC: Scouting was founded over 111 years ago in the United States, and the local Blue Mountain Council will celebrate its 100th Anniversary next year in 2022.  Throughout that time we have made a tremendous difference on our community and have helped to develop young people into leaders that have made their mark on the community as well.  That impact continues today through leadership, service, and adventure opportunities that young people cannot find anywhere else.  We will highlight some of the amazing Eagle Scout leadership projects that have recently benefited our community.

BIOGRAPHY:   Brett started his professional career in Scouting nearly eighteen years ago in Safford, Arizona, and has served since then as District Director in Yuma County near the Arizona-Mexico border, and then as Field Director and Director of Field Service in Arizona's Grand Canyon Council in Phoenix, Arizona.  As of January 2018, he began serving as the Scout Executive/CEO for the Blue Mountain Council, serving northeastern Oregon and southeastern Washington.

Brett has also been a Rotarian for nearly 18 years as a parallel to his Scouting service.  When not Scouting, he’s likely to be found climbing a mountain, running a marathon, descending and rappelling down a canyon, backpacking, fishing, skiing, or diving to catch a flying frisbee disc, or quite likely reading a really good book.

James Batdorf, CEO and Master Distiller May 20, 2021
Solar Spirits Distillery 2021 – Reinvention Post-Pandemic

The Coronavirus Pandemic resulted in a major disruption of distillery, winery, and brewery businesses.  The impact was especially hard on those without significant income from retail distribution.  In our case, we pivoted to Hand Sanitizer production – a unique and interesting experience.  Overshadowed by the pandemic where several changes in Washington State law to help distilleries.  As we move toward a post-pandemic world, Solar Spirits is re-inventing it’s customer experience.  This presentation will focus on the business experience – pre, during, and post pandemic.


James Batdorf is currently the CEO and Master Distiller at Solar Spirits Distillery.  As one of the founding partners, Dr. Batdorf has used his engineering expertise and his personal fabrication skills to build the distillery from scratch.  The distillery currently produces award winning vodka, gin, brandy, and American Single Malt whiskey from Washington Agriculture products.

Dr. Batdorf’s 40-year career spans a wide range of chemical engineering topics from fundamental research to commercial process operations.  He moved to Richland in 2000 to work on the flowsheet model of the Hanford Waste Vitrification Plant, but soon transferred to a Battelle spinoff company, InEnTec Inc.  At InEnTec, an advanced technology waste to energy company, Dr. Batdorf most recently worked as the Director of Engineering and Technology Development.

Evangelina Galvan Shreeve, Director of STEM Ed May 27, 2021
Overview of PNNL STEM and myTRI 2030 Education Council

Provide an overview of PNNL STEM Education efforts including outreach and
STEM Education workforce development. In the role as the Chair for the myTRI2030 Education Council
provide an overview of the Council’s efforts.


Evangelina is the Director of STEM Education at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in the Tri-Cities region.

Evangelina leads the STEM Education mission on behalf of the National Laboratory to provide science,
technology, engineering and math (STEM) education opportunities for students, educators, and the greater
community. Evangelina has more than 25 years of experience in Policy & Public Administration for K-20
Education and STEM education initiatives. She is a visionary leader, skilled in navigating and influencing
policy, developing educational programs, resource identification and procurement, and management of
programs and personnel.
In her previous role as the inaugural female, Latino Vice President for Columbia Basin Community College.
Evangelina focused on establishing a Diversity, Development, and Grant Administration Office. In this
position, she helped the institution to be awarded the Hispanic Serving Institution designation.
Evangelina has provided leadership in diversity, higher education and human resources for a variety of
organizations and has served as a board member for numerous federal, state, and local programs and
organizations, building an impressive network in the areas of workforce development, higher education,
government, and research institutions. She was recently appointed by the Governor to serve on the WA State
Achievement Council.
Evangelina earned a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Washington and was a first-generation college
student with the Educational Opportunity Program. She also holds a Master of Public Administration from the
University of Washington Evans School of Public Policy and Governance.

Dr. Kira Mauseth; Co- Lead, Behavioral Heal Jun 03, 2021
Reconstruction and Recovery from COVID-19: Behavioral Health Strategies

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected our personal and professional lives in many ways
that we may not recognize. A resilient workforce during these challenging times is more
meaningful than ever. Leaders and team members alike have unique opportunities to
help others navigate their experiences while also taking care of themselves.
 This presentation includes information about experiences and symptoms that are
unique to the current phase of the disaster response and recovery cycle as well as
effective ways of promoting resilience,
 Strategies that include working differently (and not harder), and simple ways to reduce
burnout and compassion fatigue,
 Communication techniques, interactional styles, and strengths-based recovery from the
pandemic, and
 Management strategies for of fear and anxiety related to unknowns associated with the
‘new normal’.

Dr. Kira Mauseth is a practicing clinical psychologist who splits her professional time between seeing patients at
Snohomish Psychology Associates, teaching as a Senior Instructor at Seattle University and serving as a co-lead for the
Behavioral Health Strike Team for the WA State Department of Health. 
Her work and research interests focus on resilience and recovery from trauma as well as well as
disaster behavioral health. She has worked extensively in Haiti with earthquake survivors, in Jordan with Syrian refugees
and with first responders and health care workers throughout United States. Dr. Mauseth also conducts trainings and
provides presentations to organizations and educational groups about disaster preparedness and resilience building
within local communities.

Chanda Marek; Director Business Development & Jun 10, 2021
Cascade Natural Gas’s distribution system and main/service extension policy.

I will provide a description of Cascade’s distribution system in the Tri-Cities
area and a summary of how it operates. I will describe Cascade’s tariffs as they pertain to the extension of
mains and services to serve new and expanding natural gas loads as well as the tariffs under which we provide
gas service.

Chanda Marek, PE, holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering (1994) and an MBA (2003), both

from the University of Washington. After graduating in 1994, she worked as an engineer for Chevron Products
Company at their Richmond, CA, refinery for three years. Chanda began working as an engineer for Cascade in
late 1996. In 2002, she became a director in the Engineering Department and continued working in Engineering
until 2006 when she became Cascade’s Northwest Region Director.
As a Region Director, Chanda was responsible for all field operations within Cascade’s five Districts in
Western Washington – Bellingham, Mount Vernon, Bremerton, Aberdeen, and Longview. The Northwest
Region serves approximately 137,000 customers with just over 100 employees. In 2018, she then became
Director – Business Development and Energy Services, West for Cascade/MDU. In this capacity, she is
responsible for business development and marketing activities in MDU’s Washington, Oregon, and Idaho
service territories.

Pam Henderson and Mark Putnam of New Edge, Inc. Jun 17, 2021
Future Proofing Your Business

In this interactive session we will challenge your thinking by introducing a more opportunity-centric approach that will help you translate trends into opportunities. Come away with a new perspective on how to make trends actionable, ensure you are taking a holistic view to avoid disruption and drive alignment in your organization on where to play. We will start by introducing some key principles to opportunity that you can apply in your everyday life before sharing with you a different approach to identifying trends. From there we will engage in exercises exploring trends in areas you’re most interested in. Finally, we will discuss how you can apply these tools and frameworks within your own organization and end with a Q&A session, so bring your hardest questions! Columbia Center Rotary Program Speaker Information

BIOGRAPHY: Pam Henderson, Ph.D., CEO Pam Henderson, Ph.D., is CEO of NewEdge, Inc., a growth strategy firm. Originally on the faculty at Carnegie Mellon University, Pam later worked with the national laboratory system and Washington State University to commercialize early stage technologies. She established NewEdge, which advises Fortune 500 firms across every industry through to startups and nonprofits. She speaks internationally and published widely on market insight, business and innovation strategy, and design and has received recognition in Harvard Business Review, Wall Street Journal, and NPR. NewEdge works extensively with Fortune 500 companies, as well as small to medium sized organizations.

Mark Putnam, Advisor Mark Putnam is a Senior Advisor with NewEdge who has worked with companies and organizations on innovation and growth strategy for over 10 years. In that time, Mark has been foundational in developing the Opportunity Thinking Growth System, which has been adopted by multiple Fortune 500 clients as their primary approach to innovation. Mark advises clients on best practices in innovation, and how to integrate new tools and methods in and across functions. His experience includes companies such as PepsiCo, Harley-Davidson, DuPont, Danone, Mars, John Deere, The North Face, Lubrizol and Kellogg’s, and a range of industries from chemical and technology to food and beverage, CPG and more. Mark has a degree from Washington State University in Marketing and Strategy and has spoken at numerous companies and industry events. He lives in Eastern Washington with his wife Sondra, two boys (Jude and Finn) and dog Carlos. In his spare time he enjoys music, woodworking and Seahawks football.

Derrell Ebert and Dust Devil players Jun 24, 2021
Update on team
Rich Holmes Jul 01, 2021
VIT Plant

The Hanford Vit Plant has progressed through construction and startup testing and is now
reaching its final phase of commissioning before operations. In the next 9 months, the Vit Plant
team will heat up the first of two melters, which are the heart of the vitrification process in which
we will transform nuclear waste into immobilized glass safe for storage. Twenty years after the
groundbreaking, we can share with the community how we have reached this final phase and the
next steps towards heating up the first melter – and then what comes next.