The 2020 Rotary International Convention will be held in beautiful Honolulu!  
Still unsure if you want to attend?  Let Tom Gump convince you with his Top 10 Reasons to attend!
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Tom Gump, Zone 29 Promotion Chair, would like you to join him and 25,000 of our Rotary family members (in person), from 170 countries, for our organization’s 111th annual international convention, in beautiful Honolulu, Hawaii, from June 6th through 10th, 2020.  Why you ask?  Let Tom give you his Top Ten Reasons why you should go to Hawaii and attend the 2020 Aloha Rotary International Convention. 
  1. To go to a luau and immerse yourself in Hawaiian culture with hula dancers with flaming batons, great seafood and lovely/friendly people – you don’t see that everywhere!
  2. To Catch-up with Your Rotary Friends (Rotary does connect the world) from Around the World and Make New Ones - Make plans to meet up with your friends in the House of Friendship.  Meet project partners from other areas of the World.  Bring some of your club flags and/or lapel pins with to exchange/share!
  3. To see the different colored beaches.  Does anything else really need to be said?
  4. To Attend Informative General and Breakout Sessions - The speakers will inspire you, motivate you, give you new perspectives, teach you new skills and give you new ideas to bring back to your clubs and districts.  I heard you no longer have to wear suits at the convention!  “No ties accept Mai Tais!”
  5. To visit Pearl Harbor with a guide and learn about Hawaii’s role in the war - ideal for World War II history buffs and anyone who wants to see some of Hawaii’s most visited sights and national monuments.
  6. To Recharge Your Rotary batteries - You will go back to your clubs and districts even more prepared to Connect the World!
  7. To go snorkeling with the dolphins and sea turtles.
  8. See, meet and hear from our current RI President and other Rotary dignitaries and hear what happened at the most recent Council on Legislation.
  9. To take a catamaran cruise or an open-door helicopter ride!
  10. To attend fabulous events being planned by the wonderful Honolulu Host Organizing Committee and the Rotary Zones and will be sure to give you memories that will last a life-time.