Angela Bernhardt shared some great news from one of our guest speakers, Rowan Mahon.

Hello everyone,

As of today, the legislation related to medication repositories has been officially signed into law, and you can read the final language here. This legislation will allow Minnesota the chance to create a program that will reduce medication waste and help individuals across the state who are struggling to afford the medications that they need.

This process has been long in the making, and it has involved so many different individuals and professions coming together to make a change that will benefit thousands of residents of Minnesota. I sincerely believe that Minnesota will now create a successful medication repository and that the residents of Minnesota will be healthier and happier because of this.

I think it is important to note that it was students who initiated and led the process- but without the professors, legislators, professionals, and organizations who stood behind us, this would not have happened. The College of Pharmacy at the University of Minnesota is ranked 2nd in the nation and leadership is taught from day one. I am very thankful that the College of Pharmacy consistently taught and reinforced the value of leadership and was able to lift up a student organization to this point. 

Thank you to everyone who allowed us this chance, who helped guide us through the process- from the successes to the mistakes that were made throughout this two-year journey. You all believed in this idea enough to lift it from an idea into a law. This would not have happened without everyone coming together, and I am so grateful that so many of you dedicated your time and your knowledge to this project.

This experience has changed my life. Thank you all so much for believing in this idea and in the students who brought this forward.


-Rowan and the Public Health Advocacy Student Alliance team

Rowan Mahon MPH, CLS (ASCP)CM
University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
Doctorate of Pharmacy Class of 2020
Masters of Health Informatics Class of 2019
(925) 628-0970