Community Grant Deadline - Friday, April 20

It's time! It's Time!  Get those community grant applications submitted!!
If you know of a local organization that would benefit from WRC grant, please let them know the deadline is Friday, April 20.  

Community Service Grants are evaluated on these values:

- We are open to funding a variety of purposes or causes.  New ideas are welcome!
- We are open to small or new organizations as well as larger, well-established organizations.
- We prefer funding nonprofit or charitable organizations.
- We strongly prefer projects which are locally initiated and managed.
- We prefer to fund specific needs, rather than general operations. 
There will be a meeting before the April 25 meeting at 11:00 to review and award grant applicants.  Please email  with any questions about the meeting.  All grant requests can be emailed or sent directly to Shelley Beaumont.  Click here for a link to the grant application.