Hope's Focus for 2018-2019
Human Trafficking in Minnesota

Hope shared with us that she wants to focus her term on helping end Human Trafficking in Minnesota.  During the district meeting in Burnsville, clubs were challenged to identify a person in each club to be the Club Champion for this project.  The district is working on a new website, "MNRotaryFightsTrafficking.org".  It is not yet active, but it will be created to provide financial support to partner organizations to work on prevention, awareness, and education.
One of the organizations is ACT United:  "At ACT United we focus our efforts on prevention by providing awareness training on juvenile sex trafficking and exploitation, facilitate Community Café Dialogues, provide opportunities for communities to engage in prevention projects, and aim to inspire churches, individuals, and organizations to work together creating safe communities for children and youth."
There is also the "Done in a Day Project" where the district plans to make dignity bags.  If you are not able to attend that event but wish to help, district 5950 is taking donations to purchase items for the event.  Contact Carol MacDonald, District Conference Done-In-A-Day Project Chair to donate (carol@rotary5950.org).  Carol suggests $250 to $1000 from each club!  Please see Shelley or Hope if you are interested in helping.