Annual Club Assembly - Overview

Joe Loman, brother of President, Hope Schroeppel, was our guest and facilitated our annual club assembly.  Several questions and observations were shared and more will be discussed at the October Board meeting on October 10.  Some highlights for members to consider:
1.  68% of members who responded to Hope's survey thought member engagement could be better.  Overall, members thought that the meetings were very welcoming to potential members and guests, but thought the club could do a better job in getting them engaged and participate.
2.  Members felt that there was a lack of participation when an open committee chair is presented.  Some thoughts were that perhaps the club was too spread out on activities and should focus on fewer activities; and to get a good logistics team in place to ensure tasks are completed.  Follow up is to set common goals for WRC.
3.  Joe asked the members WHY they chose Rotary over any other groups.  Many answers were given but most centered around that Rotary allowed a unique platform to celebrate your business, your career, and your community all in one place.  Members have pride in the community engagement of WRC, enjoy the fellowship, and the fun of spending time with like minded people.
The WRC board will be taking the notes that were collected from small group discussions and will discuss in more detail at the October 10 board meeting.  Members are welcome to attend any board meeting so if you would like to attend and be a part of more discussions, please let Shelley or Hope know!