MN Opera Visits Wayzata Rotary

Ryan Taylor, the President of the MN Opera, gave us a lovely overview of how he came to love Opera (after leaving mid-show the first time he went to one), to becoming a lover of Opera and to becoming an integral part of the MN Opera.  His view is the opera is a multi-media performance that creates "moments."   He is very proud of the innovation of the MN Opera and how they reach out to a traditional and non-traditional audience. The MN opera is having it's 55th year anniversary (86 if you add the years before the merger of the St. Paul Opera in 1976) and will be presenting 5 shows this year.
We were able to enjoy two "moments" with Jessica Hall at the piano, and Andy Acosta singing.  Jessica and Andy are current winners of the residence program which is a classical version of "American Idol."  Contestants have less than a 1% chance of winning and we were delighted to hear them perform for us.  Fun fact:  There are no microphones for opera singers.  The power of their voice could be felt throughout the dining room and was truly a memorable lunch.
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Pictured:  Andy Acosta, Jessica Hall, Norrie Thompson, Ryan Taylor, and Steven Langsdale.