Top Dog Foundation Visits WRC
Lynn Groll:  Host

Top Dog Foundation founder, Jean Stelten (pictured centered), visited WRC and shared her vision and story on how she came to create a foundation that focuses their mission that every senior dog; homeless, abandoned, or labeled “un-adoptable” and scheduled for expiration because of age, and health, will have a loving and permanent home . . . that their transition from this life will be in the arms of someone who loves them.  Members had a chance to meet two dogs currently looking for homes, Louie and Starla.
Jean is raising money for the The Sanctuary, a facility for dogs to go to live once their owners no longer able to care for their animals.  The Top Dog Country Club will be designated for younger dogs and the Sanctuary will be for senior dogs.  For gift options or sponsorship opportunities, please visit Top Dog Foundation to learn more about how to support this lovely foundation!