An Amazing Journey Shared
Marcia Malzahn - Guest

Marcia Malzahn shared her incredible journey of courage, strength, and resilience.  Marcia and her family survived a 6.2 magnitude earthquake that hit Nicaragua and killed over 10,000 people when she was a small girl,  was sent to San Francisco at 11 as an exchange student, and became a refugee with her family at aged 13, escaping from the violence in her home country. 
If you have wondered about your mission, your calling, or your purpose in life, you probably have asked yourself the question, Why am I here? The Fire Within challenges you to dig deep to find your God-given gifts, develop them, and use them to fulfill your special purpose in life.  Marcia spoke of Gratitude and spent her life being busy, gracious, and giving.
She shared her philosophy that we, the people of the earth, should work and relate to all generations, learn, and learn from all.  She left us with these thoughts:
*  Be thankful
* We can survive anything
* Live with awareness and appreciation
* Discover all your talents and use them
* Prepare for opportunities
* Learn and have faith
* Take others on your journey