Brian Kokesh - Guest
Angela Bernhardt & Walt Gislason - Co-hosts

Brian Kokesh, of Palisade, MN, is a 48 year old, married, father of four. He and his wife spent the first years of their marriage at Ft. Rucker, AL during his flight training to become a Warrant Officer in the Army. He flew helicopter for the US Army for 20 years, after serving in the National Guard, he was full-time as a Chief Warrant Officer II, in AL, CA, Korea, and Alaska. He returned to the National Guard to fulfill his 20 years service and in that time was called to 18 months service in Iraq. Following his military career, he flew for North Memorial as an EMT pilot for 14 years.

Brian’s hobbies include camping with his family, boating and water sports, skiing (both water and snow), Volleyball and Snowmobiling.

In Jan. of 2017, he was on his snowmobile and fell through an open ditch of water. It was 17 below zero. As a result of the time spent in the cold attempting to get to help, he suffered life-threatening injuries and severe frostbite. After a month in Hennepin County Medical Center, he underwent bilateral upper and lower amputations of both hands and feet. He spent the next 3 months at Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Hospital in Golden Valley, MN. He was fit for prosthetics and underwent PT and OT relearning self-care skills using them. He was taken in by the Veterans Hospital in Minneapolis and under the care of Dr. Weber. There they continued to offer intensive PT and OT and further assisted Brian with needed prosthetic and home renovations, allowing him to return home. 

Brian is very active and has regained the ability to participate in some of the activities he enjoyed before the accident. He plays volleyball and enjoys lake time with his family. He has been a true inspiration to all whom know him, and continues to have a remarkable outlook on life, enjoying what he has vs. focusing on his loss. He is excited to share his story with you!