Guest: Dave Garwick
Host: Mike Lee

Dave Garwick visited Wayzata Rotary and shared how his life working in Clergy has affected how he looks at his life.  "As a pastor, I live through others."  Dave is a WWII hobbyist and loves learning about stories and researching them.  He has found that as time goes on, more and more stories are being shared that weren't necessarily documented.
One of those stories, and one that sparked the desire to write a book, was the story of the Laconia, a British passenger ship that was assumed to be a troop carrier (as many WWII passenger ships were used as).  A German U-boat sank the Laconia and once they found out the ship was actually carrying POW's, the chain of events afterwards created an intriguing story that Gary researched and wrote about in his book "With Every Mouse and Man."  The title refers to a saying when a ship was sunk - every mouse and man has been killed.
Thank you Mike Lee for bringing in Dave!