Lauren Sisterman, Soujourner - Guest
Chris Pierson - Host

Lauren Sisterman shared with us how Soujourner provides a safe and caring place to help those facing domestic violence.  Soujourner provides temporary shelter for women and their children, and provides advocacy services to help these women with legal assistance and other resources.  Lauren also shared how domestic abuse isn't always physical or sexual, it can also be economic (not giving money, not allowing a woman to know about family income, restricting access to bank accounts, giving strict allowances) or emotional abuse (putting her down, calling her names, telling her she's crazy).  
Soujourner services are free of charge.  Some group volunteer opportunities are:
Make and serve a meal 
Adopt a room to redecorate
Conduct a donation drive
Help maintain our facilities and grounds
Assist with mailings

Individual volunteer opportunities:

Answer calls on 24-hr Crisis/Help Line
Provide childcare with other staff/volunteers
Assist with clerical tasks
Facilitate/co-facilitate a life skills group
Provide victims with info on weekends