Jean Sharon Abbott - Guest
Lynn Groll - Host

WRC could not have had a better speaker for Valentine's Day!  Jean shared her incredible story of living with a misdiagnosis of Spastic Dipligia, a form of Cerebral Palsy for 33 years.  Jean endured painful muscle surgeries, depression,  having to grow up using a wheel chair, and many years of taking the wrong medications.   
When she received the correct diagnosis, Dopa Responsive Dystonia (DRD),  thanks to a very intuitive doctor, she went from her wheel chair to walking within 3 days.
Jean radiated her joy and gratefulness of how this journey has shaped her as a person and her life.  She reminded all of us that miracles do happen and a couple of outcomes that she is particularly grateful for.  1.  Her parents were still alive when she was able to walk and knew that they didn't have to worry about her; and that with her talks and after an interview on the Today Show, she has helped 20 other people get the correct diagnosis.  
She left us with the charge to find positives in each day - to think of three positive things each day and train your brain to turn around a negative day and make it a positive one.