Steve Hance - Guest
Paul Boettner - Host
Wayzata Rotary welcomed past member, Steve Hance, as our guest.  Steve spent most of his adult life being a lawyer and after 22 years of practicing law, he decided to follow his passion and turn his 20+ year hobby of making cider into a business opportunity.
Steve's new venture is Number 12 Cider, and is located in the old Warehouse district in northern Minneapolis.   The name "Number 12" was a result of Steve being convinced by fellow Rotarian, Mark Lauffenburger, to submit his cider to the State Fair.  The sample he submitted was labelled "12" (as it was the 12th bag in his private stock), and he won!  
Steve shared the process of getting the building, construction, design, licensing, federal and state codes, food safety, etc. that goes into opening a cider house in Minneapolis.  They own a food truck, as they are not licensed to make food on premise, and customers can enjoy a fresh wood fire pizza along with their cider.
Members were delighted to get to try his cider and Steve shared some limited edition 1st label cans of cider with members.  If you would like to visit, click here for details.