Nate Lilleodden, Host
Jan 16, 2019
Marc Dahlquist, Maple Plain Snomads
Nate Lilleodden, Host

Marc is a founding member of the Maple Plain Snomads snowmobile club and a current director of Minnesota USA Region 8. He will be speaking about the history of Minnesota snowmobiling and more!


The Snomads' goal is to build and maintain snowmobile trails in the Maple Plain Minnesota area with the help of Northwest Trails Association, the Department of Natural Resources and their grant-in-aid program, and most importantly, the permission of private land owners as well as government agencies. each year the club must renew the permission for these trails to exist. additionally, we put out the trail signs before the December 1st trail opening and remove them in April, as well as ensuring that maps are distributed to local establishments.


The club coordinates local member rides, plays “snowmobile softball” with another snowmobile club, and engages in many other formal and informal gatherings where information about the sport and friendship are shared.  Family involvement is encouraged. We feel the future of snowmobiling depends on all snowmobilers 
working together to promote the sport. Being a member of the Maple Plain Snomads is a way to promote safe, responsible snowmobiling as well as supporting a good trail system to snowmobile on. It’s a great way to make some new friends and learn more about the sport you so enjoy.