Angela Bernhardt, Host
Jan 17, 2018
Ross Bowen, "Minnesota Pension Funds"
Angela Bernhardt, Host
Ross Bowen is an actuary living in Minnetonka.  He has over thirty years of experience, mostly working with annuities, pensions, and investments.  He graduated from the University of Virginia in 1983 with a degree in Economics and received his MBA in Finance from Carnegie Mellon in 1992.  He is a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries and holds the Chartered Financial Analyst credential.
Ross was the 2011 Minnesota in May state BBQ champion, but has retired from competition and only cooks for charities, including Hammer Residences.  He is a regular contributor to the Spirited Table food blog.  
Ross' personal motto is the same as the Society of Actuary's - "Replace Impressions with Facts".  He wonders whether this is his motto because he is an actuary or if he is an actuary because this is his motto.