Youth Exchange Program


Are you intrigued by the idea of spending one year residing in another country?  Are you fascinated by the prospect of living with another family and learning about a new culture?  Do you enjoy meeting new friends with diverse backgrounds, sampling unique dishes and experiencing adventures and numerous opportunities for growth?  Do you want to learn a new language, or improve what you already know? 



If so, you may be interested in the Rotary International Youth Exchange Program. 



  • Candidates for Rotary Youth Exchange must be between the ages of 15-19 at the time of departure, and be a freshman, sophomore, junior or senior at the time of application.  Students can NOT have turned 19 prior to the time of exchange.  Note:  Some countries have age restrictions and may not accept older students.  Older students (18 and older) will have limited country choices.  
  • Students must demonstrate scholastic competence, a willingness to try new things, a "can do" attitude, and be involved in extra curricular activities.
  • Generally, outbound students are responsible for approximately $5,200 in costs including travel, insurance, language instruction and a visa, plus incidentals.  The local club in the host country provides a host family, monthly allowance and other activities.


If you would like more information, contact:  Steve Hance, Wayzata Rotary Club Youth Exchange Chair, at or 952-236-1453.  You may also view our website at for a wealth of information and an application.