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We meet each Wednesday from 11:45am-1:00pm
Wayzata Country Club
200 Wayzata Blvd West
Wayzata, MN
Weekly Speakers
Stephanie Spenser, Enneagram Coach
Sep 23, 2020
Enneagram and Business, Host: George Lee
In Person Meeting - Wayzata Sailing School
Sep 30, 2020
456 Arlington Cir, Wayzata, MN 55391
Night to Unite
Oct 06, 2020
In Person Meeting
Oct 07, 2020
Location TBD
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Stephanie Spenser, Enneagram Coach
Enneagram and Business, Host: George Lee

Stephanie is a question-asker who never stops peering into the essence of things. She teaches classes across the US as an Enneagram coach. She is also an artist, and a scripture teacher with the nonprofit 40 Orchards. 

Join zoom meeting here:

Meeting ID: 880 8006 2739
Password: 529317

 We will be meeting at the Wayzata Sailing School!  
 Time: 11:45 am - 1:00 pm
Address: 456 Arlington Cir, Wayzata, MN 55391
Shelley will order lunch from the Muni for those interested and bill back $20 on next billing cycle.  Please let her know what you would like from the limited take-out menu below by noon on Tuesday. 
District Governor, Tom Gump is asking for Rotary's to become business mentors and/or form teams to help clean and rebuild in Minneapolis.  If you are interested in participation, please let James Larson or Cathy Haukedahl know.  This project is in planning stages and more will be shared - in the meantime, James and Cathy are collecting names of those who would be interested in participating.
An excerpt:
This would be all about the Rotary Club getting direction from the business and then Rotarians rolling up our sleeves and pitching in.  Depending on the type of business, Rotary could support them by:
  • visiting their site;
  • buying their product(s);
  • telling others about their product(s);
  • helping them clean or get ready to open;
  • donating time and money; and
  • helping with business practices such as marketing, finances, leadership, personnel, etc. if the business requests it.
EMRC will work with Lake Street Council to set guidelines and a detailed plan to proceed.

Fall Community Grants due October 20!

Community Grant applications are now being accepted!  If you are a sponsor for a grant, reminder that applications are due to Mark Schmid no later than October 20, 2020.  Members, because we do not have the Music by the Lake fundraising dollars this year, private donations would be very much appreciated.  Checks can be made out to Wayzata Rotary Charitable Foundation and mailed to Copeland Buhl, 800 Wayzata Blvd, Suite 300, Wayzata, MN 55391.
If you need a grant application, please click here to be taken to the application link.

Wayzata Rotary - Club Admin Position Open

Shelley has submitted her resignation as the club admin and is asking members to check within their networks for a replacement.  With COVID-19, distant learning, and her special needs son, she requires more time during the school year to help him.
Fees offered:  between $18 - $24//hour (based on experience) and 6-10/hours week. 
Questions or interested in this position?  Contact:
Or  Wayzata Club President:  James Larson
Edit: July 26, 2020 - James Larson still needs one member to also participate.  Please let him know if you are able to be that person!!

WHO Should Participate:  Club Presidents and one additional member from each club.  We know we are all busy, but it should be viewed as mandatory to have 2 members from each club participate.

WHAT:  Series of 3 conversations - Must register for each Event Separately!!
​Session Information will be sent out upon registration. Limited to 50people per session.

Part 1:  Embracing Truth.  Conversation will focus on context.  What is our Rotary history and status?  Minnesota history and status?

Dates and times:
            July 30 (Thurs)         10:00am - 11:30am – Register Here
            Aug 8  (Sat)              9:00am -10:30am – Register Here
            Aug 17 (Mon)            2:00pm-3:30pm – Register Here

Part 2:  Implicit Bias.  What are our biases?  We all have them…

Dates and times:
Sept 17 (Thurs)        10:00am -11:30am – Register Here
Sept 26 (Sat)            9:00am -10:30am – Register Here
Oct 5 (Mon)              2:00pm-3:30pm – Register Here

Part 3:  What now?  How do we create a new Rotary and community?

Dates and times:
Nov 5 (Thurs)            10:00am-11:30am – Register Here 
Nov 14 (Sat)              9:00am -10:30am – Register Here
Nov 23 (Mon)            2:00pm-3:30pm – Register Here

Cost:  Free for attendees As we were not able to have a District Conference last year, PDG Russ Michaletz requested his District Conference funds be applied to this initiative.


 Cozy Wittmann - College Inside Track

Rotarians were treated to a very informative, "insider" presentation as to how college financial aid and scholarship work.  Cozy's top two tips: Focus on the college's financial aid and don't waste time on pursuing private scholarships.  While this seems counter-intuitive, Cozy went on to explain that many schools reset outside aid with the aid they are giving, so many times it does not help the student, but actually can harm the financial aid awarded.  Some other great information:
1.  Look for colleges that offer merit aid.  Many of these colleges have formulas they use to calculate aid so it is worth filling out your FAFSA, ensure you have a great essay that makes your student unique, show that your student has a demonstrated interest in attending a specific college/university, and follow that school and professors on social media.
2.  Attach your search like it is a business.  Continuing education IS a business and there is a lot of money swirling around in these businesses.  Interview schools and programs, understand your ability to appeal financial aid packages, and be sure your student finds the style of school that fits.
3.  Assure you have a strategy to pay for college and talk to your students about this.  Plan, define expectations, leverage best financial options, and discuss with your student.
College Inside Track does offer a free family consultation.  If you would like more information, please email Cozy at or call her at 612-850-5729.

Vincent Bryan - 2VP, Information Systems at Travelers

Vincent joined us on a spectacular summer day at the Wayzata Sailing School.  Vincent shared several of his stories on learning about being a target of racism and microaggressions when he moved to the US from Jamaica.  He has lived and worked in several states and is now in Minnesota with Traveler's.  One of the focus' he is involved with is diversity and 5 years ago the company made a commitment to be more diverse and understand what is needed to attract, train, and retain employees from diverse (non-white) backgrounds.  The company also makes a concerted effort to reach into other networks such as vets and disabled employees.
Some of the learning shared:
1.  He found that within the employee population, they hired diverse employees but did not promote them or increase their salaries, and were not effective in reaching and understanding those employees.
2.  Leadership positions were not being filled my minorities and why was this?  The dug deeper than the typical "not trained or qualified" and looked into WHY this was an issues.
3.  Travelers was not promoting women and they learned that with mentoring, men talked to men about "Business" and men talked to women on "How to be a good employee" so that when it came time to pick candidates, women were not able to speak the business language needed.
4.  He also learned that having white men lead in diversity hiring is much more effective than having a minority leading this initiative because it appears to be self-serving.
Travelers has also made some small but important changes in language.  In IT they removed "slave" and "master" and replaced with "primary" and "secondary," and removed black/white list and renamed "allowed" and "not-allowed."  While these are small changes, they are huge in language impact.

 Helping Teen in our Community - Tree House

Rotarians heard from three leaders at Tree House Hoope, a non-profit organization dedicated to removing helplessness from teen's lives.  Ryan McGinnish, Rod Tolen, and Jordan Nelson.  Teens are uniquely impacted by hopelessness.  Students in 7th through 12th grade many times feel like the do not have a future.
The core values of  TreeHouse are:
"I am lovable, capable, and worthwhile."
"I am loved without strings and never alone."
"I have a future."
Working with these values they work within support groups to normalize sharing feelings and being vulnerable giving teens a safe space to grow their emotional intelligence.  The passion and care for this program was felt by all participants.
Treehouse is one of the agencies that Wayzata Rotary supports through our community grants program and if you would like to get your hands and self involved, TreeHouse is looking for small group leaders, meeting locations, and financial support.  There is a great need right now for mentor volunteers.
For more information on helping with students and mentoring, please contact Rod at
For more information on helping with behind the scenes (meeting locations, transportation, etc) please contact Jordan at
For more information on TreeHouse Hope, click here.
From Julie James, at Best Christmas Ever!

Thank you so much for having me speak to your wonderful members of your Wayzata Rotary today, it was such an honor to speak to them! Here is the link to the video that was shared on our Zoom call: 
Finally, BCE's website is: and my email: . Looking forward to continued conversations about BCE with your members!
Again, thank you for everything!   Julie James