November 30, 2011
Members of the Rotary Club of Nanaimo met in July 2011 to revisit the vision statement goals set  in 2008 .  As part of that  process we reviewed the three strategic  priorities of Rf : support  and strengthen clubs, focus and increase humanitarian service and enhance public image and awareness.
The following is the vision statement and goals for 2011.
The Rotary Club of Nanaimo is a recognized leader in helping people in our community and internationally.  We are a preferred partner in working with community groups and other Rotary Clubs to address critical human needs, by providing leadership, knowledge or financial support . Our club spirit and goals attract professionals and business and community leaders, w ith opportunities for each member to contribute to the best of their abilities, ensuring projects have a lasting impact.
Goals for 2011
A  Membership
      1.  Membership Committee
-attract new younger members
-develop a mentorship program for new members
-increase engagement and retention of all members
      2.  Fellowship
-develop new fellowship activities
-encourage participation including families
B   Service
     1.   Community Service
-identify and complete a hands on project in the community
-identify and fund/assist with a large scale community project perhaps with other local clubs
-be proactive rather than reactive to local funding requests
-continue to support inner city schools
     2.  Youth Service
-continue our support for youth programs such as Roteract, Interact, Youth Exchange, RYLA, "Adventures  In" program,
-increase our member involvement/interaction with youth programs
C  Foundation
     1.  Foundation
-increase the level of understanding amount members about TRF
-increase per capita giving and other levels of involvement
-100% EREY
       -consider specific Foundation fundraising events
       -consider use of Foundation points
    2.   World Community Service 
         -continue current projects and consider new projects that meet Rl's ar eas of foc us
D  Administration
                 -all Board members shall have attended DLTA
                 -establish a Presidents Council
-have an annual review of Strategic Plan
                -committees to have a 3 year rotation (member, vice chair, chair)
E  Public Relations
    1.  Public Relations
-participate in five club P/R efforts together with our club P/R efforts
-link public relations with membership
-investigate the use of social media e.g. face book, linked in etc .
F  Fundraising
-continue the book sale(s) as our fundraising focus
             -consider  new opportunities G.    
 G  General
-create a written strategic plan and handbook
-create a policy for the appropriate use of funds (ie local, international)
-consider a four year succession plan for executive ie V/P, P/E, P, PP
-meal costs/annual dues
-update constitution and bylaws
The next step is for the committees (guided by the directors and committee chairs) to develop short term action plans with creative solutions and budgets.