Exchange Students

The Rotary Club of Nanaimo has supported the International Student Exchange Program since 1966. Local Rotary Clubs select grade 11 & 12 students from their communities to send to another country. These students gain an understanding of communities in other countries and also act as an ambassador for their own community. The first incoming student hosted by the Nanaimo Club was Jorge Romberg from Beunos Aires, Argentina in March of 1966. Since that time the Club has hosted over 20 students from 12 countries around the world. The students typically spend their year divided between 2-3 host families. They attend school in Nanaimo to meet other teenagers and attend many Rotary functions both in and out of town. They are required to give talks at these and other functions, usually about their home town. Exchange students are considered the responsibility of all club members and as such generally are exposed to a wide variety of activities during their stay.
Our incoming student for 2013-14 is Sara Lindhagen from Sweden. She is expected to arrive late July.