Posted by Rebecca Taylor on Mar 19, 2019

Doug Wortley - Classification Speech


Doug Wortley shared with the audience his story of community service. He also noted he is proud to be a new Rotarian. His involvement in community service began in earnest when he was in high school as there was a requirement to complete 200 hours of volunteer work before graduation. 


For those able to afford the travel costs, they could complete service abroad. Doug spent 1 month at Murton Nature Reserve in Scotland. A reclaimed industrial site. He was able to help put in ponds.


Fast forward to his move to Nanaimo. Being an avid mountain biker, he was quick to get out on the trails at Doumont but was dismayed by the amount of garbage he saw. Wanting to make a difference for the environment and trail users alike, he coordinated a garbage pick up and worked in partnership with the Regional District of Nanaimo who agreed to take the trash away.


Doug was a geography student at VIU and one of the projects he did during that time was "Stories from the Mt. Arrowsmith Biosphere Region". This project is what got him into creating videos and it was shown at the VIU Theatre and on Shaw.


He also initiated a project at Cappy Yates Park. He engaged the Young Professional Network, of which he is a member, businesses in the Old City Quarter, artists, architects and others. The goal was to clean up the park, add some art and make it a more welcoming park. It continues to be a work in progress.


He has also helped the Mid-Island Community Development Co-Op create a food forest in south Nanaimo which is now an official park.  


He is an Assistant Planner for Lantzville and has created a map of all the trails in the area.


With all his work and volunteer activities, he discovered a niche where he could focus his efforts in a crowded photography market - aerial photography. He started with real estate and has since branched out into many areas working with companies such as Harbour Sea Planes and VIU. His two businesses are Arrowsmith Aerial Photography and Arrowsmith Media.


He is currently working on his Masters of Community Planning at VIU and greatly appreciates the support of his partner Carolina and his cat, Princess Peach.


He concluded that he became a Rotarian as he likes to help people. And it was through Ian asking him to help with some photography that he was introduced to Rotary.



Book Sale Update from Janeane Coutu 

Janeane provided print outs at each table of the different duties available at the upcoming book sale and provided an overview of the duties as a refresher for those who have volunteered before and orientation for those who have not. 


Table Workers

Will focus on general sorting  the first few days and making sure the tables are full. 

After that, the focus will be on sorting by author's name and putting duplicate copies together.


Request was made to have samples of non-pocket book sized books at the cash desk for each cashier.

Purchase is by cash only. A few ATMs in the mall

Dealers buy in book and resell. They do not get discounts.

Schools get one, $50 coupon. It is for one-time use only. They cannot get cash back or use the balance at another date if they don't spend $50.


Is the go-to person for any issues, especially if there are any difficult customers


New role, they will greet people at the sale, provide directions to the different book areas etc.


Oversees all financial activities and cashiers

Book Sale is April 4th to 14th and runs during mall hours. You can direct people to the mall website for those hours. You can sign up online or you can contact Ian and he can sign you up on your behalf.


Set up is the Thursday prior. The plan is to go out after the set up for refreshments.


Posters are available from Janeane if you are able to put some up at your workplace, community bulletin board etc.