Posted by Esther Robson on Feb 12, 2019


This week Jeanine Coutu, introduced Jason Bradley, Justin Molander and Doug Wortley as members who have joined Rotary but not yet given their introductory speech to their other Rotarians.

Jason Bradley

Jason was born and raised in Nanaimo. Jason is married and met his wife in 1995. They were married in 1998 and have two children. Jason’s son is almost 20 years old and his daughter is in grade 12. His wife runs her own yoga studio and also works with her father at Frank Allen Financial Group Inc.

Jason originally obtained a culinary arts degree from VIU (when it used to be known as Malaspina College). Jason discovered during obtaining this degree that the culinary arts did not appeal to him. He did not pursue a career in this area. Instead, Jason began working in the trucking industry where he learned the value of customer service and hard work from his mentor and first boss in this industry. Jason first began working in this industry in the shipping department but eventually worked his way into the part department and then on to customer service and sales. Jason worked for a range of local trucking businesses. Throughout this time, Jason’s first boss remained a key mentor for him. Jason achieved success in this field being named the top sales person for Volvo Trucks in 2000.

Although Jason enjoyed working in the trucking industry, he had a dream of becoming a firefighter. In 2002, Jason attained his dream when he joined the Nanaimo Fire and Rescue Department. Jason has worked a variety of positions in the fire department. In 2005, Jason was named Mr. April in a Firefighters Calendar. He claims that the position of “Mr. April” was forced upon as the Rookie of the department. Jason engaged in a wide variety of volunteer activities and programs through the Firefighters union and particularly enjoyed his involvement in the Fire Safety House. The goal of the Fire Safety House is to teach grade 3 students that attend this program how to escape a burning building. Jason was for many years been responsible for organizing the Departure Bay Christmas Tree set up every Christmas.

In 2014, Jason’s career and life took changed once more when he was diagnosed with PTSD causing him to re-evaluate his career. Jason now works for the fire department as a Captain of informatics and Communications. This year Jason received a service medal for his 25 years of service to the City.

Jason and his wife enjoy many activities together including hiking and snow shoeing. Jason also enjoys a range of sports both playing and coaching. Jason has a particular love of coaching girls’ soccer. Jason believes that soccer has been a form of therapy for him and has helped him with his PTSD.

Jason’s daughter is the reason that Jason joined Rotary. His daughter participated in a youth exchange and as a result of this he became aware of Rotary’s youth exchange program and had the opportunity to meet key figures of the Rotary. Jason loves his involvement with the Rotary’s youth exchange program. Although Jason only joined Rotary in December 2017, he has already held a number of positions in the youth exchange program. He has found that the youth exchange program is an important part of his life that he finds immensely fulfilling and looks forward to his continued involvement in this program.




Justin Molander

Justin was raised in Cranbrook, British Columbia. Justin’s family were originally from Manitoba but his grandmother, who was Cree, moved the family to British Columbia to avoid the residential school system that was being implemented there. Justin’s grandmother to protect herself and her family was forced to hide her Cree heritage. She worked for the government and if her Cree heritage had been known she would likely have lost her job. Justin’s father is Metis and Justin finds himself increasingly drawn to his Metis background.

Justin was not a motivated high-school student which means that Justin needed to upgrade his high-school grades prior to pursuing post-secondary education. He took college courses for 2 years to upgrade his high-school marks so that he could attend university. Justin attended UBC where he studied marketing. After graduating, Justin was not certain where to apply his knowledge and a close family friend suggested that he Justin should work in politics. Justin took this advice and became a legislative research officer. During 2010, the political winds shifted and the premier that Justin worked for (Gordon Campbell) was forced out of office. This shift in leadership meant that Justin lost his job with many other people hired by the Campbell government to make way for the new government’s employees.

After this, Justin was then hired by Teck Resources Ltd. to conduct commodity analysis. The position Justin was hired for is often held by individuals with an accounting designation. Although Justin is not a designated accountant Teck Resources Ltd. believed Justin would be well suited to this position. It granted Justin a great deal of freedom and responsibility in this position. For example, Justin was responsibile for pricing major sales for the Company that could often be valued in the billions of dollars. This position was a demanding one and gave Justin a great deal of experience for someone his age.

Eventually, Justin’s father who owned his own successful company, asked Justin to begin working for him in order to help him retire. Justin agreed and began working for his father. They sold all the assets of the business and Justin’s father retired. After this sale, Justin found that many of the contacts, friends and family members of his Dad would contact Justin to ask his advice regarding investing.

These requests inspired, Justin to create his own company that would research investment opportunities for companies and individuals. Justin owns and operates Trading Post Investments which looks into investments on behalf of its clients, who do not have the time and may not have the interest in conducting that research.

Justin has a strong desire to help indigenous communities. He is interest in using his skills to help local indigenous communities and has been involved already with various Bands in researching economic development opportunities and pipeline negotiations.

Justin became interested in Rotary after a conversation with Denise. Justin is interested in learning more about Rotary and in trying to help through Rotary.

Doug Wortley

Due to time constraints, Doug Wortley’s speech was postponed. President Charles expressed regret that the members were not able to hear from Doug this week. Doug’s speech was postponed to allow him sufficient time to properly introduce himself to his fellow Rotarians. We look forward to hearing from Doug in the future.