Posted by Esther Robson on Mar 04, 2019

President Charles opened the meeting by asking Ian Williams to lead us in O’ Canada. Brent Barootes provided us with inspiration reminding us a Rotarians that we should be mindful of our community.

Brent Stetar requested that visiting Rotarians and guests be introduced. David Woodward introduced Harshan Srinivasan (left) who is a visiting Rotarian currently enrolled as an MBA student at VIU. The exchange students include Julia Molta (center) from Columbia and Dorien Abberkirk (right) from the Netherlands introduced themselves.


Birthdays and Anniversaries

Charles announced that, Carmon Henderson had a birthday on February 27, 2019 and Denise Wittkofski had a birthday on February 26, 2019. Norman Myden celebrated his club anniversary of 9 years on March 1, 2019.

Club Business

On February 28th, 2019, a 5 club presidents meeting was held. The presidents reached a general agreement that all 5 clubs would join the Silly Boat Regatta. The presidents also discussed some of the new youth protection guidelines, which have caused discontent with many of the clubs due to the stricter guidelines. These new guidelines were presented at the district level and are not yet at the club level. As a result of the concerns voiced regarding these new guidelines, they have been sent back to the district level for review.

February 28, 2019, was also the night of drinks and appetizers at Dave Hammond’s house. This event was enjoyed by all who attended.


Upcoming and Current Events

Janeane Coutu announced that the book sale shift sign-up is now available. Rotarians will notice that the shift schedule differs from prior years. Shifts have been changed to allow for shorter shifts because many members indicated they preferred shorter shifts and also to allow for the addition of a new greeter role. Members are encouraged to sign up to shifts. If anyone has difficulties signing up for shifts, they are to email Ian Williams for help with this. If anyone signs up for a shift but is unable to make it, they are also asked to contact Ian Williams.

Joan Ryan circulated the bowling sign up. Right now, there are 28 people signed up to attend the bowling night on March 15, 2019 at 6:00 p.m. at Brechin Lanes. Contact Joan Ryan if you would like to attend but have not yet signed up.

Wayne Anderson announced that the Lantzville Rotary is sponsoring adventures in citizenship. As you will recall, our club voted to provide financial support to the Lantzville Rotary for this sponsorship. Wayne indicated that one of the purposes of the 5-club meeting is to allow a means for the different rotary clubs to support each other and this is one example of the ability of clubs to work together.

Wayne encouraged members to attend the Rotary District Training Assembly/Conference in May. The club will provide support of $200 each for each club member that attends.

Wayne also indicated that on April 11, 2019 there will be an all-Rotary BBQ and cash bar at the Rotary located on 3rd street where Penny Dixon from ETTA Projects will be the speaker. Penny used to attend each Rotary to speak but this all-Rotary meeting will allow her to speak to all the clubs at one time about her worthwhile fundraiser. Although this meeting will take place during the book sale, members that are able to attend are encouraged to do so.

Earth day is being organized by Doug Wortley of our club and will be held at Barsby on April 27, 2019.

Members that are interested in helping with the set up of the book sale signs are informed by Charles that their help will be appreciated. Normally the signs are set up by Charles, John Hankens and Doug Cowling but anyone else is welcome to help.

Sgt at Arms

Brent Barootes as the Sgt at Arms this week was under the mistaken impression that he had 30 minutes to collect fines from members. He made use of his time by collecting fines from Jason Bradley (picture), Egon Holzwarth, David Woodward, Doug Cowling, Umesh Lal (picture), Wayne Anderson and a variety of other members for various creative reasons and what sometimes may appear to be arbitrary reasons.

Happy and Sad Bucks

Dave Hammond paid a $1.00 inquiry dollar to find out whether Doug Cowling’s beard is an undercover disguise instead of just a sign that he is currently on vacation. David Hammond paid another $1.00 happy dollar for the addition of the greeter position at the book sale, which will allow him to fulfill his retirement goal of being a greeter since Walmart will be discontinuing their greeter positions.

Brent Stetar received a happy ten bucks from Doug Cowling who had a great vacation.


Ace of Spades and Table Stakes

Dorien Abberkirk won the table stakes. John Shillabeer was unsuccessful in finding the Ace of Spades.