Posted by Joyce Smith on Mar 19, 2019
President Charles Ramos began our 4851st meeting and asked Joan Ryan to do an impromptu inspiration which she did in wonderful style.


John Shillabeer asked Jason Bradley to introduce visiting Rotarian exchange students, Dorien Abbekeik and Julia Motta. Dawn Hankins introduced her guest Tanya Hannen who is considering joining as a member.


Club member recognition

Club Birthdays- Hamish Lal’s birthday on March 17, 2019 and Joyce Smith’s birthday on March 18, 2019. There were no spouse’s birthdays to celebrate this week and no anniversaries but John Shillabeer is celebrating his 9th year in the Club.

Health of the Club

Charles Ramos announced that Egon Holwarth’s daughter in law passed away from cancer this week.

Club Business

Charles asked that people refrain from having conversations while people are speaking during the meetings since it is difficult for people to hear what is being said (especially for people keeping notes).

Announcements-Joan Ryan announced the club fellowship is hosting a bowling event tonight at 6:00 pm. at Brechin Lanes.

Denise Wittkofski organized a club fellowship Happy Hour last week and it was well attended. This is the 3rd or 4th Happy hour arranged. Keep up the good work, great to see these events.

Charles advised everyone that the roster is all set and we’ve put in an order. We should be seeing this in the next few weeks. There is a Club Board meeting on Tuesday at 5:30 p.m. There is an up and coming Silly Boat Regatta which is a 5 Club event apparently Charles is responsible for the design and the guarantee that the boat will float when finished. Doug Wortley announced that he has been hired as the videographer for this event and it is scheduled for the 2nd Sunday of July. Wayne Anderson talked about a committee to be formed to look after the planning. On April 11, there will be a five club meeting at Rotary Field house. Doug Wortley of our Club has organized an event for Earth Day on April 27, 2019 to be held at Barsby. Janeane reminded Rotarians to sign up for the book sale and there was some hint of an up and coming fine by the sergeant at arms for those that have not signed up.

Sergeant at Arms

John Heisterman was sergeant at arms and immediately fined Joan Ryan, who was beside him at his table for a ringing phone and walking away from him, his other companion at the table, Joyce Smith was fined for having a better suntan, John Hankins had a happy buck for being very good this week, but his wife stood up and disputed this point saying he was still was eating desserts. Joyce Smith had a happy buck for being back and booking her trip for next year to Mexico, Doreen Charbonneau, our newest member thanked everyone for making her feel so welcome. Wendy Pratt had a happy buck because spring is here. John Heisterman tested us as to the significance of the ides of March. Dawn Hankins had a happy buck for a successful Happy Hour which she helped organize with Denise.

Julia Motta, our exchange student won the table draw and Mikel Knutsson won the 50/50 draw by pulling an Ace of Spades—Congratulations Mikel.


Charles concluded the meeting with a toast to Rotary and the Queen.