Posted by Esther Robson

The 4859th meeting of the Rotary Club was opened by the singing of O’ Canada. This week’s meeting was not the Club Assembly although that was what was previously scheduled. Instead Kevan Griffiths from the Cold Weather Shelter Program has agreed to speak to us today.

President Charles asked Brent Barootes to lead us in inspiration. Brent led us in contemplation and thanks of Rotary and our Rotarian friends.

Wendy Pratt introduced the visiting Rotarians Richard Johnston from Rotary Club of Oceanside and Ian Thorpe from Nanaimo North Rotary. There we no guests of Rotarians visiting this week. Wendy introduced Kevan Griffiths who is the speaker for this week.

Birthdays and Anniversaries

There are no member birthdays this week.

The following are the Birthdays for spouses of Rotarians:

Steve (partner of Susan Gerrand) had a birthday on May 19th;

Annabel (partner of Carey McIver) had a birthday on May 17th;

The following wedding anniversaries were announced:

Debbie and Doug Narver were married for 36 years on May 21st

Ross White is celebrating 23 years with Rotary on May 22nd.


Club Business

A board meeting will be held next Tuesday on May 22nd in which next years budget will be discussed and it would be helpful if committee members would consider what proposed budgets for their committees for next year. Incoming Directors are encouraged to attend.

President Charles believes that our club has met its Rotary Foundation goal of $10,000 this year. However, we appear to be a bit below our Polio fundraising goal for this year.

Our Rotary District has sourced an insurance policy offering more protection. The cost of this policy is $6 per member which is more than we currently pay. We have asked whether this new policy includes director/officer insurance and we are waiting on an answer.


Upcoming and Current Events

Richard Johnston from Oceanside announced that his club will be hosting the James Bond Gala to take place on Saturday June 1, 2019 from 6:00 pm to midnight at Beban Park Auditorium. There will be live music by Wunderbread, a live and silent auction, and a menu by a Gordon Ramsey trained Chef. Please reserve tickets soon to the Gala. Details can be found online at

Janeane Coutu announced that there is a Book Sale Committee meeting immediately following this meeting that will be approximately 30 minutes long.

Dave Hammond presented a motion to donate $200,000 towards this years Centennial Project. The motion was seconded and passed by the Rotarian members in attendance.

Dave Hammond announced that the 9-hole golf scramble will be held on Friday May 24th at the Nanaimo Golf Club. Dave notes that the email response to this event has been slow. The cost of golf is $25.00 and the cost for dinner is $25.00. Dave expects that dinner will be at 5:30 and golfing at 3:30 but he will send out an email to confirm times for attendees.

The youth outbound BBQ will be held on June 19th at Terri Roger’s house. Contact Jason Bradley for further information.

Members are reminded that the Silly Boat Regatta is scheduled for July 14th, 2019. There will be a meeting regarding the Silly Boat Regatta at Carlos O’Brians on May 22nd.


Sgt at Arms

Dave Hammond as the Sgt at Arms this week attempted to fine Ian for the O’Canada soundtrack using the old words but fails to fine Ian since the soundtrack is up to date. Dave fined Kathy and Allan Smith $1.00 each for all of their recent travels. Mr. and Mrs. Hankins are also fined for their upcoming travel plans instead of attending the Golf Tournament. All Rotarians that have never attended a James Bond Gala are fined $1.00 each. Brent is fined $1.00 because the amount that Rotary International Committee commits to match is dollar for dollar instead of $2.00 for each $1.00 donated.


Happy and Sad Bucks

John Hankins, Dawn Hankins, Douglas Anderson, Wendy Pratt and Wayne Anderson all gave happy bucks in thanks for attending the conference last week. John Heisterman had a happy buck for his successful fishing trip. Ian Thorpe had a happy buck that Dave did not fine him for the increase in taxes. Ross White had a happy buck for the return of his eldest child from Belize to Canada. Susie Stephens had a happy buck for her family visiting and their plans to skydive, which do not include her. Kathy Smith was happy for being named Princess Cruise's dancing with the stars winner and coming 2nd in the rider cup. John Shillabeer shared a happy buck for enjoying time with his 15-year-old grandson in Calgary. Bob Wilson shared a notification dollar to let everyone know about the Department of National Defence closing down many of the trials around Westwood Lake that will limit the ability to use may of the hiking and walking trails previously enjoyed by the community. Brent Barootes shared a happy buck for his daughter’s success in javelin. Brent Stetar shared a happy buck for his sons competing in the Islands track and field.


Ace of Spades and Table Stakes

Wendy Pratt won the table stakes. Janeane Coutu opted out of the ace of spades in the interest of saving time for the speaker.

Book Sale Committee meeting after our regular meeting May 17 2019