Posted by Ian Williams on Feb 05, 2019
President Charles opened the meeting by calling Brent Stetar to the podium to introduce our newest Canadian. Brent introduced Behzad Forghani Targhi who very recently became a Canadian citizen. Brent welcomed Behzad with a few facts (one alternative fact) about Canada and presented him with some Canadian Eh gifts. These included a bag of salt and vinegar chips, several coffee crisp chocolate bars, 2 cans of molson canadian beer, a jar of canadian maple syrup and a real Canadian fur hat.
Behzad then led us in the singing of O Canada.
Janeane Coutu introduced Taylor Farrel, Marketing coordinator, Nanaimo North Town Centre and Dan Fraser, General Manager, Nanaimo North Town Centre.
Janeane emphasized the importance of the great year round support Nanaimo North Town Centre and their staff gives to ensure the success of our book sale.
Lynne Pankratz pitched a meal prepay plan. This would allow members to prepay for ten meals at a cost of $250 dollars. It is not a discount plan and if the cost of meals increases the members are expected to pay the difference.
The meal cards shown on the right, would be held at the cashiers desk so members would not have to remember to bring them.
This plan was seen as a convenience to members who pay by cheque and want to streamline their bookkeeping tasks.
If their is a weak response the plan will be shelved.
Janeane Coutu reminded members that people are always welcome at the book sort room in Nanaimo North Town Centre.
This room is located between the Administration reception desk and the lotto booth. She will be at the book sort Saturday at 9:00 AM and said that they had 30 - 50 boxes of books to sort. Sorting is not difficult and new people will be shown the procedures.
Joan Ryan  announced that bowling night is scheduled for March 15th. The food is now catered by the bowling alley and options are being discussed.
Happy Bucks
Lila Tanner, along with many others gave a happy buck for our newest Canadian. Mikel Knuttson won the right to draw for the pot but drew the 9 of spades.